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    FS (SYD) Hana Modz V3 Clone Case with Original Evolv DNA40 Board

    selling this mod with original DNA40 board and also with updated silver tactile switch. This board has never had any problems as this is the updated board but without the atty lock. The case has a few scratches. Please see pictures.

    Selling for $75 posted.

    ****ADMIN EDIT : Read the rules. PayPal as a gift is NOT an option. Do not include this proviso in any future sales.****
    Specifically 6) No sales using the PayPal gift option. ALL sales made using PayPal must be via the 'goods' option in PayPal. This provides a level of protection for both buyer and seller.
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    Dibs if you are happy to wait until monday for payment

    If you are close to the city i am happy to pick up in person and pay $70 cash and avoid the postal system

    My HCigar be dead until i get my DNA40 board back from Evolv...
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