Hey guys so I bought a cloud beast today. The rafale spits out mad clouds but i was looking for something more haha. So when the cloud beast arrives, given that works fine (I also have a Herakles i use but don't want to be without a tank in case something happens)! I will sell my rafale tank that comes with 4 extra coils and original accessories (0.6ohm with packet and 3x 0.2) I was thinking $40 and that includes regular post to Australia. As new has had 1-2 coils through it. I say 1-2 as I've been alternating them
Here's a pic of the stuff. It should be for sale by Monday when my cloud beast gets here! ✌️also would consider a 100w mod for swap? If that doesn't work out financially i can possibly transfer you funds

Admin delete or tell me if I've done anything against guidelines


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