Hi guys,

I'm cutting down my expenses and need to sell some stuff since my baby boy was just born few days ago.

I'm giving away my ready spot for the Senesis Mixed Brushed.

I have a few days to confirm this before the spot disappears.

But in order to get this spot, you'd either have to have a post count of at least 1000, or have bought something from me before. Also, must have the vote/vouch from at least 2 other members.
Good luck!

Also, IF you're interested.. (help me out for some baby formula money)

TI Bliss v2 - $190
SS Bliss v2 - $130
JM16 Brass LE #003 - $190 (includes 2x18450 batts)
JM16 SS #004 + Mini B combo - $250 (includes 2x18450 batts)
Arrow RBA - $100
All items in mint condition.
Price in USD, Paypal.. $10 Registered Post to Aus.