I have 2 kayfun lite plus v2 clones that I'm not using since I've moved on to rdas. One is from infinite/SXK and, another bought from fellow vaper here but not sure where clone is from. both come in black box with the nano kits, screws. no spare O-rings if I remember correctly. both bought second handed but I've not used it much, ~10 tanks. Nothing wrong with these, but infinite one has protruding 510 connection, and the other has flushed 510 connection (had trouble using it interchangeably on my mvp since it doesn't have a adjustable 510) if you have a device with adjustable/floating 510 connection you can interchange them with ease

I'm looking at $60 express posted, or preferably trade with rda.

Bought Mvp 2.0 a month ago from vapoureyes.com.au. used it regularly. has minor scratches, never built below 1.5 ohm. I have the box, user manual, beauty ring, usb connecter, iclear 30 (which came in the box, performance is below average...) oh! and this is the newer version of mvp 2.0 with flushed bottom switch and newly designed logo

$40 express posted, or trade with ohm meter + cash?... I won't have anything to measure my resistance if I sell this lol

anyways, I'm open to any suggestions

(photos will be included tonight)