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  1. Survey results : Brisbane Addiction Counsellor Vape Survey for TGA Submission
  2. Sydney Trains - Vaping on the platform
  3. News drop
  4. Anyone Else Get Their Vape Survey Follow-Up from UQ Today?
  5. random news
  6. Economics of THR
  7. When Tobacco control Australia brag about declining smoking rates
  8. Brisbane Addiction Counsellor Vape Survey for TGA Submission
  9. When industry-sponsored research is on the nose
  10. Hospitals, cafes and playgrounds being steamed up by e-cigarette users
  11. I'm going on radio to discuss vaping
  12. $400m payment conditioned on hostage release.
  13. Beiber/billion lives on the Herman Cain Show
  14. Some uk mostly US
  15. SMH Article on Vaping - Nicotine vaping should be legal
  16. On FDA funded paper (Clive Bates)
  17. NRT prices
  18. De-facto prohibition of cigarettes starts to bite
  19. This Came in the Mail Today.
  20. Short aussie bits ...
  21. Comments on the TGA request to change the schedule on nicotine
  22. Well that's one way around it :-)
  23. Someone tell Chapman and Daube. We've got to stop this!
  24. Save Vaping Rally - Melbourne -Tuesday 16th
  25. 7 days to go until the New Products stop flowing
  26. no news - just blogs and stuff
  27. Situation in Poland
  28. PG under fire & Google not vapings freind
  29. My Doctor want's to hand out info on Vaping
  30. BAT has been busy
  31. Should I dob myself in to QLD health for vaping with nic?
  32. Michael mosely on E Cigarettes SBS monday 8.30pm
  33. We Asked the Inventor of the E-Cigarette What He Thinks About Vape Regulations
  34. Michael Mosley: E-cigarettes, Miracle or Menace?
  35. Two aussie articles and Dora the explorer?
  36. Well here's something i didn't know!
  37. from around the web
  38. short and sweet
  39. FDA's Margarette Hamburg facing charges for racketeering
  40. news to listen to music to? (NFI what to call this thread )
  41. Abillionlives
  42. Synthetic Nicotine now a Reality
  43. Are you ANGRY? Want to send a pro vaping message this election? Sex Party for Senate.
  44. SBS: Trust Us, We Know What's Good For You
  45. A Billion Lives Doco
  46. last few days...
  47. Australian News -2 Ecig MAKERS Being Sued
  48. In the News
  49. Man vapes chili.
  50. Vaping Panic Button in Wales
  51. Vaping: Dr Michael Mosley on The One Show 19/05/16
  52. couple of articles
  53. BMJ two year vaping study
  54. News
  55. Gateway effect theories busted
  56. Lets Face It....were going to get screwed
  57. news to go with your coffee or beer ...
  58. Vince -Final update ?
  59. I dunno what to call this thread ...
  60. E-cigarettes and public health: What’s next after the FDA rule?
  61. ‘Nicotine is not a demon, vaping is much less harmful than smoking’
  62. A Billion Lives to Premiere in OZ
  63. Vape caffeine
  64. Capella FDA Regulations
  65. A small news drop
  66. Quitting smoking: E-cigarettes at centre of University of Newcastle Billie Bonevski'
  67. On World No Tobacco Day, there’s new hope for smokers if the government will allow it
  68. Subliminal messages tell us smoking is good and hard to stop? Or am i delusional?
  69. Draft: Options to minimise risks associated with the marketing & use of ENDS in Oz
  70. Can anyone translate this - French to English?
  71. Urgent Call to Action! Victorian Anti Vaping Bill
  72. Last couple of weeks.. now I have a bit more energy
  73. Info wanted on this article if someone knows
  74. Samantha Bee sends a friend to cover a 'vape convention' with hilarious results
  75. Big Tobacco and the TGA
  76. Homeland Security has questions for the FDA.
  77. BBC Horizon Special On Vaping
  78. New Laws .. any changes?
  79. Cigarette bans and laws to apply to vaping?
  80. News of the vape
  81. Go On Netflix And Request They Add A Billion Lives Documentary
  82. Prepping
  83. ABC Radio National news segment on ecig/research etc
  84. courier mail (QLD)
  85. barrel O'news
  86. It started with an email
  87. A billion lives sydney film fest
  88. Random vape magazines
  89. 2016 Federal Budget paper admits a reason other than our health for the tax hike
  90. 7 Nightly News Sydney Story (07/05/2016)
  91. What if 29 years ago, we banned cell phones?
  92. Forget about the FDA we just got shafted here as well.
  93. FDA just knobbled the US vapour market...
  94. Australia out of step. Who knew? " The conversation. Article.
  95. Another day another news dump
  96. Random news
  97. Warning to some e-liquid users
  98. Shiny new report from the UK
  99. Chapman's closed consultation policy changes on nicotine
  100. Vape Nation
  101. Vapers vs policy
  102. zens on a rant again
  103. EU commission: refills must "dock" with the device
  104. TobaccoFreeCA recent video full of lies!!!
  105. You must enter a title/ subject- news dump
  106. On a lighter note, the eGlueBag.
  107. news not much interesting
  108. Petition: French Vape by wave documentary makers
  109. compelled to post
  110. Here Here Mr Busardo!
  111. bobs n bits
  112. bits n pieces
  113. Vapeocalypse 2016 - the end is here
  114. a couple of articles
  115. news and studies ..
  116. A Billion Lives - Documentary about vaping comming to cinemas this year
  117. Some mostly light articles from mostly vape magazine
  118. vape news and stuff
  119. another link dump
  120. Difference of ecig vapor to cigarette smoke A simple experiment
  121. Blogs and stuff -
  122. Random
  123. Scientific Research on Vaping Pharmaceutical Drugs Could Kill Pain Pills
  124. mostly blogs
  125. some articles ..
  126. another news dump
  127. Proposed changes to ACT legislation
  128. Mostly news from Australia (With other bits)
  129. Judgement in WA
  130. Vaping under fire Wales and ireland and UK
  131. Tanks, Starbucks, science and other news
  132. news dump
  133. What a bunch of idiotic turkeys
  134. couple highlights on a quiet news day
  135. Tobacco black market at record levels
  136. Vaping discussed on BBC Radio Scotland 03/03/16, featuring Linda Bauld
  137. In todays news...
  138. eh some news
  139. Tobacco Industry Funded E-Cigarette Research and the Rise of Academic McCarthyism
  140. Less Formaldehyde In Vapor Than Previously Thought
  141. "Doctor" Wodaks At It Again - This Time Its Safe Pills For Everyone!
  142. Random news
  143. E-cigarettes - A brief guide for stop smoking services
  144. from earlier this month
  145. Petition Facebook to remove Vaping from the Tobacco Category
  146. "Another" E-Cig Battery "Explosion" in mans pants! Oh noes!
  147. New Stop Smoking Services UK guidance
  148. Cheeseman and Hajek on Ecigs, safety, regulation and studies.
  149. news
  150. Who are we
  151. E-cigarette usage in South Australia could be regulated
  152. People must just love scaremongering claptrap
  153. Academy Sues Over Oscars Gift Bag With Vape Pens and Vibrators
  154. A few articles
  155. From The Guardian....
  156. Internet Searches Reflect Vaping’s Surge
  157. People who vape may have weakened defenses against infections.
  158. Rip Trippers, vaping side effects and selling out big time.
  159. Lazy link dump
  160. One article, one gossip and one OT
  161. Just a nifty article : 5 Vaping Researchers Who Clearly Don’t Understand Vaping
  162. News dump Blogs and more- No aussie articles again.. :/
  163. Gold-plating the TPD
  164. A few blogs - a couple articles...
  165. Seduction of smoking
  166. vaping on the ny fashion runway
  167. Di caprio fall out and more news dump
  168. On a lighter note...
  169. In todays news...
  170. ABC 702 Nightlife Segment Colin Mendelsohn vs Renee Bittoun
  171. Dr Mendelsohn AU and a couple other articles
  172. The Week in Vaping – Sunday January 31st, 2016
  173. Leonardo decaprio & the medical news today ..
  174. A handy PG?VG graphic and a small victorian article
  175. No aussie articles or blogs - again :(
  176. A few articles and info sheets on nic and concentrate storage
  177. Latest health scare and it debunking
  178. more news links-
  179. News links
  180. For those who dont know- How simon chimpy & TB control got so powerful
  181. random links
  182. febuary legislation in south australia?
  183. Ted talks or rather TedMed callout for ideas on health talks
  184. More links
  185. NZ- Dr Marewa Glover - Disturbing conversation
  186. todays articles - so far
  187. Video-I Quit." - Tobacco vs. Vape Documentary Series Episode
  188. Link dump -
  189. 3 articles
  190. Guest Editorial Evidence vs advocacy in the e-cigarette debate: to vape or not to vap
  191. Bunch o news
  192. Seven things you only know if you vape
  193. Global Forum on Nicotine 2016 Nominations 4 Advocate of the year now open
  194. WA unpaid? job vacancy
  195. Man loses teeth, jaw wired together after e-cig explodes
  196. Another 4 articles
  197. Shenanigans in the UK!
  198. ecig intelligence free articles
  199. 4 articles
  200. Like carl phillips said - An impressive named study that says nothing :)
  201. Which countries have the most interest in vaping
  202. Dr Colin Mendehlson - An Australian plea for deregulating nicotine vaping products
  203. Misc articles again
  204. US State misled public on hazards of e-cigarettes, vaping advocacy group says
  205. Kotaku We Get It, Elf, You Vape
  206. SBS- Concerns over lolly-flavoured e-cigarettes
  207. Making the rounds and Dr Farsalinos response
  208. Brain 'Switch' To Turn Off Nicotine Cravings Identified
  209. Australia Electronic cigarettes are popular, but are they healthy?
  210. ecigclopedia some articles for newbies
  211. The Week in Vaping – Sunday January 17th, 2016
  212. Oldie but goodie - satire
  213. An interesting article on Global vaping
  214. Daily mail australia - Have we reached peak hipster? Inside the vaping bars which hav
  215. Random news cause nothing stuck out
  216. AMA again
  217. US 90% of 2,506 Doctors Think E-cigarette Advertising Should Be Restricted
  218. Is getting drunk a side effect of vaping?
  219. Do You Love Anything as Much as This Guy Loves Watching Other People Vape in Traffic?
  220. Call for peeps to sign german petition
  221. Should we care about the 10mL bottle limit in the EU TPD?
  222. Stanton Glantz also at it again
  223. Chimpy - again...
  224. By Dr Farsalinos Switching from smoking to e-cigarette use leads to improvement in bl
  225. US: Local Government Association questions value of stop smoking services
  226. NZ only - survey
  227. Vape news digest - bc am just getting it out of my system :D
  228. Irish times : Medical Matters: To vape or not to vape?
  229. study: Effect of continuous smoking reduction and abstinence on blood pressure and he
  230. Cell harm study - A retraction/ correction by the scientists
  231. This is doing the rounds -
  232. The new debate online - Is Kylie Jennervaping nic or something else?
  233. I Started Vaping And Now I Can’t Stop Getting Laid
  234. Washington Business Association Sues Pierce County, WA in Response to Unjust Regulati
  235. AUstralia - Why e-cigarettes could be holding back your plans to quit smoking
  236. Blog opinion - on medicalising vaping
  237. Ho hum explosions-
  238. Googles Aussievapers
  239. Lifehacker Australia Just named Jupiter IO 3 one of the worst Products From CES 2016
  240. GlaxoSmithKline former manager has filed a whistleblower lawsuit
  241. Wales: The great vape debate: Should e-cigs be banned in indoor public places?
  242. CDC Admits, No ‘Concrete’ Evidence E-Cigarettes Are Gateway To Smoking
  243. The factual haze over vaping
  244. US vape news - a few articles
  245. Blogs & 2 articles
  246. Study:Effect of Smoking Abstinence and Reduction in Asthmatic Smokers Switching to El
  247. Survey Wrecks Claim E-Cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Quit For Good
  248. The key fact about ecig junk science: “public health” is a dishonest discipline
  249. Is VW's latest concept named after a vape pen?
  250. FDA Could Trigger Massive E-Cig Black Market, Turn Vapers Back To Smoking