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  1. FDA Could Trigger Massive E-Cig Black Market, Turn Vapers Back To Smoking
  2. Study Evaluation of Post Cessation Weight Gain in a 1-Year Randomized Smoking Cessati
  3. Misc Articles -
  4. Absurd Brussels plans will damage British business by crushing the E-cigarette, says
  5. US Main story and rebuttal
  6. Study of VOC and Particulates from E-Cig, PREP, Conventional, and Reference Cigs
  7. US E-Cigarette Users To Politicians In 2016 Elections: I Vape, I Vote.
  8. Worried about recent media reporting on ecig safety? They are still much, MUCH safer
  9. ecig basher made me laugh
  10. So this is doing the rounds of social media atm - you wont like it - noone does
  11. CASAA ecig survey results Carl V Phillips
  12. new documentary teaser
  13. Why politicians go berserk over e-cigarettes
  14. U.S. childhood asthma rising in south, poor kids, ages 10-17 : Prevention tips
  15. US- mixed articles so I dont spam accidentally
  16. New zealand Govt urged to loosen e-cigarette rules
  17. Medical Professionals Support Vaping And Electronic Cigarettes
  18. AEMSA exists in america
  19. random 3 articles
  20. Electronic cigarettes to be given away FREE on the NHS despite concerns by Scots GPs
  21. In the US they have a vape foodies charity event
  22. A study that's favourable to vaping
  23. from June but a great vaping story
  24. Vapeola. Crayola's e-juice replica
  25. Smoking Addiction, A Vested Interest and the Tobacco Control Goal
  26. Attack on E-Cigarettes as Gateway Products Draws from Same Old Playbook
  27. Chicago To Ring In 2016 With A Tax On Vaping
  28. powerpoint presentation Trends in electronic cigarette use in England
  29. New scientist New vaping rules shouldn't drag down the whole industry
  30. Dr Danko on 2UE Drive [summer] with Luke Bona 01/01/2016
  31. Au -opinion Not quite the time to extinguish debate on E-cigs
  32. In France, the tobacco industry will break the teeth of the electronic cigarette. Th
  33. The Lords of Vapetown
  34. The risk assessment of real life
  35. The Year In E-Cigarettes: The Good, The Bad, The Reason For Optimism
  36. Advocacy, Opposition, and the Vaping Truth
  37. Governments Hate To Admit The Advantages Of Vaping
  38. List: Ban 'Problematic, Vape' 'Walk It Back,' ' Secret Sauce'
  39. Study: E-Cigarette Advertising Does Not Increase Appeal Of Tobacco To Children
  40. What’s the Difference Between Electronic Cigarettes and Vaporizers?
  41. Quitting Smoking In 2016? Here’s What We Know About Vaping
  42. e-cigs no better
  43. Video - Vape fact checking 2: current issues ENG
  44. Misc Study Estimates 400,000 Smokers Quit Thanks To E-Cigarettes In Just One Country
  45. New Zealand Anti-smoking advocate calls for further price hikes
  46. cell harm
  47. FDA vs. Vaping and other US vaping news
  48. Dr Karl on Vaping
  49. Interesting OT sorta article by a hypnotherapy group in Perth
  50. Smokers: Will You Quit Smoking In 2016? A New Year’s Resolution, An E-Cigarette Revol
  51. 'i fought the vaping law & i won'
  52. Big tobacco companies not against vaping, says global vape association founder
  53. Utter innumeracy: six impossible claims about tobacco most “public health” people bel
  54. (podcast) Tobacco Control and E-Cigarettes
  55. Five Scottish health boards review e-cigarette policy
  56. After the smoke clears: Inside vaping culture
  57. video Vaping vs Smoking | Just the facts please
  58. US Sen. Ed Markey, others call on Federal Trade Commission to investigate liquid nico
  59. Did TotallyWild UK lose its TPD appeal?
  60. carl phillips two articles
  61. Rest of the Story two stories
  62. Scottish hospital board reverses vaping ban, now welcomes e-cigs
  63. 2 blogs
  64. Chimpy desperatly nitpicking again
  65. US Vaping became cooler in 2015, but at least it looks like a fad
  66. US :"Yes I Vape," Congressman Boldly Proclaims
  67. US: GOP lawmaker: E-cigs could 'very well save my life'
  68. scotland: Lawyers call for smoking of electronic cigarettes in cars to be banned
  69. Are Hybrids the Future for Electronic Cigarettes?
  70. Rolling Stone Mag: E-Cigs' Inconvenient Truth: It's Much Safer to Vape
  71. Teens with moderate mental health problems vape e-cigarettes
  72. US Report: Teens binge drinking less, vaping more
  73. What To Look For in an Electronic Cigarette?
  74. Link dump so I dont spam accientally
  75. Us study - Aussie article
  76. Uk: Smoking cessation services will not be bound by e-cigarette advertising
  77. One Of The Biggest E-Cigarette Scare Tactics Has Just Been Debunked
  78. Think of the Children! (Reprise)
  79. The Life Cycle of a Public Health Revolution
  80. A Bright Future for the Global Ecigarette Industry
  81. Tobacco alternatives news: Products may increase chance of cigarette smoking, accordi
  82. interesting: Big Tobacco's Attempt to Cash In on the Custom Vaping Craze is a Drag
  83. random articles in one post cause am tired and lazy & its hot
  84. UK Breaking News: UK Chief Medical Officer Tried To Hinder E-Cig Evidence Review Clai
  85. us Shock Survey Result: Most Teen E-Cigarette Users Don't Vape Nicotine
  86. us FDA Wants to Know if Your Cigarette is Defective, Damaged, or Contaminated, But Do
  87. E cigs the facts
  88. A Beginners Guide To Vaping
  89. Australia Add smoking to viewer alerts, says AMA
  90. UK 'Great VIP Giveaway' to see 10,000 e-cigarettes handed out
  91. Glasgow hospital patients allowed to use e-cigarettes after change in policy
  92. Singapore bans emerging tobacco products
  93. Law 44 Québec Canada
  94. EU TPD and EU regulations
  95. Two articles from the (corporate? Libertarian camps)
  96. New e-cig study reveals crisis in journalism
  97. US: Vaping under fire (sin taxes on eliquids)
  98. Heart Surgeon Details The Benefits of E-Cigs (radio show)
  99. Norway open letter
  100. Older but good for new people to see if unsure
  101. Public Panic – Researchers Push to Skew Vaping Regulation – Reg Watch
  102. Dutch ban vaping for under 18s, say more harmful than thought
  103. 12 Top E-Cig Experts Predict The Future of Vaping in 2016
  104. This vaping video is ILLEGAL!
  105. Infographic demonstrating how our agencies fall victim to regulatory capture, OR, Th
  106. The Project Channel 10 tonight 6.30: NNA AU vapers interviewed
  107. Big Pharma aren't just targeting ecigs...
  108. Michael Siegel : New Study Shows that Anti-Vaping Groups' Misinformation is Confusin
  109. DC Comics Vs. The Vaping Industry
  110. UK: Media release Cigalike company welcomes new laws
  111. GAming video - Vape kids
  112. Diacetyl back in the news via harvard and gizmodo
  113. Steeping Your Ejuice
  114. New clues to nicotine addiction
  115. How safe are e-cigarettes? For both smokers and those around them?
  116. UK Man mistakes e-cigarette for bomb – police called and bus evacuated
  117. Is a Sub-Ohm Tank Right For You?
  118. Travelling With Your Ecigarette: Essential Information!
  119. Micheal Seigal Yet Another Tobacco Researcher Tells the Public that Smoking May Not B
  120. Dual Users: Vapers Who Still Smoke
  121. Alaska New advocacy group forms for electronic cigarettes
  122. Why You Cough When You Vape, and How to Stop It!
  123. US Business and health groups jockey to shape e-cigarette rule
  124. Coming Soon: Ron Jeremy Eliquid :p
  125. UK: E-Voke now availiable on precription
  126. Study:E-cigarettes helping smokers quit and breathe easier: New London study
  127. Meet the Women Taking Back Vaping From the Bros
  128. Opinion_ Prohibition Mindset: eCig Users, Smokers Already Dead
  129. NZ- Vaping Alliance
  130. ECITA: 2 research articles
  131. Wobbly E-cig Bandwagon Means Shaky Ride for Big Tobacco
  132. Nicotine No Worse Than Cup Of Coffee - Report
  133. Au: Health, housing and education COAG focus
  134. Another worthy cause to get behind
  135. How to make a positive into a negative -or
  136. Norbert Zillatron- Envy for the Enlightened Isles (vapers in power)
  137. canada: Opinion
  138. Opinion: the fortunes of the e-cigarette industry in 2016
  139. How to Know if You’re Going to Blow Up While Vaping
  140. ELI5 : Where does all of Vince's money go?
  141. US: Local air-quality researcher involved in e-cigarette study
  142. UK:Blanket Ban of all ECig advertising in the UK
  143. US Stanford Paper Attacking E-Cigarette Advocates Is Riddled With Factual Errors
  144. US: Exposed: World Lung Foundation’s Bogus Claim E-Cigarettes Are Gateway To Tobacco
  145. UK & US -Couple of vape mags if you are bored enough
  146. US New Poll Says Most Americans See E-Cigs As ‘Harmful
  147. British American Tobacco inks vape tie-up with Reynolds
  148. NSW vaping laws
  149. Former Smokers Who Quit Within the Past Year Are Four Times More Likely To Be Daily E
  150. vaping and weight loss
  151. Rant; 25 Years & Fairy Tales, E-cigarettes, Tobacco Control & Children!
  152. Opinion- Ouch! Vaping’s Toxic Community
  153. Women and Vaping – Are They only doing it to Save Their Looks?
  154. Response exploding batteries & nic level approxomations
  155. How Vapers Can Help Smokers Quit
  156. Study Documents that Dual Use is Not a Negative Consequence of E-Cigarette Use, But a
  157. International - Call for survey
  158. Proposed Collaboration Against BT: Common Ground Between Vapers & PH (US)
  159. US: Sin Taxes Harm Public Health, Pocketbooks
  160. US- Understanding the crusade against e-cigarettes
  161. opinion: The 3 Types of Vape Shops That Hurt Our Industry
  162. Scientists Busted for Making Bogus Claims that Ecigs are “Toxic”
  163. Study : Psychiatric comorbidity in Adolescent Electronic and Conventional Cigarette U
  164. US:- Petition drive challenges Kansas City e-cigarette restrictions
  165. A Model Company
  166. Vaping links - a link to various vaping articles
  167. UK: European Comission on the ridiculous regulations of e-cigarettes
  168. New drafts by NZ health ministry
  169. 18 E-Cig Studies Exposed As Junk Science
  170. Yale study finds state youth e-cig bans lead to increased traditional cigarette smok
  171. business E-Cigarette & Vaporizer Market to Reach USD 50 Billion by 2025 - Global Ana
  172. UK: death attibuted to ejuice
  173. Autralian womens weekly
  174. Simon Chapman is a Liar
  175. Random found articles on subject - is nicotine addictive or horrible
  176. US Did the CDC Just Save the Electronic Cigarette Industry?
  177. The Great E-Cigarette Cover-Up: Why Big Pharma And Public Health Are Lying About The
  178. US:Vaping Explosions Can Be Avoided
  179. Austraqlia E-cigarette sales run out of puff
  180. will vaping kill you
  181. US: So vaping is now part of culture & history
  182. Gizmodo Australia : Vapers can find love now :D
  183. Au Anti-Smoking Groups are Admitting that They Can't Handle the Truth and Have No Int
  184. UK Ecigarettes in the workplace: After Public Health England finds vaping 95 per cent
  185. Former Smokers Who Recently Quit More Likely To Use E-Cigs
  186. Philippines: E-cigarettes with nicotine may aid smoking cessation
  187. E-cigarette woman who tried to open transatlantic jet's door in mid-flight is detaine
  188. A Billion Lives
  189. WA Appeal
  190. US: Health group sues e-cigarette makers
  191. While peeps complain about vaping in the UK- they have this
  192. Singapore Banned e-smoking devices sold online
  193. Tomatine! Nicotine alternative that may help fight cancer!
  194. US; Chesco Health Dept Distribute quit kits to comabt vaping, smoking etc
  195. Wall Street Journal
  196. NSW Health at it again
  197. Why vaping is ruining the car scene
  198. 5 pawns
  199. Vince Van Herdeen Update
  200. From Oct but worth the read if you havent already
  201. Wales: Vaping while working from home could land you in court
  202. US The FDA may soon be able to vaporize e-cigarette products
  203. What 'would' be acceptable advertising?
  204. Labor hazy and lazy on taxing smokers
  205. The ACT government wants ideas to tackle drug abuse, smoking, e-cigarettes and alcoho
  206. AU Native tobacco plant's unique genes 'opens new world' in food and medicine researc
  207. US While Cigarette Sales Continue to Fizzle the Vape Craze is On Fire
  208. US Public Housing Nationwide May Be Subject to Smoking Ban
  209. Makes you think.
  210. Alanis Morriset has updated her 'Ironic lyrics"
  211. Do Reduced Nicotine Cigs Help?
  212. Vape magazine articles
  213. 26 Celebrities Who Vape
  214. New CDC Data: More Than 9 Million Adults Vape Regularly in the United States Read mo
  215. scotland: E-cigarette warning issued after toddler swallows liquid
  216. Labor looks to cigarette price hike
  217. US: E-cigarette regulations may increase teen smoking (and help Big Tobacco)
  218. Smoking may rise this year in US after decades-long decline
  219. The shovel au :)
  220. Harm Minimisation :)
  221. US: Into Thin Air: E-Cig Stores Struggle To Survive With 67 Percent Tax
  222. More Aussies turning to addictive behaviours
  223. Butt out! Smokers to cough up more in health fund fees, minister proposes
  224. US : This story may blow out in comming days for sensationalism
  225. James Cameron Sued For $1 Billion Over Alleged E-Cig Conspiracy With Brother
  226. Anti-smoking messages can make it harder for people to quit, research suggests
  227. SANE UK_ The Madness of Banning Smoking in Psychiatric Units
  228. You Can Now Vape With The Weeknd to His Own Music
  229. Video from last year but a little underrated me thinks
  230. USA State takes action on deceptive labeling of ‘organic’ e-cigarette liquids
  231. Queensland coroner calls for safer batteries after inquest into death of four-year-ol
  232. Miami researchers testing E-Cigarettes with a robot
  233. Can You Be Straight Edge and Vape? An Investigation
  234. Most E-Cigarette Users Are Current And Ex-Smokers, Not Newbies
  235. Your Body Immediately After Vaping an E-Cigarette
  236. Malaysia: Health Ministry starts crackdown on vaping, says will confiscate nicotine p
  237. NSW: Will this cover vape fog too?
  238. Random vape safe articles
  239. What are some things you think are bad for vaping?
  240. USA - E-cig vendors say experience matters & a study by yale
  241. USA E-cig firms steel for legal battle
  242. India Brewers offer suggestions for vape industry regulation
  243. Australia :BAT to sue on nicotine inhalers
  244. When It Comes to E-Cigarettes, U.S. Adults Have Far Less Interest Than Teens
  245. US: Faith-based shareholder groups confront e-cigarette companies
  246. Trying To Quit Smoking With E-Cigarettes Could Lead To A Drinking Problem
  247. Stop signing stupid petitions
  248. business: E-cigarettes stub out the tobacco industry’s success
  249. Smoking set to kill a third of young Chinese men. Vaping might save them
  250. Malaysia: Vape group backs Putrajaya's plan to tax vaping