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  1. Vaping in SA
  2. Quite a balanced article on teen vaping in US The Conversation
  3. Great rant in Forbes countering most of the BS in the latest torrent of propaganda
  4. UK MP's & staff permitted to vape in Parliament buildings
  5. Totally Wicked's legal challenge of the TPD- Please vote
  6. QLD Laws
  7. NSW Health for tobacco retailers.
  8. Not even smokers should use e-cigarettes - California Public health official states
  9. Steve Forbes: "E-Cigs: A Lifesaver That Health Fascists Want To Kill"
  10. MOVE - Medical Organisations Supporting Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes
  11. Pharmacists being educated on Ecigs - Wish we had a Louise Ross in Australia
  12. Vaper Active
  13. Johnny Depp on The Project
  14. 15 times the cancer risk
  15. Clive Bates - Spreading fear and confusion with misleading formaldehyde studies
  16. Spuds talk 'vaping' on SpudBook
  17. New Scientist: Raise a toast to drugs that could replace alcohol
  18. Wasnt sure where to post this ... Oxygen in air linked to lung cancer
  19. NSW health promoting antivaping stance on Twitter
  20. The Exit door leads in - one of our very own defended against Chapman's nastiness.
  21. That VIP Ad
  22. Recent visit to the Lion City- Singapore
  23. THE MOST Dangerous Electronic Cigarette
  24. Dr Gaston Ostiguy Pulmonology Specialist & Director MUHC Stop smoking service Canada
  25. Brain Activity after Smokers Quit Predicts Chances of Relapsing
  26. Cancer Council ups pressure for ban on electronic cigarettes
  27. Should you use e-cigarettes? SMH Interview
  28. Hawaii five-0 , death by nicotine
  29. Boy 14 collapses after NRT gum overdose handed out at school
  30. Advertised on telly
  31. Same people spouting the same lies
  32. Velvet glove, Iron fist
  33. My E-Cig Scrap Book Thread
  34. The impact of flavor descriptions in nonsmoking teens and adult smokers Jan 15
  35. Health Department offers hypnotherapy, acupuncture cash to help staff quit smoking
  36. HATE - DIE CFrankDavis
  37. Forbes: E-Cigs: A Lifesaver That Health Fascists Want To Kill
  38. San Francisco Tobacco-Free #curbit disinformation campaign
  39. Polosa speaks about PG/Nic/D/AP/Heavy metals via Global forum on Nicotine.
  40. Cancer Council - Appallingly Misinformed, or Lying?
  41. Vaping Survey
  42. Greg Conley: Big Tobacco to begin pushing hard for a ban on Tanks and Ejuice bottles
  43. Nicotine - All you need to know - Roly Gate
  44. Race to deliver nicotines punch, with less risk
  45. pledge to quit on FB
  46. new trial in englands prisons
  47. Queensland - New Laws from Jan 1 2015
  48. Dependence levels in users of Ecigs, nic gums and tobacco cigs
  49. Flashmob Dela Vape - Sydney
  50. Dr Farsalinos on the temperature studies
  51. Made it through Singapore without any hassles
  52. Debunking the Gateway theory
  53. What happened to this?
  54. Clive Bates - Satanica Memo - Advice to Cigarette Makers
  55. Review of evidence finds e-cigarettes may help smokers quit
  56. more teenagers using ecigs more than cigs
  57. Qantas jet in near miss with herd of flying pigs
  58. Saudi Arabian Laws on ecigs
  59. Tobacco Control Tactics
  60. SMH article today, worth a read and comment
  61. China’s E-Cigarette Boom Lacks Oversight for Safety - The New York Times
  62. Electronic Cigarettes Fact Sheet - Science Media Centre
  63. Possible solution to some of the problems
  64. AHA sides with Vaping
  65. Call to legalise e-cigarettes - The West Australia -
  66. Ecig use rare in non smokers - New UK Gov Health Survey published 10/12/14
  67. Debate on the safety of ecigs - Hajek and Pisinger - To be continued!
  68. Propaganda war on E-Cigarettes has 10x more cancer causing than cigs.
  69. Three Melbourne unis confirm vaping works for smoking cessation and reduction
  70. Intersting article - Where Simon makes a concession!!
  71. Menthol increases nicotine addiction - New Scientist
  72. Six Tactics used by ANTZ
  73. Are e-cigarettes the new condom - Glimpses through the mist
  74. Smoking Destroys Male Y Chromosome but they do come back when you quit!
  75. Fox News shares some opinions
  76. Here's $3 million for the Plain Packs lobby to fight back against the nay-sayers
  77. New survey finds regular use of electronic cigarettes by children still rare
  78. Tender - Policy options for electronic nicotine delivery system AU Govt.
  79. Auckland Airport Policy?
  80. Understanding the evidence....smoking cessation.....Phillips-Nissen-Rodu
  81. Chappy & the Beckstar publish book on plain packaging...
  82. Lorien Jollye - Tobacco Control and Stop Smoking Services musings
  83. Why Anti Smoking groups should endorse Ecigs and Snus -Forbes - Sally Satel
  84. Only big tobacco and big pharma want ecigs regulated..
  85. Please share the hell out of that: BBC - Trust me I'm a doctor
  86. The Zone: A case of the vapours - Article in The Age today
  87. Big Drugs Nicotine War - Therapeutic Nicotine's History.
  88. E-cig/vapourizer research/study thread
  89. NSW: Opposition calls for inquiry into e-cigarettes
  90. ? Claims that banks are refusing transactions at Vape Shops in USA
  91. Petition response from the QLD Minister of Health
  92. E-Cigarettes at Work Advice to UK Employers
  93. Stop vaping right now! - contains 10 times more carcinogens that real cigs
  94. Article: Not a gateway!
  95. Victorian elections this week. Who are you voting for?
  96. Qld to restrict sale of e-cigarettes
  97. old to treat e cigs like normal cigs
  98. Now I am pissed off....
  99. BBC - E-cigarette 'lure' fears might be unfounded (finally)
  100. Get Nicotine free from Woolies - Mint flavour - woo hoo
  101. chinese-electronic-cigarettes-have-malware-planted-in-the-charger
  102. ACT public discussion on e-cigs reg. - have your say
  103. Vape Life Documentary - Episode 1 Smoking and Tobacco Addiction
  104. could your computer catch a virus
  105. German Supreme Court - Eliquids and Ecigs NOT Medicines or Medical Devices
  106. German Court: E-Cigarette Liquids Not Medicines
  107. Countires Where E-cigs Are Banned
  108. Time magazine cautiously positive article on ecigs
  109. Current status on Australian BANNING of e-cigs?
  110. E-cigarettes significantly reduce tobacco cravings
  111. Vape is Oxford dictionary word of the year
  112. Refreshingly rational debate of e-cigs in Scottish Parliament
  113. Another Quit or Die Article - The Conversation
  114. E-cigarettes - disruptive innovation & public health potential Prof Gerry Stimson
  115. Article E-cigarettes shown to help curb tobacco use
  116. The Word of the Year is...'Vape'
  117. https://au.news.yahoo.com/vic/video/watch/25519801/push-for-ban-on-e-cigarettes/
  118. NSW bans smoking in National Parks - does anybody know if this affects Vaping
  119. Radio National Today on Diacetyl in Ecig Flavourings
  120. Lung Cancer in non smoking Women still stained by Stigma.
  121. Smoking by teens falls, ecig use increases - CDC report
  122. Eggplants contain Nicotine - an Ecig ad with a difference posted by Farsalinos
  123. The Nicotine Fix - Cigarette History - A new strategy to quit once and for all?
  124. Al Jazeera Newhour (on now) e cig
  125. Facebook Today - Seven News and Channel 9
  126. The media is at it again!!
  127. Vaping related discussion on 3AW after 5pm
  128. No. 1 research priority
  129. Huzzah for CASAA!
  130. A List,,,interesting,
  131. Comic
  132. K Farsalinos' scathing critique of UCSF's Dr Stan Glantz's unethical behaviour
  133. New Scientist: First 'smoking' TV ad for half a century a bad move
  134. E-Cigs uni of London study.
  135. Policy and Relations.
  136. ACT Government Discussion Paper
  137. A constant ad on my Facebook - I wondered what it was about.....
  138. QLD: Personal vaporisers should not be regulated under the Tobacco Act
  139. Ecig use see CUTS in fires and deaths in comparison to smoking
  140. A Canadian Noob's excellent blog....
  141. Daily useage of ecigs for 1 month or more strongly connected with quitting smoking
  142. Research finds absence of toxins in e-cigarette vapour.
  143. Asthma Australia - The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  144. Is everything we know about nicotine wrong?
  145. Reply to query from NSW Government Health
  146. Small study on 2nd gen ecigs published 29/10/14
  147. Study: Trends in e-cigarette (use) in regulatory environments of Australia and the UK
  148. E-Cigarette Summit 13/11/2014 - All the big names will be there
  149. Judge rules top anti-vaping experts tainted by big pharma $$, FDA committee disbanded
  150. A Longitudinal Study of Electronic Cigarette Use in a Population-Published 30/9/14
  151. New Scientist Article Smoke Without Fire 30 Oct 2014
  152. Trust me, I'm a Doctor- BBC 29/10/14
  153. Heading to Singapore in December.
  154. @ Oct 2014 Federal Government position on ecigs/pv's
  155. Expressions of Interest - United Vapers of Australia
  156. A ton of open access peer reviewed studies on E-Cigs. (Dont shoot the messenger)
  157. QLDer's 5 days to sign this petition.
  158. A Cop came to my place. All in all an interesting morning.
  159. How important is ecig marketing to Consumers?
  160. Dr. Farsalinos needs our help
  161. A question of integrity!
  162. **Important**WHO FCTC meeting October 2014
  163. A must read article from RMIT about e-cigs in Australia
  164. A CNN article Don't let Big Tobacco crush e-cigarettes
  165. SBS Online Article ( From The Atlantic)
  166. Poster at an American Uni
  167. Very positive study on e-cigs and cessation
  168. A worried vaper.
  169. FCA on WHO
  170. A sign of things to come (Maybe in Australia?)
  171. Interview with Vince van Heerden on Click Bang
  172. VAPE News Magazine
  173. ASH UK - Vaping increases, smoking declines
  174. NT health minister wants some "research"
  175. Tiger Airways passenger arrested for vaping
  176. First step in EU Tobacco Product Directive court challenge Successful
  177. Anti-vaping Public Healthers almost kills a toddler through reckless advocacy
  178. Just saw this, vaping on Superwog
  179. How Ebola spread out of control
  180. Big T Vid !
  181. An Open Letter to people who vape indoors
  182. In the local rag today
  183. S.M.H. article from 04/10/14
  184. Don't be an ashhole advertisement [NSFW]
  185. 7:30 on ABC
  186. Nicotine, the new wonder drug?
  187. 2nite on ABC 7.30 report : Chapman on BAT's attempt to get into the vape game in Aus
  188. Senator Leyonhjelm mentions e-cigarettes in Parliament
  189. 04-06-14 Liquid nicotine and personal importation - dept of health
  190. New Quit ads on TV.
  191. Memo to public health grandees: vaping, vapers and you
  192. petition with qld gov against the new laws making pv's subject to smoking laws
  193. And now the duplicity begins !
  194. Are e-Cigarettes Legal in Australia - Ellie Divola
  195. Why clinical trials are a bad study method for tobacco harm reduction
  196. Major Downfall for E-cigarettes as Scientists discover Danger to Window Lickers
  197. A ripple against the tide .... NYC's e-cig ban linked to climbing tobacco uptakes
  198. Four Corners ABC Monday
  199. BIG NEWS: 2nd & 3rd Generation Ecigs surpass Cigalike Sales
  200. Legal Advisory on proposed new laws regarding vaping in Qld
  201. Dangerous new fad sweeping schools - channel nine news
  202. Friend fined in QLD for having ejuice with Nicotine and mod confiscated
  203. Scientific research on health implications of e-cigarettes/vaping thread
  204. Jamaica lifts ban on e-cigs
  205. big tobacco trying to ban refillable vape gear
  206. Regulation - Advocacy - Activism
  207. Latest FB "poll" Menshealth - still crowing the gateway theory
  208. Won't somebody think of the pets?
  209. QLD leads the way...
  210. Good Old BBC news thread
  211. Australian Vapers Association - all you need to know..Version 2
  212. BBC News Article 04 Sept 2014
  213. Claims that E-Cigs are a Gateway to Cocaine is Junk Science
  214. And the prize of the more useless e-cig research goes to...
  215. Scientists Find the Same Ecig “Toxins” In Regular Human Breath
  216. Hoax or not?
  217. Is it legal to sell vape systems in Victoria?
  218. Give WHO Tobacco Free Initiative facebook page a 1 Star Rating
  219. Give WHO Tobacco Free Initiative facebook page a 1 Star Rating
  220. ABC: The Roast 28th August 2014
  221. RJ Reynolds wants 2nd and 3rd generation ecigs banned
  222. I'm a bit excited - Cancer Research UK & ASH Optimistic
  223. Will Aussie vendors lose the word doubler the same as we lost Ugg boot?
  224. Some reactions to WHO announcement this week
  225. The Conversation - should Australia lift its ban on e-cigarettes?
  226. Vaping on Triple J Hack - Now
  227. Channel 10 News Story
  228. Let's play the Simon Chapman Drinking Game (Hack - JJJ 27/8 5pm)
  229. ABC24 Interview LIVE now
  230. ecig vid in the fairfax press today
  231. Electronic nicotine delivery systems Report by WHO
  232. American Heart Association gives limited approval for ecigs
  233. Nicotine, The Wonder Drug?
  234. EPA & FDA: PG Vapor Harmless to Children?
  235. Vaping Australia Website & Facebook Group
  236. Chapman MJA interview podcast
  237. ABC Health and Wellbeing: Why the jury is still out on e-cigarettes
  238. Public health officials inadvertently bolstering tobacco market - Canadian article
  239. E-cigarette industry booming in Saskatchewan, Canada
  240. Glans debunked....again
  241. CASAA 53page statement to the FDA
  242. Penny Egan spreading FUD in the Tasmanian Media
  243. BBC News Electronic cigarettes vs smoking: How do they compare?
  244. UK man dies after e-cigarette explodes
  245. Articles in Addiction journal
  246. Melbourne Herald Sun 1st August 2014
  247. Lancet: Should Australia reconsider its ban on the sale of electronic nicotine ...
  248. bring vaping device into australia
  249. Electronic cigarettes Study Abstract - Addiction Journal
  250. ABC Fact Check E Cigs