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  1. a step closer to regulation
  2. Study: E-Cig Bans on Minors Lead to Higher Smoking Rates
  3. Brussels: new rule on sales for the end of 2015
  4. US:Embrace, don't ban, E-cigarettes to help prevent forest fires
  5. US Pediatricians Call for E-Cigarette Restrictions
  6. New Nicotine Alliance Australia: Engagement with Politicians
  7. Au: $300 for a pack of cigarettes: Smoking ban in NSW prisons creates thriving black
  8. What would you do?
  9. From sept 25 but worth the read (Au)
  10. Triple J radio discussion on vaping
  11. U.S. e-cig firms warned to avoid rash claims about products
  12. Keep Vaping China, Don't Listen To The World Health Organization On E-Cigarettes
  13. Is this even possiblle?
  14. South Australia - The Case For Electronic Cigarettes
  15. ACT Government flags intention to regulate e-cigarettes, bringing the territory into
  16. Repost from other thread
  17. UK How insurers are fleecing e-cigarette users
  18. Infogrtaphic A Century of Innovation: Development Of The E-Cig
  19. US $2.5 Billion Vaping Boom Draws Class Action Lawsuits
  20. US Health groups urge FDA to investigate e-cig therapeutic claims
  21. US The FTC Is Launching an E-Cig Market Study to Figure Out How Vapes Are Sold
  22. Scientists Accused Of Cooking The Books To Produce ‘Toxic’ E-Cigarette Study
  23. Asian review: John Boley: Smoke and mirrors in the debate over e-cigarettes
  24. Are Today’s Smokers Really More "Hard Core" About It?
  25. Malasya: If guys can vape, why can’t girls too?
  26. Dunno who this chick is but apparently she is a vaping vamp?
  27. When health proffessionals get screwed for a headline
  28. NY times opinion: Can E-Cigarettes Save Lives?
  29. US - Opinion: why zoning is the next big threat to America’s vape stores
  30. Vince Van Herdeen Update
  31. EU chooses corporatism on E-Cigarettes
  32. SA pubs want e-cigarettes banned in non-smoking areas
  33. Petition: FB bans Ad for A Billion Lives
  34. ECF Big Survey Results
  35. Korea: Rise of the Cigarettes : Hi-Tech Vape Pens On the Way
  36. uk: If people choose to smoke, vape or drink too much that should be up to them
  37. the TPP agreement, detrimental to vapers.
  38. STL E-cigarette, Hope for the Tobacco Industry Future
  39. US - Drunk vaping woman in deep doo doo
  40. When Simon had hair
  41. US centre right think tank - How vapers can help smokers quit
  42. Random:- Stephen Colbert not sure about vaping
  43. Is Philip Morris International Facing an Industry Civil War?
  44. The Minefield Of E-Cigarette Labeling And Promotion (US article)
  45. Diacetyl and coffee workers
  46. Old study from 2011 that made me smile (possibly NSFW)
  47. Public Health vs. EU's Tobacco Product Directive: The Battle is Joined
  48. Well - In more important vape news - :p
  49. I went to a vape conference to mock it—then the vapers changed my mind
  50. $2 million damages
  51. A billion lives
  52. Curious article vaping and masculinity
  53. The U.K. Beginning to get a Concensus on eCigarettes
  54. In Malasya
  55. Specifics on the Campaigning Goals of the NNA AU.
  56. E-Cigarettes and the Law in Australia - Article
  57. Back in the news -Chantix mum
  58. Vape wave movie
  59. ViP CTA Vaping! A Community that Helps Each Other
  60. govt "nanny state" inquiry begins
  61. Vaping Infographic
  62. You can prove anything with statistics
  63. Medium Rare Analogy
  64. Dr F references a little more evidence to the pile ( this time second hand vaping )
  65. NNA AU - Raffle for a Plethora of Flavours
  66. ITC Vapes
  67. This tweet by chippers made me smile last night
  68. NSW bans sale of e-cigarettes to people aged under 18
  69. About the TTIP and big tobbacco
  70. Just checking that people know about this
  71. Positive outlook Dr Joe
  72. Do you find yourself cringing, or amen-ing, when watching this speech?
  73. Nine News ( something positive )
  74. ASAP science mini video on Cigarettes v Vaping
  75. Legalise the sales of nicotine e-juice in Australia - Change.org petition
  76. Meanwhile in Big tobbacco land ... and Australia
  77. Support For Vaping
  78. Letter to Australian health minister Jill Hennessey regarding latest UK research
  79. UK Public Health Report
  80. Airbourne porcine incoming
  81. Maybe he should change to third gen mods?
  82. UK Royal Society for PH say 'promote ecigs over tobacco'
  83. More stupidity in South Australia?
  84. A sensible Brit doctor.
  85. Join Vapers in Power UK Political Party
  86. All about the New Nicotine Alliance, Australia, and why we set this up
  87. So this was just tweeted :p Old but still fun
  88. Call-out to all Vendors re: Association
  89. Anyone else concerned with Ni200?
  90. South Australia Government asking for submissions on Personal Vaporisers
  91. A couple of socially interesting articles regarding vaping
  92. so vapers should take up meditation instead?
  93. New Tobacco Law from July 2015 for NSW
  94. Advocacy by Supporting Businesses
  95. online gst tax
  96. Community Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives (C.A.S.F.A)
  97. At last
  98. Voters are adults and don't need a nanny state to make choices for them
  99. So it's illegal to possess nic liquid in NSW now
  100. GOP Rejects proposal to allow FDA to regulate e-cigarettes!
  101. E-cigs on Triple J's Hack
  102. 23 Suicides related to Champix in Australia
  103. Interesting little read
  104. "3 months personal supply"
  105. Comment/article in SMH online
  106. Opppps. Minion inspired E-liquids Criticized.
  107. What happened with this........????
  108. An approach to ingredient screening and toxico. risk assessment of flavours in e-liqs
  109. Are we a tobacco-oriented community?
  110. Quitline Sponsors Todds Ecig Review. Classic!
  111. Tasmania *IMPORTANT* DHSS asks for public comment about e-cigs
  112. Aus Senate Enquiry Which Includes E-cigs
  113. In todays news pharma and BT are getting together apparently :)
  114. Intresting comments on the ABC
  115. Interesting Statements
  116. Vaping/travel related updates
  117. random vape related images
  118. Random articles
  119. New online Australian Vaper forum
  120. Drama on twitter flavorwest testing
  121. Excellent speech by Attila Danko at Global Forum On Nicotine
  122. Mt.BakerVapor Changing states due to 'legislative pressure'
  123. Just heard ridiculous news about vaping on the radio!
  124. Of interest the IPA au position on vaping
  125. Smoking banned on ANU Campus - includes Electronic Cigarettes
  126. Vape Rap
  127. Speech by Peter Phelps NSW WHIP
  128. Liberal Democrat Party has my vote!!
  129. Should it be law / Would you support those who did
  130. sighhhh......
  131. NSW Greens member proves himself to be ignorant, grandstanding knob
  132. Confused over personal nicotine use and laws
  133. Petition to Legalize Nicotine Sales for Eliquid
  134. Something I found interesting on the quit site
  135. Italian court finds tax on ecigs unconstitutional - for an interesting reason
  136. Study find vaping is 95% safer than smoking.
  137. What’s Driving the War on E-Cigarettes?
  138. E-Cigarette Restrictions 'For The Children' Could Be Deadly For Adults - Forbes
  139. E-Cig research DB
  140. Umm important ecig research? ...Must read? A bit fishy IMHO
  141. Nicotine and Parkinson’s disease; implications for therapy
  142. Tar Free Indonesia
  143. Proposed NSW Legislation
  144. Cancer Council at it again ABC
  145. *shakes head .. BT counters the illegal chop chop market in Australia
  146. New passive vaping study for 2015
  147. Just interesting lung cancer vaccine in cuba
  148. General Vaping Political, Media & Science thread - Davi
  149. This made me laugh (something a little less serious than recent posts)
  150. Vape Jam UK 2015 - You tube
  151. Smoking Ban trialled in Martin Place Sydney
  152. Canadian Vaping Association present to Government re regulations VIDEO.
  153. The Epistle to the masses by Fatman!
  154. Poking the Bear.
  155. Does vaping save smokers or create new nicotine addicts- Doco style video from US
  156. Would you support a ban of....
  157. e Cig Speakeasies
  158. South Australian Govt looking at Ecig Regulations ABC 6/5/15
  159. Will Self (author) Article on Vaping
  160. The Simpsons showed Bart Simpson Vaping
  161. Michael Mosley
  162. The Nicotine Misconception
  163. SMH 4/5/15 Ecigs– new age cancer sticks or legit nicotine replacement devices?
  164. Tobacco industry is investing in e-cigarette types least likely to help smokers quit
  165. QLD man's home raided and fined $350.00 for nic possession.
  166. Know the enemy. Public Health Advocacy
  167. Lawsuit against Blu Cigs
  168. Safety evaluation and risk assessment of electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarette
  169. Counterpoint: Does the Risk of E-Cigarettes Exceed Potential Benefits? No
  170. E-cigarettes can offer hope for smokers Wednesday, 29 April 2015
  171. Our friendly Cancer Council calls for a ban on all e-cigs in Australia
  172. Why is the CDC lying about E-cigarettes?
  173. Paypal Changes its Policies on E-cigarettes (and Snus)
  174. Dr Brad Rodu - Tobacco Control is getting it wrong.
  175. Dr Farsalinos new systematir review paper released (April 2015)
  176. Prof David Nutt speaks "Unholy Smoke"
  177. @triplejmornings science podcast: Electronic cigarettes
  178. Excellent Video about vaping "Vapers"
  179. Chapman's glee
  180. E-cigarettes are smoke of choice for US schoolchildren
  181. Returning Batteries via Aus Post
  182. Mental Health & Vaping - Louise Ross via Clive Bates
  183. Research raises concerns for e-cigarette safety - Far Less likely to quit
  184. Meanwhile in Risdon Prison ...
  185. Heart Foundation Lies, exaggerates and conflates e-cigs with tobacco using children
  186. Bill Threatens Extreme Restrictions on Vapor Products
  187. The truth about Vaping - Why they want to classify E-cigs and Ejuice as "Tobacco"
  188. Heads Up.. Imaginary Friends
  189. Mean while in America
  190. Ecigs less toxic to lung cells than cigs - Dr F comments and the study
  191. ASH Wales Stats on Youth Ecig use Debunks Gateway theory April 2015
  192. BBC Article on 'California vaping'
  193. Meanwhile in France ... The electronic cigarette has finally standards to ensure the
  194. E-Cigarettes Poised to Save Medicaid Billions
  195. ANTZ logic
  196. Admitting reason for the sudden decline in smoking
  197. Our friend Gutfield again on the ridiculous Californian ANTZ ad campaign
  198. Nicotine and toxicant yield ratings of e-cig brands in New Zealand March 2015
  199. Media / Reviews
  200. Vape Shop consumers 40%+ long term success rate in quitting. Study
  201. Health minister on 774 this morning concerning ecigs
  202. Two New Studies
  203. VicHealth Tobacco Harm Reduction Forum proceedings
  204. Two new ANTZ videos!
  205. Calls to widen bans in Victoria
  206. California state government used misleading reports to increase tobacco tax revenue
  207. Vapers’ perspectives on electronic cigarette regulation in Australia - Study
  208. Flying in and out with 18650s/Singapore/Hong Kong/Customs
  209. Nicotine Posession Illegal in QLD?!?!?!....
  210. New laws in France
  211. The Australian Sex party wants to know what people think of vaping. Time to comment.
  212. Good news from our pale cousins to the north
  213. Terribly ignorant article from Rex Jory - Adelaide Advertiser
  214. NZ ecigarette aymposium - vid and follow up article
  215. If it works for a deputy prime minister?
  216. Nic ~~~~
  217. Professor Wayne Hall Calls for Ban On Cigarettes, Lifting Ban on E-cigs
  218. A cigarette that could actually save lives - Daily Telegraph 11/3/15
  219. British public health experts making Australian PH look like idiots
  220. Ecigs vs Nicotine Inhaler - Satisfaction Score & perception.
  221. Merchants of Doubt (The movie)
  222. E-cigarette Comparison to Cigarettes and Ambient Air
  223. Nicotine delivery to WA from MyFreedomSmokes arrived in QLD on 23 Feb?
  224. Hana Modz awarded US$300,000 for copyright infringement
  225. listverse article - 10 facts about vaping everyone gets wrong
  226. Adoption and ecigs common sense in the UK
  227. Nicabsorption ecig use: compares first and new-gen devices Farsalinos et al
  228. [nsfw] Fathers milk?
  229. How much damage can one Australian do to the vape scene in NZ? Motivation?
  230. what were they thinking PUFFiT-X™ smoking devices
  231. Is this what I think it is??
  232. Study says quit smoking before 45 and same health outcomes as never smokers.
  233. Healthway head steps down after perks rort
  234. Respiratory harm reversal seen in asthmatic smokers on e-cigarettes
  235. Prof Linda Bauld - There's no evidence e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking + more
  236. NSW Labor would ban 'vaping' in smoke-free zones
  237. Ex WHO Tobacco Control Head nails it - E-cigarettes save lives (snus also)
  238. E-cigarettes: methodological and ideological issues and research priorities - Etter J
  239. [SMH] Poll shows 70 per cent want e-cigarrette vaping banned in public
  240. Ontario's ecig law unconstitutional - very apt for Australia too.
  241. Watchdog Report - Gasping for Action - Diacetyl
  242. Pharma Sponsored Heart F0undation attacking us again
  243. Excellent study of vapers in US. Effectiveness, flavours & new gen devices.
  244. quite good 5min video the hosts seem very much behind vaping
  245. Heart Foundation Australia misinformation
  246. Balanced article by PulmCCM
  247. {FS} (AUS) Favourable TGA finding
  248. Baird Government to ban e-cigarette sales to children
  249. Briefing on vapour products and harm reduction: a briefing for interested policy make
  250. Please help me to respond to this propaganda