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  1. Arguments just a smokescreen for opponents of e-cigarettes
  2. Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
  3. What’s Not to Like?
  4. Next-generation products from BAT
  5. Smokers turn to 'vaping' to give up the habit
  6. NHS stop-smoking service 'a success'
  7. Nicotine MCDA Briefing
  8. E-Cigarette Regulation: Take Sensible Approach to Help Smokers Quit
  9. Tram driver is snapped smoking e-cigarette at controls
  10. Merthyr Town stadium named after E-cigarette
  11. Two arrested in e-cigarette beat down
  12. E-cigarettes become the most popular UK 'quitting aid' with 1.3 million users
  13. MHRA guarantees endorsement of BAT's ecig
  14. E-cigarettes: New 'smoke,' same concerns
  15. Please participate in the CASAA E-cigarette Consumer Survey TODAY!
  16. Vapers Protest against Proposed County-Wide E Cig Ban
  17. MD Anderson Center Smoking Cessation Experts Weigh In On Safety And Gateway Potential
  18. Resectful insolence
  19. What Are E-cigarettes and Why Are They Here?
  20. Editorial: Rational policy for e-cigarettes
  21. A deal agreed in smokeless rooms
  22. No vaporing in the workplace !
  23. UK tackles E-cigs
  24. Vaper Strain
  25. Steve K's weekly round-up
  26. The choice and reasoning to ban e-Cigarettes
  27. Fabricating a Smoking Gateway
  28. FDA board considers "modified risk" tobacco products
  29. E-cigarettes could significantly cut tobacco use: Study
  30. MD Anderson smoking prevention experts tackle the e-cigarette
  31. ANTZ engineer their next anti-ecig lie: They facilitate smoking cannabis !
  32. The Problem with E-Cigarettes
  33. Amusing interview on Irish radio on e-cig ban
  34. There's A Reason Why E-Cigarettes Have Just 1% Of The Tobacco Market
  35. Aiduce - The future of vaping in the European Union
  36. Electronic cigarettes: Should people smoke them in public places?
  37. Are e-Cigarettes Really a Healthy Alternative to Lighting Up?
  38. E-cigarettes: More Harmful Than Tobacco?
  39. Imperial Tobacco to launch e-cigarette next year
  40. An urgent message from the nonsense department
  41. Hazardous devices
  42. Hate cigarette-butt litter? That's why I love e-cigarettes
  43. Mass. Minors Buying E-Cigs? Maybe Not For Long.
  44. Kate Moss - Kate Moss' £2,000 e-cig bill
  45. Call to Action! California E-Cigarette Usage Ban
  46. Gallup Poll Shows Cold Turkey is Overwhelmingly the Most Successful Quitting Strategy
  47. Federal officials endorse impossibly high standard for e-cigarettes
  48. Tobacco Troughers
  49. Vaping, smoking, politics
  50. The City of Mankato Leads the Way… In Paranoia
  51. Johnny Depp and other celebs making e-cigs popular (Video)
  52. Massachusetts bill would ban e-cig sales
  53. CASAA Public Service Announcement
  54. CASAA: New study confirms that chemicals in e - cigarettes pose minimal health risk
  55. Confounding a Smoking Ban, and Bouncers
  56. Health organization challenges ph government to include e-cigarettes in tobacco laws
  57. Pilot Study Finds NJOY E-Cigarette Use Leads to Short-Term Smoking Reduction
  58. EcigWizard: the cost of medicinal regulation
  59. E-Cig Companies Not Helping People Stop Smoking
  60. E-Cig Companies Will Never Promise To Help You Quit Smoking
  61. Are celebrities making smoking cool again ?
  62. Rail companies ban ecigs
  63. An Excellent Initiative
  64. More hysterical anti ecig propaganda
  65. Dr. Farsalinos speaks
  66. Great article !!!
  67. Marketing of Ecigs
  68. Why Ecigs can't be stopped
  69. Things hotting up in the big apple
  70. Bans looming ..... UK rail
  71. Lets not sit on our hands, Lets bring a bat to the party. Its all about Politics.
  72. More Emphasis on Who 'we' are
  73. More ecig bans proposed in Utah
  74. Paranoid vapers ???
  75. ACSH on proposed Canton ecig ban
  76. Carl Philipps on NYC bans
  77. CASAA New study shows no risk from e-cigarette contaminants
  78. Siegel on NYC flavoured juice bans
  79. University of Qld e-cig study participation
  80. One small victory
  81. Ecig update- Bill Godshall 31/07/13
  82. Health committee backflip NYC
  83. The incidental economist
  84. Public health .... What a racket !
  85. Another proposed ban
  86. More toxic propaganda
  87. Clive swipe
  88. The Working Group....is something just not quiet right?
  89. Stanton Glantz
  90. Utah considers outdoor vaping ban
  91. Conflicts of interest at the Mayo Clinic
  92. People Worth Reading
  93. The wonderful benefits of using nicotine
  94. I love ejuice flavours
  95. Vapers need not apply
  96. Josef K ...... a good blogger
  97. Monumental ministerial mismanagement
  98. Want to smoke? Get a licence!
  99. A well deserved slap for ASH
  100. E-cigs ad blitz goes unregulated
  101. The $1.70 Ecig
  102. Canadian Doctors Develop Ecig
  103. Spot the lies drinking game
  104. Association Working Group
  105. [VIDEO] Free Market Solutions in Health: Prohibition or Harm Reduction?
  106. Australian Government steals $4 billion a year from Smokers
  107. E-Cig debate at 2013 UK National Smoking Cessation Conference
  108. Nicotine derived from the electronic cigarette improves prospective memory in abstine
  109. Some Required Reading...Italians and others doing it right?
  110. A Comparison of Chantix Vs. Electronic Cigarettes
  111. Tobacco tax may increase again
  112. ZigZag are making disposable e-cigs now
  113. Student gets fellowship to study cytotoxic effects of ecigs
  114. Dr Hayden McRobbie at the 2012 UK National Smoking Cessation Conference
  115. Study - Long-term effects of inhaled nicotine
  116. Uni of East London Lecture On E-Cigs
  117. E-Cigs in Oz Doomed
  118. Italy abandons ecig tax
  119. Question...
  120. Linda McAvan MEP on MHRA decision
  121. QM professor calls for rethink on e-cig regulation
  122. BBC.co.uk - E-cigarettes: Is a smoking alternative being choked by regulation?
  123. Interesting twitter conversation in SC's feed
  124. UK Ecig Company Seeking £20m To Expand
  125. Posted on Facebook
  126. Fads/Fags and Photoshop.
  127. Another good article from the Guardian
  128. Italians protest, calling e-cig tax a 'scam'
  129. "Ex-smoker swears by electronic cigarettes" NZ, Aukland Now
  130. Testimonials for Aussie Vapers members to take to Andrew Wilkie MP
  131. The Goerlitz tapes - The Winston Man On Tobacco Control
  132. EU vote on electronic cigarettes 'makes no sense'
  133. My Friend Saw A Ecig Commercial On TV?
  134. Cigarette packets 'more addictive than nicotine'
  135. Ex Advocate-General to European Court says proposed ban on ecigs unreasonable
  136. Dark Truth Behind E-Cigarettes
  137. nz- E-cigarettes to deliver legal highs
  138. 'Vaping' a healthier way for NZ
  139. 2000 Black Balloons to be Popped outside Brussels
  140. Electronic cigarettes could hit BAT and Imperial Tobacco harder than expected
  141. Anyone want to come meet Andrew Wilkie with me? Hobart 31st July
  142. Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air qual
  143. Powerful 60 second Vape PSA video
  144. Another Article
  145. E-cigarettes: Is a smoking alternative being choked by regulation?
  146. Very sad Child dies after swallowing button battery
  147. Are E-lites any good?
  148. Ecig battery manufacturer and vendor being sued
  149. ECITA - Good News from the MHRA
  150. Let the battle begin!
  151. Fallacious logic Takes the pleasure out of e-cigarettes
  152. Rebecca Taylor MEP Posts Up Pro-Ecig Posters
  153. Chris Davies MEP and Totally Wicked
  154. Death by Regulation
  155. Why are Canadians so different to Australians
  156. HuffPo joins the ranks of the ignorant (if it wasn't there already)
  157. Dangers in perspective
  158. NJoy. Seriously?? Getting Screwed Over by Cigalikes.
  159. ecigarette-politics - The Tobacco Control Industry
  160. The Dangers Of Downloading Ecigs (satire)
  161. Playboy Getting Into Ecigs
  162. What makes Vapers Tick : Apparently Fear
  163. How Philip Morris Plans to Screw Vapers
  164. Totally Wicked Does it again !
  165. E-cig discussion on BBC World Service
  166. Electronic Cigarette Opponent Fails to Discredit New E-Cigarette Clinical
  167. Guns And Roses Guitarist's Unfortunate Ecig Experience.
  168. Stop smoking, get more patients
  169. Italy to tax electronic cigarettes like tobacco cigarettes
  170. Electronic Cigarette Business!
  171. ECLAT study results announcement
  172. And another positive article + study
  173. Very positive ecig article
  174. new zealand synthetic cannabis trials
  175. Please Nominate Your AVF State Media Representatives
  176. Media Attention
  177. BigT thought of e-cigs quite some time ago!
  178. ABC News wants to talk to users of electronic cigarettes
  179. Auckland Uni conducts world's first e-cigarettes study
  180. A response from Simon Chapman
  181. ecig advance a link for more reading
  182. Smoking banned in NT jails in 9 days
  183. Simon Chapman has misrepresented the science on the benefits of smoking reduction
  184. Simon Chapman calls people who have quit smoking PATHETIC
  185. Mr Bea.. er Mean on the UK's Ecxuse for EU Regulation Support
  186. A totally wicked message
  187. Blocked from Simon Chapman
  188. A long read but positive.
  189. The UK tackles e-cigs - Funny )
  190. Singapore and Electronic Cigarettes - An Example of Dooms Dayness
  191. Latest PBusardo Rant - Agree?
  192. Your choices of ejuice
  193. Brilliant Suggestion on how all Governments should regulate Nicotine Products
  194. A positive article from economy watch
  195. Should electronic cigarettes be as freely available as tobacco?
  196. A couple of sensible analyses of the politics and health issues involved around e-cig
  197. UK NEWS - e-cigs regulated as medicines by 2016 :(
  198. Another study says we aren't hurting anybody (including ourselves)
  199. Does anyone else find themselves stockpiling e-liquid?
  200. ecigarette on The Mornig Show Perth
  201. E-Lites Gangnam Baby TV Ad Extended
  202. New NSW legislation effective 01/07 banning display of 'non-tobacco smoking products'
  203. NJOY scores $75 Mlilion and 2 Huge Movers and Shakers !
  204. Quit line helps (NOT)
  205. Picture Politics - AVF Infographics
  206. e-Cigarettes, Vaping: Worse than Smoking Due to Cancer-Causing Components Found in Br
  207. ecig in music clip vid
  208. Follow-up questionnaire on electronic cigarettes - Jean-Francois Etter
  209. Tobacco Giant RJ Reynolds To Launch Vuse In July
  210. Oh, to live in the UK where sensible people dwell!
  211. smh article
  212. Bobby Brown chastised for in-flight ecig use
  213. Ecigs Are Much Safer Says National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence UK -
  214. eLiquid much safer than tobacco, according to new study
  215. The Fear of Vaping = The Fear of New Technology
  216. Daily Mail Ecig article
  217. A curious Italian Ecig Usage Survey Result
  218. Nicotine most harmful cigarette ingredient, GPs think
  219. Are e-cigarettes better for the environment?
  220. Take 2...How long have you been off the Ciggies?
  221. Did you start vaping to quit the ciggies / How long have you been off them?
  222. Did you start vaping to quit the ciggies / How long have you been off them?
  223. Where's the evidence for NRT?
  224. Where there's clear smoke there's less fire - Pat Sheil speaks out in The Age
  225. Legal issues with smoke free areas in Tasmania
  226. A very disheartening interview
  227. Doctor Scares his Patient back to Smoking Tobacco by lying about dangers of ecigs
  228. For Some, Electronic Cigarettes are the Only Hope for Life
  229. The Top 20 Most Influential Vapers in the US and the EU
  230. SMH articile
  231. The Cost of Ignoring Real Safety
  232. Medical experts recommend e-cigarettes should be subject to the same restrictions as
  233. Mapping the Tobacco Harm Reduction Debate
  234. Nicotine eliquid implicated in toddler's death
  235. President of the Australian Medical Association lies outright in Cairns Post
  236. Not sure if you guys have seen this one yet :)
  237. Quit organisation!!
  238. Why FDA Regulations are Dangerous
  239. Fairfax article
  240. American Cancer Society uses Children as Pawns in Cynical Political Game
  241. Found this on Reddit. Yay!
  242. Now THIS is what I call an ad for Ecigs!
  243. Big Tobacco moving in
  244. Discuss :)
  245. "Smoke without Fire' Documentary about Vaping
  246. Michael Seigel article French Tobacco tax
  247. Um, did anyone else just see an ad for ecigs on Aussie tv?
  248. Friends at Last. Italian Tobacco Union urges Government to Tax Ecigs
  249. Claims that Ecigarettes Fail as a Smoking Cessation Product get DEBUNKED
  250. Great Article In SMH