I have for sale my Aussie Blue startup stuff as I have moved in a different vaping direction (so to speak) and figured I may as well sell this instead of having it sitting around! There is:

1 x Aussie Blue Ultra PCC kit - Black (holds 5 carts, an atomiser and two batteries - one of which will be charging on the go)
7 x Aussie Blue Manual Batteries - Black (half of which have not been used)
2 x Aussie Blue Manual Batteries - White
4 x USB chargers
1 x USB wall charger
2 x Ultra manual pass through - black
1 x pack of XL ceramic cartomisers - empty
2 x pack of cartridges - empty
2 x individual filled cartridges (I think they are Marlboro flavoured, not sure as I am a menthol smoker)

and I think that's it lol. As you can tell, I was pretty full on with always being prepared. However, I found having four USB chargers handy as I could charge three batteries at a time on my computer. I'm asking $100 for everything including postage. Please let me know if you're interested.