Hey all, the other half had me watch some Marie Kondo so the following items for sale below (note.
Open to reasonable offers.

Reo P67 + spares (3 x contacts, 2 x springs and screws) - $180 + shipping.
Purchased off a fellow member a couple years ago. Don't let the banged up door fool you, the mod itself has rarely been used (door was used on one of my other Reos), however happy to swap it out for a matching (tumbled) solid aluminium reo door (does not have drill holes, but has less character). Comes with wooden insert (as opposed to Delrin) as it was one of the earlier production P67's.

Lukkos Virgola #078 + atty adapters - $80 + shipping.
Evolv DNA30. 510 was replaced as there was some wood damage. Comes with adapter caps to suit 22, 20 and smaller (<18mm) atty's. Wattage buttons can be a bit finicky but I can lock in desired wattage with minor frustration.

Derringer V1 by Praxis Vapor - $20 + shipping.
Purchased from a fellow member that converted this to a BF.

No code Lazy by noName mods - $15 + shipping
Takes Ego1 coils, does not come with any supplied. Never used it but the air intake looks more like a mouth to lung or restrictive lung hit.

Kangxin Vapor Flask v3 (immitation) - $25 + shipping

Evolv Kick v1 - Free. Pay postage.
Have not tested this.. no longer have any tube mods. Free to good home.

3x Coil winders (Blue, orange, purple) - Free. Pay postage.
Hope this goes to use for those who are less enthusiastic about making their own coils.