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  1. New member of revenger family - Vaporesso Revenger X
  2. SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Just Arrived!
  3. Vaporesso Revenger X, is this your optimal kit this year?
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  5. VOOPOO Drag Black, the Annual Dark Horse in Vaping
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  9. Except SMOK Stick X8 & Joyetech Penguin SE, Other Good Starter Kits You Should Know.
  10. GeekVape Aegis, A Top Crazy Water-Proof Device
  11. Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3, A Serious Update
  12. Thanksgiving Sale!Great Saving up to 80%off!
  13. Dead Rabbit RDA, where did its inspiration came from?
  14. Lost Vape Modefined Sirius 200 Giveaway
  15. Geekvape Athena - the Vape God Enters the Squonk Theme
  16. IJOY Captain PD270, Who Caught the Correct Idea of the SMOK
  17. Upcoming Thanksgiving Sale! Up to 80%off!
  18. Smokjoy GOTTA GOD Mod Giveaway
  19. Joyetech Penguin SE VS Dolphin, Tell Your choice
  20. Kangertech Spider Kit 200, new type E-cigarette?
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  22. Smokjoy GOTTA GOD Mod Giveaway
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  25. Smart SXmini G Class 200W Box Mod, Now comes
  26. Have you got your the cloud beast - Carbon Fiber Smok Stick V8 ?
  27. iJoy Captain X3 Mod Kit and Elite PS2170 Mod Kit, Wismec CB-60 Mod Kit are coming soo
  28. Unexpectedly, SMOK Procolor Mod is not the hottest this year, who is?
  29. RABOX and RABOX Mini, alike look and same price, it worth buying the new one?
  30. Pre-order! SXmini MX Class 75W Box Mod and Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 150W Box Mod
  31. Arrived! iJoy CAPO 100W Squonk Kit with 20700 Battery
  32. Revenger Mini Comes, Revenger Plus is around the corner ?
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  34. Arrived! Lost Vape Modefined Sirius 200W Box Mod
  35. Best Vape Mods 2017
  36. Kaos z VS Rabox Mini, Who Win?
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  38. Kaos z, don’t let the bright lights fool you
  39. Aimidi Tank T2 160W MOD Giveaway
  40. Geekvape Zeus RTA Atomizer Arrived, SMOK S-Priv 230W Mod Kit for preorder.
  41. Top 5 SMOK Kits 2017
  42. Fireluke or Firelord? Let me tell you
  43. SMOK X-Priv 220W is Coming Soon, Stunning or Disappointing?
  44. Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit and Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Starter Kit 2100mAh
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  48. Best vape kit 2017
  49. iCare 2- it’s time to make some noise.
  50. Submit Reviews to Win Stentorian AT-7 Box Mod
  51. Pre-order! SMOK Mag 225W, Eleaf Invoke 220W, Justfog FOG1 Starter Kit Limited Edition
  52. TFV12, is it said the best atomizer this year? TFV12 Prince says no.
  53. Top 5 vape products 2017
  54. Pulesi NOV RDA Giveaway
  55. VOOPOO Alpha I, Born to Salute the Classic iphone
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  60. Upcoming Items and Giveaways From Oct 23 to Oct 29
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  63. SMOK, a rising star in vaping industry
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  71. Create Thread: Wismec Reuleaux RX2, compatible with both 20700 and 18650 cells
  72. SMOK Stick X8 and Stick V8, Which Starter Kit Will You Buy?
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  93. Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA Giveaway
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  114. Upcoming Giveaways and New Items from Sep 11 to 17
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