Instead of trading only juices that we didn't like, I propose trading also the stuff we love - good, adored juices from our personal collections.

My "thing" is to try new flavors, new vendors. But money goes quickly on experimenting. I have a box of "not for me's" to trade/sale, but an even bigger box of "likes" and "loves". And I'm willing to make those available.

I bought a bunch of 2ml centrifuge tubes on Ebay. (Link) Cheap and perfect for this purpose!

The vendors I have are Alien Visions, deejStuff., The Standard, Ginger's e-Juice, The Plume Room, Good Life Vapors, Heather's Heavenly Vapes, Copper Creek, Virgin Vapor, Mom and Pop Vapor, Velvet Cloud Vapor, Highbrow Vapor, Ahlusion, Halo, Chefs Blends, Freedom Smoke USA, Ginger's e-Juice, Pink Spot, Contact a moderator!, Nicoticket, Epipemods, Mt Baker Vapor, Alice in Vapeland, Roar, High Desert Vapes, Nitelite, Uncle Junk's, Millenium Potion and Nude Nicotine.

Anyone keen, please PM me. :-)