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  1. Vapefly Galaxy, the first MTL RDA with Precise Airflow Design
  2. Joyetech eGo AIO ECO, Ultimate Vape Gadget for High Nicotine Dose
  3. Win Nicomore M1, Try 2 Modes of Vaping Experience
  4. 30% off Sitewide! Heaven Gifts Chinese Spring Festival Sale
  5. Geekvape Blade, An Ultimate Weight Dual-20700-Battery Kit
  6. Gemz Axis RTA, Single Coil Build, Multiple Color Options, Convenient Top Filling
  7. Arctic Dolphin Crea, Probably the Most Affordable BF RDA on the Market
  8. HENGLING Qtank, the First Dual Flavor Subohm Tank
  9. Nicomore M1, A Tank Switchable between RDTA and RDA
  10. 2 Latest Squonk Mods from Arctic Dolphin, Aesthetic Stabilized Wood
  11. 168W DOVPO TRIGGER, Ergonomic, High Power & Simple Operation
  12. OBS Crius 2 Dual Coil RTA, Same Superior Performance with Nice Taste and Huge Vapor
  13. 60W Eleaf iStick Melo, A Slim & Powerful Kit with Optimal Flavor
  14. 100W Wismec LUXOTIC BF Kit, Simple, Compact yet Powerful
  15. OBS Crius RDA - Just for the Flavor
  16. Suorin iShare, Might The Next E-cig Milestone
  17. Ijoy Capo 216, A Dual-20700 Battery Squonker Hyper Kit
  18. Blitz Ghoul RDA, Single Coil, Ceramic Added Deck, Squonk Possible
  19. 218W OBS Bat Kit, Cool Appearance, Ergonomic Design & Decent Flavor
  20. 2 Latest Batteries from Golisi, Powerful, Safe & Long life Span
  21. Win Geekvape Blitzen - Postless Deck, Single/Dual Builds Possible, Shortened Air Path
  22. Two Latest Ijoy Product Interesting Review Brief-Ijoy Captain X3& Elite PS2170
  23. Freakyvape Premium E-liquid, Made in & Shipped From Poland
  24. Ijoy Diamond PD270 Kit,Fast Firing,Diamond-Cutting Aesthetic,Dual-20700 Batteries
  25. Oumier VLS, the First Vertical Coil & Transverse Coil Suitable RDA
  26. Win Innokin Vaping Gear Collection, New Year Gifts for Beginners & MTL Vapers
  27. KAEES Aladdin BF RDA, Triple Airflow, Squonkable Bottom Pin
  28. Vaporesso Cascade Subohm Tank, Isolation Structure Design, Various Coil Options
  29. OBS Damo Subohm Tank, Big Ejuice Capacity, Anti-leak Base, Awesome Flavor
  30. 2018 Heaven Gifts New Year Sale-30% Off Sitewide Plus Free DHL Shipping
  31. Win Freemax Fireluke Mesh, Enjoy Flavorful Clouds with the Premade Mesh Coils
  32. Start Vaping with Best Ecig 2017 – SMPO AIO Starter Kit
  33. The Best Looking Dual-Battery Mod Preview! Not Clickbait!
  34. GTRS VBOY 222W, 20700/18650 Cells Compatible, Powerful YiHi SX520 Chip
  35. Ijoy Captain Elite RTA, Single Coil,Compact,Cool Colors
  36. Vapecige VTX200, Cool Appearance, Solid Material, High Performance
  37. Win Wismec Sinuous Ravage230,An Exquisite, Stylish yet Powerful Advanced Kit
  38. Geekvape Blitzen RTA,Postless Deck,Single/Dual Builds Possible,Shortened Air Path
  39. Ijoy Capo SRDA Kit, Squonking Possible,Beginner-Friendly,Semi-rebuildable
  40. 200W Joyetech Espion, 1.45-inch color screen, DL&MTL Vaping, Intense Flavor
  41. Arctic Dolphin Silicone Squonk Bottle V2, Most Convenient Refilling Ever
  42. OMG CDA Tank,Optional RTA/RDA Mode, Unique Top Filling Design
  43. Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank, Pre made Mesh Coil Design
  44. 2017 Christmas & New Year Sale Event Starts Now! Free Shipping Possible!
  45. Vaporesso Transformer, An Innovative Replaceable Case Design
  46. 3 Latest TC Kits from Aspire - Nice Design, Good Perfomance
  47. Win Vision Skynow X, A USB Driver Style Kit for Steath Vaping
  48. Ijoy EXO PD270, A New Dual-20700 Battery Mod with Personalized Design
  49. See what dirt cheap Ijoy SRDA has done here! Unbelievable!
  50. Arctic Dolphin Cera Squonk Mod, Light, Durable, Extremely Cheap
  51. Wismec Sinuous Ravege230,Large Color Screen, Child Tamper Proof
  52. Innokin JEM/Goby, A Compact & Stylish Kit for MTL users
  53. Ijoy Combo SRDA, Rewickable Dripper with Pre-made Coil
  54. SO GOOD e-Liquid, 100% French Made, 34 Flavors Available
  55. SMPO AIO Kit, Ultra Compact, Decent Flavor, Great Throat Hit
  56. Yosta Livepor,Triple-cell,Light-weight,Powerful
  57. Win Wintel EIF Rambo, A Cool Sport Car Style Vape Kit
  58. Eleaf Basal Kit, Ultra Thin,All-Metallic Finish, Simplicity
  59. NCR Nicotine Reinforcer RDA, Innovative Coil Free Design
  60. 180W Voopoo TOO, Stunning Appearance, Fantastic Performance
  61. 2017 Black Friday Contest: Surprise, Joy, Happiness are all here
  62. Joyetech Exceed Box with D22c, Simplicity, Petite, Powerful
  63. Featured Products on Sale, Limited Quantity, Buy Now!
  64. Beat the Cloud: the Black Friday Sale Starts Now
  65. Gemz Prime Mover RTA, Changeable Appearance, Easiest Top Filling
  66. Geekvape GBOX, A Powerful Squonker Kit with AS Chipset
  67. Digiflavor Mesh Pro RDA, Supports Both Mesh Wires and Standard Coils
  68. Win IJOY Capo Squonker, Enjoy A Convenient & Relaxed Vaping Experience
  69. How DeepinMaker Provides Finance Services to Grass Root Designers
  70. Eleaf iStick Kiya, Stealth, Compact, Affordable
  71. Timesvape Apex RDA, A Nick Adams's Vape Project
  72. Chinese 11.11 Sales: 30% off Sitewide with Code AHG30
  73. The very first vape mail to Space! We did it!
  74. How DeepinMaker presents you the vape gear from a very beginning idea
  75. iJoy Elite PS2170, Single Battery, Ergonomic, Big Tank Compatible
  76. Win OBS KFB, A Portable All-in-one Kit Fitting for Every Vaper
  77. iJoy X3 Kit, Limited Size,Unlimited Energy
  78. Vision Skynow X Kit, A Tiny Vape Pod with USB Driver Body Design
  79. 218W SOFGOD R03, Compact, Powerful, 0.02S Suction
  80. Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit, Comapct yet Powerful
  81. Win Carrys Green, An Environment Friendly Subohm Tank with Nice Flavor
  82. Joyetech Atopack Dolphin, Stylish Design, DTL&MTL Vaping, Compact Pod Mod
  83. Big Halloween Sales: 30% Off for the Entire Shop
  84. OBS KFB, An All-in-One Kit with Decent Flavor
  85. 230W Vapesoul Vone Bluetooth TC Kit, Powerful & Intelligent
  86. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 20 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  87. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 19 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  88. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 18 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  89. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 17 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  90. Eleaf Invoke 220W with Ello T, A Compact Yet Powerful Kit with Optimal Flavor
  91. Ampking 20700 Battery, A Mooch-Approved, Accurately Rated Cell
  92. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 16 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  93. Wintel EIF Rambo, A Luxury Vape Gear with Sports Car Body Design
  94. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 15 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  95. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 14 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  96. Contest: Helping bring Grass Roots’ Vape Idea A Reality
  97. DeepinMaker, Your Vape Idea Thrives Here
  98. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 13 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  99. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 12 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  100. Heaven Gifts
  101. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 11 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  102. Fuchai Squonk 213, A Powerful Kit Supporting 21700/20700/18650 Cells
  103. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 10 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  104. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 9 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  105. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 8 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  106. Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA, Interchangeable Deck Design, Rip Trippers Project
  107. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 7 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  108. Win Joyetech Exceed D19, Enjoy the Best Starter Kit
  109. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 6 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  110. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 5 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  111. Barcelona Vape Expo Coming, Welcome to Meet Us at Booth D12
  112. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 4 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  113. Geekvape Aegis with Shield, A Delicate yet Powerful Kit
  114. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 3 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  115. 200W Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700, Compact Size, 20700/18650 Cells Compatible
  116. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 2 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
  117. Which E-cig is the Best For Starters? Try Joyetech EXCEED D19 First!
  118. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary]30% off Sitewide for Retail Customers
  119. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Win Your Wanted Vape Gear
  120. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Flash Sales Day 1 - Lowest Price, Limited Quantity
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  122. [Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] 15% off Special Sale for Wholesale Clients
  123. Our 10th Anniversary Coming—Best Discounts, Flash Sales, Special Gifts,Huge Giveaways
  124. CARRYS Green, An Environment Friendly Subohm tank with Awesome Flavor
  125. Win Vaporesso Swag, Enjoy the Top-notch Vaping Fun
  126. Chinese National Day Sales, 30% OFF Sitewide!
  127. VapeOnly Zen Pipe, the First Rosewood Pipe with A 18650 Battery
  128. VapeOnly vPipe 3, A Luxurious E-pipe with Superior Technology
  129. Joyetech Exceed D19, A Portable & Simple Starter Kit for New Vapers
  130. Vaporesso Revenger X, Powerful, Responsive Touch Buttons, Big Clouds
  131. Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina, A Mech Kit Supporting 20700/18650 Cells
  132. Geekvape Zeus RTA, Leakage Free, 3D Airflow, Flavor Oriented
  133. Innokin Endura T20-S, A Compact Vape Pen with Premium Flavor
  134. Giveaway: Win Voopoo Alpha One, A Powerful Device with Minimalistic Design
  135. Eleaf iStick Trim Kit with GSTurbo, Portable, Easy Operation, Nice Flavor
  136. 200W Stentorian Basilisk, Unique Resin Color, Top-notch Performance
  137. IJOY Capo Squonker Kit, 21700/20700/18650 Cells Compatible, Longer Vaping Time
  138. Innokin EZ.WATT, Pocketable, Easy Operation, Pure Flavor
  139. 3 Latest Mods from REV, Innovative Design, Premium Performance
  140. Giveaway: Win Joyetech Ekee with ProCore Motor, A Stylish Kit with Good Performance
  141. 222W VOOPOO Alpha One, Powerful Gene Chip, LOVE Pulse Mode
  142. Cool Vapor Arthur RDA, Cross Style Adjustable Airflow, Dual Coil Builds
  143. Win Aimidi Tank T12, A Stunning and Durable Mod
  144. GeekVape Athena Squonk Kit - Cool Design, Safe Vaping, Huge Clouds
  145. Desire Box-X 200W, A Diamond Cut Design Mod integrated with Powerful Core
  146. Yocan Evolve Plus, the Most Portable Wax Vape Pen
  147. Why 21700 Bigger Battery?
  148. Win Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3, A Compact & Powerful Kit with Optimal Flavor
  149. Joyetech Cuboid Lite With Exceed D22 Kit, 1.45inch TFT Screen, Pure Flavor
  150. Voopoo Black Drag Resin, Same Superior Performance, More Attractive Appearance
  151. Suorin Drop, Unique Water Drop Design, Simple Operation
  152. Wismec Sinuous FJ200, A Compact, Powerful & Intelligent Kit
  153. 230 Kangertech IKEN, Compact, Powerful and "U" airflow technology
  154. AIMIDI Tank T2 160W, A Water-proof and Dust-proof Mod
  155. Eleaf iStick Tria, 300W High Power, TPD Compliant, Superior Flavor
  156. Ijoy Capo 100, Single Battery,Pico Size,21700 Tesla Cell
  157. 30% off Sitewide! Labor Day Sales of 2017
  158. 230W SMOK G-PRIV 2 with TFV8 X-Baby, Ergonomic, Powerful and Massive Clouds
  159. KAEES Solomon RTA, GTA Deck, Smooth Airflow, Flavor Oriented
  160. 80W Vaporesso Swag, A Portable & Durable Kit with Revolutionary IML Design
  161. Digiflavor Siren 2, Upgraded Airflow & Deck for A More Accurate MTL Vape
  162. Win VapeOnly Beam Kit, Fits for Beginners and MTL Vapers
  163. Things you should know about Wotofo Flow Subtank
  164. Advken Mad Hatter 24 RDTA, Pressed Filling Design, Thick Clouds, Superior Flavor
  165. Cthulhu Ceto RDA, Mesh Heating Element, Squonk Friendly
  166. Justfog P14A & P16A Starter Kits - Portable & Light, TPD compliant
  167. Wotofo Flow Subtank vs Smok Baby Beast, Which One Is Your Preference?
  168. ECC 2017 Coming Soon, Welcome to Meet us at Booth No.917
  169. Cthulhu GAIA RDTA, Dual-Airflow, 2 Refilling Ways, Dual-Coil
  170. VapeOnly Malle S Lite, A Trendy & Portable Kit with Convenient Operation
  171. iBuddy-i1 Heating Kit, Firstly Adopts Pin-style Heating Element, longer lifespan
  172. Joyetech CuBox AIO, A Portable & All-in-One Kit with Pure Flavor
  173. Win Hugo Vapor Boxer Rader, the Lightest Dual 18650 Batteries Box Mod
  174. Win Ijoy Combo RDTA 2, Experience Multiple Vaping Experience
  175. Hugo Vapor Boxer V2.0, Advanced Self-designed Chipset, Attractive Appearance
  176. Geekvape Peerless RDTA,Precise Airflow System,Hinge-lock Filling System
  177. Nitecore NFF01 Magnetic Liquid Mixer, Effective & Intelligent
  178. Teaser! A Quality Vape Choice, Desire Mad Dog GTA Tank
  179. Ijoy Genie PD270 Kit, Ergonomic, RGB Light,Dual-20700 Battery
  180. 240W IJOY RDTA Box Triple TC Kit, Powerful & Versatile
  181. IJOY Captain PD270 with Captain S TC Kit, Powerful & Compact
  182. Smoant Charon TS Mod, 2.4-inch Touch Screen, Stable ANT 218s Chip
  183. Wotofo Viper RTA, Single Coil, Oil Lock, Anti-condensation
  184. Vapeonly Beam, A Compact & Exquisite Kit for MTL Vapers
  185. Win Wotofo Flow Subtank, Enjoy Flavorful Clouds with Little Power
  186. Eleaf iCare 2, Compact, Easy Operated Device with All-In-One Design
  187. GTRS VBOY 200 Mod,Superior Yihi Chip,HD Color Screen
  188. GeekVape 521 Master Kit V3 - A Perfect & Portable Tool Kit For DIY Users
  189. WISMEC SINUOUS SW Kit, Sword Influenced Design, Intense Flavor
  190. OUMIER WASP Nano RDTA - Short Profile, Single Coil Building
  191. Win 50W iKarno X-MINI, A Compact & Reliable Mod with Easy Operation
  192. DEJAVU RDTA - A Short RDTA with Unique Deck Design
  193. Digiflavor Aura RDA, A DJLsb Vapes Project
  194. 80W Joyetech Ekee with ProCore Motor, High-end Device with Fantastic Performance
  195. Win CARRYS T4-R & CARRYS T4-R Baby, Unique Resin Tanks with Awesome Flavor
  196. Win Stentorian AT-7, A Water-cooled PC Looking Mod for Collection
  197. Hugo Vapor Boxer Rader, the Lightest Dual-18650 Batteries Mod
  198. 50W iKarno X-MINI, Miniature Design and Easy Operation
  199. Geekvape Aegis, An Astoundingly Durable Mod, Proven By Mooch
  200. Wotofo Flow Subtank, TPD Compliant, Smok Baby Beast Coil Compatible
  201. Pick Your Favorite Driptip, Win Heaven Gifts Gift Cards
  202. CARRYS T4-R & T4-R Baby, Fashionable Resin Appearance, Awesome Flavor
  203. IJOY COMBO RDTA 2 - 12 Optional Interchangeable Decks, High Quality Material
  204. Joyetech Atopack Penguin SE, Lighter,Delicate,New Colors
  205. Win GQ Blue Beast Kit, A Portable All-in-one Device
  206. Desire Mad Dog GTA, Colored Stainless Steel, 270 Degree Air Intake
  207. Contest: Photo Guessing Game, The Value of the Prize Depends On You!
  208. Welcome to Visit Us at Canada's Vape Expo, Booth #553/452
  209. VGOD Elite Mech Mod, Elegant Design, High Quality Performance
  210. Eleaf iKuun i80 and iKuun i200, Compact, Ergonomic, Fantastic Performance
  211. Asvape Cobra
  212. Contest: Guess Who These Big Celebrity Vapers Are
  213. Sourin Air - A Nicely Crafted & Portable Vape Pod
  214. Anarchist Riot RDA, Ceramic Deck, Large Build Space,Decent Flavor
  215. Stentorian RAM BF Mod - Elegant Appearance, Convenient Bottom Feeding
  216. Arctic Dolphin Squonk Bottle, High Quality Silicone, Easy Refilling
  217. Joyetech Cuboid Pro with ProCore Aries Kit, An Intelligent Device For More Vape Fun
  218. 300W Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3, Ergonomic, Powerful, Tremendous Vapor Production
  219. GQ Blue Beast Kit, All-in-one Style, 10ml Huge Juice Capacity
  220. Win 100W ETALIENS E.T-X3, Enjoy Stable Vaping Experience
  221. AT 7 - The First Water-cooled Box Mod by Wotofo & Stentorian Vapor
  222. Geekvape Aegis, An Advanced Mod featuring Water-proof,Dust-proof,Shock-resistance
  223. Win Asvape Cobra Sub Ohm Tank, Enjoy A Nice Warm Vaping with Massive Clouds
  224. Aspire Speeder 200W Kit, Compact, Ergonomic & Automatic Display Adjustment
  225. IJOY RDTA 5S - Central Refill Design, Dual Adjustable Airflow System
  226. Geekvape Tab Pro, A Powerful Multi-Functional Ohm Meter
  227. Win Wotofo Serpent SMM, A Single Coil RTA with Isolated Airflow Channels
  228. Wotofo Serpent SMM Review, A Premium Single Coil RTA with Isolated Airflow Channels
  229. Independence Day Sales: 30% Off for the Entire Shop with code “Inde30”
  230. 100W ETALIENS E.T-X3, A Ergonomic & Durable Mod with Stable Performance
  231. Win 218W Smoant Charon, An Original Hype Power Mod
  232. Asvape Cobra Sub Ohm Tank, Bullet-style Coil Head, High VG E-liquid
  233. Win Joyetech CuBox & CuAIO, Enjoy Simple Vaping Fun
  234. Wotofo Serpent SMM, the first GTA tank by Suck My Mod
  235. Envii FITT, the First Vape Pod with Dual Fire Modes
  236. Win Resin Version Voopoo Drag, Show off This Unique Intelligent Device
  237. 2 Latest Captain PD 1865 Kits from IJOY Available for Pre order Now
  238. 300W IJOY Maxo Zenith Kits, High Power Vape, Nice Flavor
  239. Voopoo Drag Resin Version Coming, Same Performance, Different Visual Sensation
  240. Digiflavor Siren – the Best Single Coil MTL Tank in stock on heavengifts.com
  241. OBS Cheetah 2 Mini, 2 Dripping Ways, Middle Airflow, Nice Flavor
  242. OBS Crius RDTA,Simple,Versatile,Easy to Clean
  243. Win 200w Smoant Battlestar, A Portable, Ergonomic, Smart Mod
  244. Ijoy Captain PD1865 Kit,Powerful,Compact,Tremendous Vapor Production
  245. 218W Smoant Charon TC 218 Box MOD-Compact Size, Stable Performance, Replaceable Back
  246. 100W Smoant Rabox Handmade Mod-Unique Looking, Waterproof, Smart Unregulated Mod
  247. Smoant Battlestar 200W TC Box MOD, Compact Size, Magnetic Back Cover
  248. Geekvape Ammit 25, 3D Airflow, 2 Juice Options,Single Coil
  249. Win Digiflavor Siren 22 & 25, Rebuildable MTL tanks with Pure Flavor
  250. Joyetech CuBox with CUBIS 2 Kit, Portable Size, Nice MTL Vape Experience