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Thread: International Buyers and AVF (Commentary , please read )

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    I don't own any high priced, highly sought after mods but I agree with all that has been said in this thread. I see mods sold here all the time much cheaper than they would sell for on other forums.
    If we sell mods to overseas buyers, then it is highly likely they will get resold for double the asking price sooner or later & we as individuals or as a community miss out on those profits or the luxury of using the mods.

    It is hard enough trying to get some items waiting on lists etc, then getting them shipped here without losing them to overseas poachers. I totally agree with the suggestion that a seller should be able to list 2 prices 1 for local sale & 1 for overseas sale, to reduce the incidence of these poachers, with or without a 24-48hr local only clause.
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    it goes both ways, plenty of good stuff on ukv and they've got jack of o/s buyers

    prices on here have improved from what I can remember, not surprising we don't rort like the us/eu mobs though. we're ju$t nicer people
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatman View Post
    Moderators feel free to sticky or delete

    Recently AVF has been targeted by international buyers , signing up simply to get a great deal on the classifieds .
    This has caused some angst and friction among members .

    AVF is such a great community that you dont see the out and out profiteering that you do see on most overseas sites , our members tend to pass on the bargains at a very fair asking price often WELL below the asking price overseas ...

    This has several effects , the great AVF community grows and benefits , people get to try mods they couldnt otherwise afford , and in the main , the sellers are happy too , knowing they are sharing the love , quite often you will see the same mod passing thru 3 or 4 sets of hands .

    HOWEVER it is becoming increasingly obvious the international community is discovering AVF and not believing their luck at the pricing, are growing in numbers everyday , and contributing VERY little to the actual community itself .

    Once a mod goes overseas , you can bet your arse it isnt coming back unless someone pays TOP dollar for it !

    Now I dont propose we ban overseas sales or limit access or whatever , but what I do ask is that Aussie Vapers Members in posting an ad here , think about the community a little , and consider WHY we are probably the best little vaping community on the planet .... the for sale section gives a great insight into that .... in the main we are about VAPING and FRIENDSHIP , not making BUCKS off some in demand mod . I have seen mods overseas where the asking price can be DOUBLE or more of the retail price paid , simply because the mod is "hot" at the time and in demand .

    I dont think we as members can tell another member what to do , but I can ask that we try and keep our little community happy , after all , we are the ones left here after the foreign buyer plunders and runs never to be seen again until the next purchase .

    I have a sneaking suspiscion some of these overseas buyers will have their own listing up within minutes of completing a transaction with one of our members on other boards , reselling what they just got from us !

    So what would I personally like to see?

    Well as a seller , you can sell to whoever you want

    but if you want to sell overseas , at least advertise it overseas on one of the rip-off forums and get the dollars for yourself ! not "wholesaling" to a reseller stalking the boards ! ( least preferable option BTW LOL ! )

    If you advertise it here on AVF and want to keep the community happy and growing and active... then try and sell it local first , if an overseas buyer is the first to answer , say to them , thanks for your interest , but I am gonna give it 24-48 hours to see if an active local member of this community would like it .

    This would certainly help keep the status quo , regarding our great pricing , to great members .

    If someone from O/S wants it so bad they are willing to shop 1,000's of miles away for something at half the price they have to pay in their own country , well then they WILL wait a day or two , so the sale would not be threatened, and can still go thru if no local interest .

    Just my 2c

    ( Hopefully then we wont have the anger that seems to be building at "poachers" joining JUST to get access to the classies )
    Amen to dat. Agree with everything u said fatman well worded

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    Eh, it's not just the international buyers that get me. If members of this forum want to sell OS they can and will post the sale ad else where.
    The thing that gets me really cranky is locals who are here trying to skim a bargain without wanting to contribute anything to the community.
    Like really, haggling down a mod kit complete with batteries and accessories from an already more than fair price.There are some recent examples I don't need to point out, but are clearly identifiable by some of the worst typing and English use I have ever seen.

    I might have an idealized sense of community obligation, but I'd sure as hell sell my item off to an OS buyer here if they had significantly contributed to our forum over someone local who is just here for a good bargain.

    I don't like it when local and OS users just lurk the classies trying to get a deal. It makes me cranky
    I think it's more of a "I want to give back to the community that helped me" thing than a "I want top dollar!" when choosing to post on the AVF classifieds.
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    I'm only a noob here, in the process of buying something from another member (cheers R.O.S.), but I in no way signed up for that purpose. From what I've seen so far it is a pretty special community compared to some other forums I am a member of and I think everything should be done to keep it this way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny View Post
    Hey Richo... and that first PAPS that you have is from me, you are not allowed to sell it overseas OK?
    Never will, the Paps with a kick is my best friend now, I'll look towards maybe getting a Gus but only because the Paps is never available.
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    This maybe off topic but I really like the fact that there are people here that aren't shy to point out when someone new is selling something that is overpriced and let them know what a fair price would be.
    being new I really don't have a clue what some items are worth, but I know who are good people and I'm able to trust them and their prices when selling and item or commenting on a seller and their prices.
    As long as there are good people who are not shy I know i will be safe.
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    I'm now reading in SEVERAL places that malaysia has banned e-cigs. Parcels are going "Missing" left right and center. I can't find out if it's just Eastern Malaysia or all of Malaysia but there are several posts on ECF about it.
    I dont recommend ANYONE from Australia sells to them, That includes Nicotine free e-juices. The standard outcome will apply - You'll be forced to refund there money and you'll be without a product.

    Some people are saying it's because the government can't get tax for e-cig products so they've banned it. I'm not sure but all I know is that many E-CIG vendors in Malaysia have stopped selling aswell.

    The ban was implemented by The malaysia health ministry. Here is a paper article but I can't read it as I don't read fricky dicky dutch
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    Hi there, i am new at this forum. actually i agree with you guys but remember not all oversea buyer want to get profit from this forum, for me i actually stay at malaysia and i am indonesia. i learn my vaping stuff from malaysian and they are good. since is it so hard to get stuff from oversea due to the laws of malaysia.
    personally why i am here in this forum is because the malaysian price is to expensive and it is not worth to buy. everything that i but is personally use and i never intend to sell anything to those guys.
    what i am trying to say is don't treat everyone the same coz of few guys.

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    ok, so nice post .. but why does your profile say melbourne ?
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