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  1. ECITA writes letter to the European Commission
  2. Omaha Nebraska to start taxing Electronic Cigarettes
  3. Ping: SAS, Have you thought about getting James Paterson on Board?
  4. Asylum Seekers flown home
  5. AnotherArticle RE Tobacco Products and big Pharma
  6. My (effin) Rant on Public Health Wankers.
  7. Ecigs and cessation: "false claims"
  8. Question : Who is Hon Lik ?
  9. [News Article: News.com.au] SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Can you quit with e-cigarettes?
  10. Queensland Finally Gets It
  11. Anti-E-cig Groups Took Money from Pharmeceutical Companies
  12. Anti-Nicotine Consumption is a Moral Issue, not a Health Issue
  13. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos - The Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Myoc
  14. Drug "trials"
  15. ClearStream Air Study by FalvourArt Published!
  16. Tanya Plibersek in Q&A - 9:35pm Monday, September 24 2012
  17. Environmental Impact of Tobacco Versus Electronic Cigarettes
  18. Public Heath Officials call for ban on E-cigs based on Biased Studies
  19. E-cigarette Regulatory Impact Assessment Release?
  20. Bad News from New Zealand
  21. Australia E-cig Industry Protection could learn from UK and US Methods
  22. Anybody want to partake in a survey??
  23. E-Cigs Gaining Ground in the Market
  24. European Commission wants to ban e-cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco
  25. Recent E Cigarette Health Warnings are Rampant With Conflicts of Interest
  26. Body Choice and Gender Equality
  27. Frightening proposition
  28. Dr Karl reveals that cigarettes are radioactive
  29. The passive vaping fable
  30. Cyber-Bully Simon Chapman Sooks about Being Bullied
  31. New Research Confirms Electronic Cigarettes as Smoking Cessation Tool
  32. Facebook ecig ban ..possibly
  33. Thread for the Australian Vendors
  34. In the news - 510 doesnt cut it!
  35. Vaper's Enemy ---> Ellen Hahn
  36. German Guys are here too..:D
  37. 11 minutes of F.T.W
  38. Outdoor smoking ban in Victoria
  39. another positive piece! :-)
  40. U.S. court strikes down graphic warnings on cigarettes
  41. new product
  42. rare positive press
  43. How much power do Public Health Researchers have over public policy?
  44. Tazzy~ ban on tobacco sales.
  45. High Court rejects plain packaging challenge. Not convinced.
  46. Big tobacco push for cigarette alternatives
  47. Finally been pulled up at work about vaping :(
  48. Hahaha, this is awesome!
  49. The TGA just gave us some more ammo without realizing it!
  50. Nicotine as a Schedule 6 Posion?
  51. Let's Exploit Children
  52. E-cigarettes aren’t a solution — they’re part of the problem
  53. The poisons standard 2012, what do changes to nicotine schedules mean for us?
  54. Move?
  55. What are our defences against sabotage?
  56. Where will the government get it's revenue?
  57. What are the Bias' against e-cigarettes?
  58. Snakes on a Plane.... E-Cigs on the Buz
  59. Cat owners please watch
  60. End User Declaration
  61. Draft National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018
  62. "Right To Choose" - a fantastic new video
  63. Greek Cardiologist on VPLive with the Vape Team
  64. The American Council on Science and Health asks the FDA to reconsider e-cigarettes
  65. Customs
  66. The E Cigarette As We Know it Wil Never Be The Same Again
  67. 15 Months Supply
  68. UK NHS Ban
  69. Interview with cardiologist Dr K Farsalinos
  70. Banzhaf is at it again...
  71. Flavour inhalers
  72. Impact on Tobacco Users - Budget 2012
  73. Regulation Impact Statement
  74. Most recent Australian tobacco excise figures 2010 - 2011
  75. Logical fallacy and bad science drinking game courtesy of the TGA
  76. Industry analyst on big tobacco's acquisition of Blu...
  77. Why is tobacco legal?
  78. Blu Cigs acquired by Tobacco company
  79. Tobacco Industry Creating A Safe Cigarette
  80. Another exploding e-cig it seems
  81. Bob Brown resignation
  82. Switzerland exempts e-cigarettes from tax
  83. Consumer Reports article
  84. More Buzz dramas
  85. Some test comparisons of E-cig chemical
  86. So where did all our tobacco tax dollars go?
  87. Megan Smith Strikes Again
  88. Vaping Videos
  89. korean vapor test
  90. Choice magazine
  91. Old movies
  92. New ACSH publication - Helping Smokers Quit:The Science Behind Tobacco Harm Reduction
  93. Research shows substituting with smokeless tobacco saves lives
  94. Florida communities try to get rid of fruit-flavored tobacco they say targets kids
  95. Quotes provided specially for World Vaping Day
  96. UK to Ban Nicotine
  97. Forget e-cigs,tobacco, alcohol and fat - the do gooders want to ban water too!
  98. New batch of Dekang very weak flavour, Disapointed.
  99. Aeroshot inhalable caffeine .. FDA growl
  100. Conclusive proof that vaping is a scam ( what a load of rubbish)
  101. E-Cig Explodes in man's mouth apparently....
  102. The Official ATACA thread
  103. World Vaping Day 2012 - March 22nd
  104. Hawaii proposes tax on e-cigs
  105. Paper disscussing Nicotine sceduling
  106. Just saw this on TV
  107. Intellicig raises $3.1m funding for medical e-cigarette
  108. Fox News E-cig discussion
  109. American Lung Association refers to e-cigs as tobacco products on their Facebook wall
  110. More E-Cig BULL!!!
  111. Holy crap, Simon Chapman speaks the truth?!?
  112. Somewhere to recruit....
  113. oz skeptics not fans of the TGA
  114. Study
  115. Revolution in Smoking Aims to Stub Out Cigarettes - With the Help of Tobacco Firms
  116. new news
  117. John Cameron Defends the Electronic Cigarette on Fox News
  118. Holland bans eCigs
  119. E-cigs especially helpful to smokers with history of recurring relapses
  120. If E-liquid ever gets banned
  121. Anyone got the number of an A lister?
  122. more regulation pending in the US
  123. Air pollution /Ciigarettes, which one is the culprit.
  124. A precise legal opinion
  125. Zealot at the SMH
  126. Just came across this
  127. Opinion Piece | The punch : Smoke till you drop but leave the taxpayer out of it
  128. Watch the amazing Simon Chapman spew crap like never before!
  129. Goods news and bad journalism - Today's Herald Sun
  130. Changes begin at home?
  131. Some good articles from Spiked on Smoking bans and eCig bans
  132. ?? Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are prohibited in Victoria??
  133. Interviews with Dr Murray Laugesen
  134. In the MX today
  135. WA Minister for Health - Live Questions
  136. CALL TO ARMS - Australian Senate Enquiry?
  137. Alberto Alemanno -international law and regulation expert article
  138. Encouraging article from ACSH
  139. Smoke-free tobacco has few risks
  140. Interesting article on Aus' "Big Pharma"
  141. Canberra Times Article 20 November 2011
  142. Swiss study reveals e-cigarettes provide the same amount of nicotine as smoking
  143. Marriot charges women $250 for using an ecig in her room
  144. media release customs seizures
  145. New smoking laws in Tassie
  146. The ex Marlboro man discusses his anti smoking Journey,
  147. New York Times Report on Vaping
  148. Dr Brad Roku leads the charge!
  149. Google News
  150. American Council on Science and Health article
  151. Need some help? Advice? ATACA
  152. E-Cigarettes getting addicts of the smokes - and Queenslands wants to ban them
  153. Electronic cigarettes help to reduce cigarette smoking (Italy)
  154. Try smokeless nicotine cigarettes, says government (UK)
  155. Crikey! Do some research will ya?
  156. Email from Qld health
  157. Going in circles - how useless our health departments are
  158. R.I.P. Whirlpool ecig thread
  159. Victoria Banning delivery devices
  160. Why Tobacco Plain Packaging is just an exercise in Political Posturing
  161. ATACA - Australian Tobacco Alternatives Consumer Association
  162. Dont Smoke, Dont drink, Dont Watch TV
  163. University of Geneva and Auckland Uni Clinical Trials - Surveys
  164. The smoking nazis are on the march...Again!
  165. ACA report: Laser "quit smoking" therapy
  166. E-cigarette consumer association of Australia
  167. E-Cigs as a smoking cessation aid
  168. A good read
  169. Royal College of Physicians (UK) Says ecigs should stay on market
  170. AUSSIE ASH Campaign - Get involved today!
  171. New England Journal of Medicine blasts Ecigs
  172. Chantix / Champix, Heart attacks and Anti Groups
  173. Campaign to officially recognise our right to import nicotine based ejuice
  174. Yet another reason Champix is better for you than vaping! (SARCASM)
  175. Phillip Morris sues Government
  176. Queensland sito
  177. Australia the Nanny Country.
  178. Interesting legal argument
  179. Nicotine keeps you thin....
  180. E-cig Quote thread; the good the bad and the ugly.
  181. Educational Videos
  182. War on Drugs failed....
  183. Last night on the ABC
  184. Big Pharma is paying who's salaries?
  185. Workplace ban on ecigs
  186. Another sensational ASH beatup
  187. A question of Scheduling
  188. Australia leading the war on tobacco
  189. Another Champix Story
  190. US - Another Article
  191. Why couldnt it be us :(
  192. Ban Ciggies ! derp
  193. QH you gits !!! ban our nic and let this go over the counter !!!
  194. Japanese Study
  195. Vaporcast mentions Australia and Channel 9..
  196. Thought Experiment: What we would say in an interview?
  197. Plain Packaging Legislation
  198. Correspondence with the National Drug Strategy / Tobacco Control Australia
  199. Why won't Australia embrace the idea of e-smokes?
  200. Deadly e-cigarettes seized
  201. NZ researcher calls for greater access to Ecigs....
  202. Quit.org.au Info sheet on smokeless tobacco
  203. Article on Low TSNA Smokeless tobacco
  204. Discussion - How would you like to see e-cigs classified ?
  205. What happens if...
  206. Reported Deaths from Nicotine
  207. State Legislation and you....
  208. A "Must Read" article on the current state of affairs...
  209. New developements from across the ditch
  210. Electronic cigarettes are illegal... according this intrepid reporter!
  211. Why we need to vape.
  212. Organisations Contacted
  213. Swaying Politicians
  214. FDA To Regulate E-Cigs As Tobacco Products
  215. e-cigarettes are evil!
  216. Correspondence with the Heart Foundation (Vic)
  217. Official Documents and Resource Information
  218. Letter to Vic Health
  219. Nicotine Imports Makes News on Channel 9 Brisbane
  220. ECCA UK warns who is trying to get ecigs banned, and why.
  221. Letter to my state MP
  222. SMOKESCREEN Launch in 3...2...1...
  223. FDA back down
  224. Lowes (American Hardware Chain) ecig ban
  225. This mornings nightmare with customs (Melbourne)
  226. Caada Health banning sale of Nicotine
  227. Nicotine fluid - legal or illegal