G"day you lot

Recently we have had a heap of , shall we say , "overzealous" bumping of the for sale threads ?
Whilst I can fully appreciate folks want to sell stuff , bumping it more than once over a 24 hour period just isn't really necessary ... all it does is clutter up the new posts function to the point AVF is looking more like The Trading Post rather than a vaping forum

Could I please ask that all posters of ads , realise this is a small but vibrant corner of the web , with an active selling/buying base , and if someone really wants what you have up for offer , they will find it

If you are not getting interest in something , consider value adding , or price changes , rather than just a meaningless bump for bumps sake ... dont let us become THAT kinda place

Now its up to you , I personally hate playing the Tyrant and having to make rules up for stuff , where good community minded common sense and behaviour can eliminate the problem ... Don't make me do it

Exercise a bit of restraint , make your ad as attractive as possible , good pics , clear information , and fair prices WILL get you the sale , without having to say "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!!" incessantly


( the original thread has been moved to http://forums.aussievapers.com/club-...on-thread.html as per AVF usual offtopicness it gained a life of its own and went to tangents that you wouldn't believe )