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  1. Friends at Last. Italian Tobacco Union urges Government to Tax Ecigs
  2. Claims that Ecigarettes Fail as a Smoking Cessation Product get DEBUNKED
  3. Great Article In SMH
  4. If ecigs become pharmaceuticalised, what would be the sales restrictions?
  5. Europe removes the 4mg/mL limit of eliquids, but keeps bans on flavours
  6. Rebecca Taylor MEP on e-cigs
  7. German Cancer Research wants ecigs as medicinal products
  8. Have I got this right? NSW only
  9. The current legislation on nicotine causes millions of deaths—it has to change
  10. But what about our MONEY?!?!
  11. Tobacco Giant RJ Reynolds Cranking On Ecigs
  12. Inside the world of vapers, the subculture
  13. South Carolina's Proposed 5c Per ML Vaping Tax
  14. Inhaling metal nanoparticles when vaping?
  15. uk-study-fails-to-find-single-nonsmoker
  16. Bit of a retarded article in UK Guardian getting slammed in the comments
  17. Good Article in the Scientific American magazine
  18. EU Hearings live
  19. Vitamin C is great and all, but ...
  20. CASAA Battles on in New York
  21. UK Cig/E-Cig Nuttiness
  22. E-cigs on the share market
  23. MEP Christian Engström Makes 19 amendments to the EU Tobacco Directive
  24. the bloody cheek!!!
  25. David Dorn's Open Message to MEP
  26. Analysis of survey performed by ecigarette - direct Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos
  27. Saw this on another forum from Reddit
  28. The Dramatic Success Which Must Be Stopped
  29. What's your analogy of the Logic behind Anti-Harm Reduction ?
  30. Qld Ecig/NRt trial
  31. Ecigs to replace ~1.5 billion tobacco cigarettes this year (USA)
  32. Malboro maker to launch line of ecig products this year.
  33. EU Politicans Finally beginning to see ecigs as Beneficial
  34. Age Verfication Regulations could restrict Online Sales
  35. Ecig battery vents and sets car on fire
  36. What is Your opinion on a Parallel Markets?
  37. Help out the vapors of Europe
  38. Anti-Vaping Professor Visits KiwiLand, Gets called a Hater
  39. And This is our Story
  40. John Britton, Royal College of Physicians
  41. Top 10 Studies on E-Cigs You Need to Know About
  42. That Ecig ad on tv
  43. The Sneakiness of Anti-competitive Tobacco companies
  44. General Sale of E-Cigs Illegal in SA (The Other One)
  45. Hazmat/bomb squad called to ecig battery "explosion" incident - USA
  46. Australian Public Health Douchebag Calls to Ban Ecigs
  47. EUecigBAN
  48. article that supports ecigs! wow
  49. Forbes on ecigs
  50. US Vaping Population About To Jump
  51. Ecigs "a triumph of wishful thinking over evidence"
  52. Dr Farsalinos' e-cig research supersite and largest global survey ever
  53. New study by Konstantinos Farsalinos to be published(soon)
  54. Interview with British American Tobacco’s finance director
  55. Russell’s Teapot and the E-Cigarette Debate
  56. Guardian article Watch out, e-cigarette smokers – you're inhaling the unknown
  57. Flava vapour
  58. Posted this on Stanton Glantz's blog.
  59. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company supports bans of ecigs
  60. Amusing e-cig ad with Courtenay Love
  61. Approach by media for comment
  62. FDA Announces Ecig ban (April Fool)
  63. Never give up on the Pain?
  64. Religion to be banned?
  65. Daily/Sunday Telegraph article
  66. Watch Micheal Siegel and Greg Conley on Huffington Post
  67. New government strategy
  68. Metal Nanoparticles in your Carto
  69. Former US Former Surgeon General joins NJOY
  70. e-cig smokers are douchebags??
  71. European Parliament Discusses Electronic Cigarettes
  72. Helping Smokers Quit
  73. ATACA website suspended
  74. Tobacco giant wants to help you quit smoking
  75. Nice Pro-eCig Article from The Economist
  76. Doctors supporting vaping.
  77. good value newby (not)
  78. Why vendors have to say electronic cigarettes are not a smoking cessation product?
  79. I think aussie Vapers has hit a cord with SMH
  80. Mrs Mathsguy’s Nat. Drug Strat. submission.
  81. 2700 Lawsuits
  82. Another great Article!
  83. Europe cuts ecigs from Tobacco Directive, Puts them in new Medicines Directive
  84. Today is 12th March 2013 and your eCig article today is brought to you by The Verge
  85. Are E-cigs medicines?
  86. Will Politics be the death of us?
  87. A Bill full of excuses for the agenda driven.
  88. Noel Gallagher; And the fuckwit of the year award goes too....
  89. I just found this on my computer. Thought I woud archive it here before I dumped it!!
  90. Another new Michael Siegel study
  91. CDC - One In Five US Smokers Have Tried Ecigs
  92. Push For FDA To Regulate/Study Ecigs (again)
  93. Interview on 2GB re e-cigs right now
  94. A Tribute to Jato...
  95. tobacco.control@health.gov.au~ just got this email
  96. Article in The Medical Journal of Australia
  97. Should I to lie to smokers?
  98. Work place ban
  99. Assange in senate
  100. Any actions regarding legalizing e-cigs in AU?
  101. Anti-tobacco groups create Dual Users
  102. I think I've found a loop hole...maybe
  103. ecig ad
  104. Hollywood Vapers
  105. Smoking Survey I've been Doing
  106. Aus Government could control taste of cigarettes
  107. I have a serious question about nicotine.
  108. More positive media
  109. Queensland Laws
  110. "Without question... safer". Dr. Joel Nitzkin
  111. Russan State Duma bans e-cigs, rest of Russia likely to follow
  112. Consider donating to proposed CASAA study if you have any spare cash
  113. UK Professor - 5 million lives could be saved with ecigs
  114. On no..hope this isn't nic juice
  115. impeach obama day :)
  116. Someone hand Chrissie Swan a PV ASAP..
  117. MP Retirement Super
  118. lets promote ecigs/pv's
  119. Dr Keith Ablow article
  120. Dr Oz on vaping
  121. Another crap article on e-cigs that gets hammered in the comments
  122. Tax tax tax!
  123. OMG...Have y'all seen this? Nicorette Mist
  124. This is just disgusting
  125. New Study Investigates eCigs for Smoking Schizophrenic Patients
  126. For facebookers - CASAA fb page
  127. New smoking laws - train stations
  128. CASAA Vice President explains Australian Government Hypocrisy
  129. Where is that little bit of Australian legislation/medical report to keep a copy of?
  130. Chronic Idiopathic Neutrophilia Relieved via use of E-cigs
  131. Peer review an email for me?
  132. A Slew of Negative E-cig News articles
  133. Remember Katherine Heigl?
  134. E-cig TV Ad Roundup
  135. So, I ran into a whole new argument today
  136. 4th Edition of Tobacco in Australia out today - Got a problem with Nicotine?
  137. addicected to pleasure
  138. news.com.au article on e-cigs
  139. In today's news... | News.com.au article on e-cigarettes in Australia
  140. Study finds that Electronic Cigarettes DO NOT appeal to Kids
  141. Tobacco Smoking is not a Disease, it is a Behaviour
  142. CASAA submits comments to the FDA
  143. Electronic Cigarette Efficacy Clinical Trial - How would you design one?
  144. The Anti-Tobacco Activist's Foundation is a Lie
  145. [VIDEO] Should electronic cigarette advert be broadcast on British TV?
  146. On Individual Testimonies and Evidence
  147. Diethylene glycol has only ever been found in one e-cigarette, and at levels of 1%
  148. Getting a clinical study done..easy or not?
  149. ASH UK just put out a release endorsing e-cigarettes
  150. This is who we're fighting: Meet the people trying to kill us.
  151. When You Don't Like the Evidence, Ignore It: The New Anti-Tobacco Mantra
  152. USA Petition to Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of e-cigs
  153. FDA Deeming Regulations for Electronic Cigarettes Could Be a Public Health Disa
  154. A Vapers story and it's relevance to whats happening in EU
  155. Great blog post article breaking down vaping and the arguments against it
  156. Leonardo DiCaprio eciggin'
  157. Prohibitionists kill "FREE GIVEAWAY" of electronic cigarettes
  158. Electronic Cigarettes 'look' like smoking - so educate people, don't just ban it
  159. Been thinking about an idea for World Vaping Day
  160. FDA Will Issue Proposed Regulations for Electronic Cigarettes in April
  161. Positive results from a French study
  162. Malaysia going to start banning e-cigarette selling?
  163. Found this on ECF, "Want to Quit Smoking? Big Tobacco Is Ready"
  164. Brilliant Editorial from The Guardian: E-cigarettes: no smoke without ire
  165. Online survey - Penn State University
  166. The Land of Coffee Smoking; a parody
  167. The British are Coming! British American Tobacco In E-Cigarettes Deal
  168. Good news for once! Positive article in Medical Journal of Australia
  169. European Commission will place a De facto ban on Ejuice
  170. FDA to have Hearing on Nicotine Products - 17th December
  171. Vaping Predictions for 2013
  172. Huffington Post Has a Debate on Electronic Cigarettes
  173. New Study Confirms that Electronic Cigarettes are Much Safer than Real Ones
  174. Sweden threatens 'all out war' if EU attacks snus
  175. VapourTrails' David Dorn to talk at the 2013 Plotting a New Course Forum
  176. A pretty interesting thread on reddit on e-cig workplace ban and info to arm with
  177. You know the anti-tobacco advocates have become radical extremists...
  178. Ecig users aren't bad asses
  179. Anti-Smoking Advocates are misleading public that E-cig use is a form of smoking
  180. Marlboro Company may buy NJOY
  181. Clive Bates writes letter to new EU Health Commisioner about Tobacco Harm Reduction
  182. E-cigarettes may surpass NRT sales
  183. Another Negative Study on E-cigs where the Conclusion DONT FIT THE RESULTS
  184. The Electronic Cigarette, an Alternative to Tobacco by Jean-François Etter
  185. [VIDEO] Electronic Cigarettes change People's lives for the better
  186. W.H.O Conference reaches no conclusions on e-cigarettes
  187. Polish survey of e-cigarette users finds 66% no longer smoke
  188. Nudge Unit Favours E-cigarette Approach to Stopping Smoking
  189. Study: How smoking rots your brain
  190. The Post Ecig-Ban Era - What will it look like?
  191. Dr Carl Phillip - Lecture on THR
  192. Pure Nicotine and Electronic Cigarettes: What`s the risk?
  193. SFATA gets a new Director. Say Hello to Chris Venis
  194. Lets not ban 510 ecigs?
  195. New E-cigarette Store Faces Resistance
  196. Alabama University Will Discriminate Against Nicotine Consumers
  197. VapourTrails Interviews AEMSA
  198. This was uploaded almost 18 months ago
  199. Stick to Tobacco Smoking, says US Dep of Health
  200. W.H.O Discusses Behind Closed Doors
  201. Vaping Leads to Smoking
  202. FCTC delegates warned not to undermine benefits of ecigs
  203. Close this sub forum
  204. Vapers Nightly News Group
  205. Smoking e-cigarettes at work ignites row
  206. [VIDEO] Liquid nicotine can poison kids
  207. This week in Celebrity E-Cig News
  208. Do no harm, says former ASH director to WHO in newly released open letter
  209. FlavourArt continues to test the Safety of their flavourings
  210. Vaping only Works because we can Customize it - Please Tweet and/or Repost Video
  211. Steve K gives us a History Lesson on the Progression of WHO's Madness on E-cigs
  212. E-cigs currently excluded from Smoke-free OHIO, Generally Positive Article
  213. NJOY Bows in anticipation of FDA regulations : Says no to Minors and Flavours
  214. Former ASH Director Endorses Electronic Cigarettes and THR
  215. North Dakota and UCLA to ban vaping indoors
  216. European Parliament Member, Lars Christian Engström, Requests Scientific Evidence
  217. Wells Fargo Securities PDF on tobacco retailers survey on e-cigs
  218. Confirmation big tobacco is entering the e-cig market
  219. The smoking 2 year old.
  220. Non-refillable E-cig Company scores Partnership with The British Comedy Awards
  221. [VIDEO link] US ABCNews Channel4 - The truth about e-cigs: How healthy are they?
  222. An Ethical Look at Harm Reduction and Electronic Cigarettes
  223. Negative Article about Electronic Cigarettes uses a Biased Study as it reference
  224. Introducing Professor Brad Rodu
  225. Leprechauns seek to ban Electronic cigarettes, But vapers are resisting
  226. Keeping things underground...or not?
  227. Lets tell the American Lung Association Ecig success quiting success stories
  228. Don't confuse consumer choice with ethical issues
  229. advert i seen on telly in a hotel in usa
  230. Why dont the FDA Ban Coffee?
  231. Professor Michael Siegel Orders the FDA to Correct Statements on Electronic Cigare
  232. If you want to see the ANTZ at their worst...
  233. Is it really illegal to import ecig devices and nicotine into Canada?
  234. Tobacco Harm Reduction adoption - A talk by Professor Carl V Phillips
  235. 2.8 Million Potential Aussie Vapers
  236. Quitting smoking early cuts risks for female smokers
  237. tell us your story
  238. Fourth and Last installment of the WHO standing on Bullshit Mountain
  239. WHO Urges Countries to Ban Electronic Cigarettes Because of 2nd Hand Smoke
  240. Lets ban 510 ecigs?
  241. Vaping Under Threat
  242. California Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE) Endorses THR and E-cigarettes
  243. To be Pharma's *****, or not to be Pharma's *****...This November, It will be decided
  244. Why "Quit Smoking" Is A Protected Term
  245. World Health Organization Urges Countries to Ban Electronic Cigarettes
  246. MyChoice Australia - A likely friend of Vapers to support
  247. How You Can Use The Internet to Stop the E-Cigarette Ban
  248. Here he is, the man of the week, John Dalli
  249. Further Corruption in the EU - The Anti-Tobacco Lobbies Burglarised
  250. Corruption at the Highest Levels - European Commision