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Thread: Diver and J Tank - Give Away

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    Diver and J Tank - Give Away

    Hi All,

    With my diver 2's on the way its time to retire my last diver v1.

    I've decided to give it away rather than have it sit on my shelf.

    Includes the original pouch, spare ceramic and pre made ceramic/wick and some pre made wires for 1.5 ohms.

    The J tank will include spare o rings and is the 5.5ml version (and maybe a tube if i can find where i put it)

    The items are more or less spotless, tank never used, I'm not going to polish out small marks on a cartomizer, its too thin and a dumb idea lol

    Shipping will be free.

    If you would like a diver and j-tank submit one of the following.

    1) Image expressing why you need and/or deserve a diver and a J-tank (will accept funny pics, be creative! )


    2) 50 words or less on why you need and/or deserve a diver and J-tank (be creative!!)

    These entries must be included in the thread. Do not PM me entries or PM me asking for free items!!!

    Be creative people, only restriction is the participants must have over 150 posts.

    I am currently the only judge for the entries, no favoritism will be allowed which means even if I don't like you (like that bencairns guy) your entry will still be accepted.

    I may ask another person to be a judge on this basis (only thought about this 10 minutes ago).

    If you already have a diver,killer,diver2 or Sophia please do not enter.

    I want someone to experience a quality rebuildable carto (not cheapish terminator) it for the first time and enjoy it. I want a new vapor who has never played with a rebuildable carto and a decent quality tank.

    I have put a mark on the diver to identify it, so flippers please don't apply or be named and shamed!

    I reserve the right to exclude known flippers and or people with a diver or killer or Sophia already.

    I may offer additional items to thin out my herd a bit more over the next few days
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    You are a champ.

    This is not an entry as rebuildables are completely beyond me even though I love tanks. Just wants to highlight yet another great giveaway. Two thumbs up.
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    Onya soth nice prize

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    Attached Images Attached Images
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    This isn't an entry either, but cool idea soth , good onya

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    No entry here either ( I have a GTAdmin special limited edition Diver lol )
    But great to see another great show of community ... onya Sothy !
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    Yes well! I don't need one and certainly don't 'deserve' one but I would like to own a nice looking,quality piece of gear after all, I'm a classy lady and 'Im worth IT'

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    I know my post count may be low,
    but i hope that you'll take pity.
    I'd really like a diver tank.
    so i'm sending you this ditty:

    There once was a smoker named sonnen,
    who hated the smokes but was on 'em
    his clothes always stank,
    till soth gave him a tank,
    and now it's a treasured belongin'.
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    Brother soth, you are my vaping god. We are both afflicted with shinyitis and share the same blessed curse. I started my vape journey with a crappy old smoktek tank the cheapest I could find, and used smoktek cartos, then I moved onto rebuildables and I was reborn!!!


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