I used to run a tiny little business selling vapes to my friends and their friends. I've moved on to other things and have decided to offload all remaining hardware at once.
I'm looking to move it all as a bulk lot, and it is priced accordingly. Whilst I consider it new, for the purposes of this post, I'll call it second hand, as it has been in my possession for a while and may not be immaculately packaged.
I have estimated that the wholesale value of it all combined is over $1150 (it probably cost me more than this in USD).
I am asking for $300 for the lot. I could easily break it up and sell it on eBay myself for a lot more than this, but I'm too busy with my new projects. Even the Kanger Protank 3's would sell for this amount.
Pickup is in Brunswick Melbourne. If you are really keen for me to post it, I'm adding $100 for the postage and my time to send it.
I'll try to list all the items as accurately as I can:

- 170 x "eGo" thread USB vape chargers (generic). Output DC 4.2V 420mA. Input DC 5V, DC 500mA.
- 170 x Australian AC plugs with USB output DC 5V, DC 500mA, Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz (generic) (ie. to plug the vape charger in to).
- 24 x Single Car USB power adaptors (20 black and long, 4 white and short).
- 30 x Authentic Kangertech Mini-Protank III new dual coil atomisers, sealed in plastic inside box. (not "gift pack").
- 1 x Authentic Kangertech Mini-Protank II atomiser in "gift pack" (ie. has spare coil etc and larger box).
- 10 x Imitation Kangertech Mini-Protank II.
- 15 x Authentic Kangertech Protank III Air Flow valve.
- 3 x Authentic Kangertech Mini-Protank III Air Flow valve.
- 250 x Imitation Kangertech new dual coils, 1.5ohms (to suit Kangertech ProTank III/Mini, AeroTank/Mini/Mega, EVOD 2, EVOD Glass, T3D). In pack of 5, boxes of 10 packs, white packaging.
- 60 x Imitation Kangertech older style dual coils, 2ohms for protank 3 etc. In boxes of 5, black packaging.
- 270 x Authentic Kangertech Single Coils, 1.8ohms to suit Protank 1&2, EVOD, Unitank etc. In black boxes of 5. (This is the only item I can't be sure is Authentic, but
- About 100 x Imitation Single Coils for MT3/Protank II.
- 7 x Imitation eGo-V v3 Mega "1300mAh" Batteries, 3 red, 2 black, 2 stainless steel. With variable voltage 3-6v, variable wattage 3-15w, power indicator, passthrough (ie charge while vaping). In "gift pack" with mini USB cable.
- 13 x Imitation eGo pen style batteries, 600-1100mAh, various colours/styles.
- 4 x Angelite Vapors EVOD Premium Starter Kits, with zip case, battery, atomiser, charger, AU adaptor, spare coil, empty juice bottle, instructions, 1 purple, 3 black.
- 6 x Angelite Vapors EVOD Starter Kits, with battery, atomiser, USB charger, 4 black, 1 purple, 1 stainless steel.
- 8 x Atomiser CE4 various colours.
- 7 x Atomiser EVOD various colours including 1 black and 2 stainless steel.