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  1. A great story...
  2. Queensland health department - latest public information
  3. Great new article on safety information for new vapers
  4. More anti vaping information?
  5. In regards to the current talk about regulation and legislation
  6. Should nicotine e-liquid be taxed in Australia?
  7. Study Reveals Health Risks of E-cigs
  8. Story in The Guardian today
  9. French Movie Maker, Jan Kounen, Needs Vapers Help! Check it out
  10. Price of cig's global interacive map.
  11. Nice article in the Financial Review
  12. Electronic cigarettes: What we know so far
  13. 16th on ABC
  14. Australia donates $240,000 to help WHO fight against e-cigarettes
  15. What are your thoughts on this Quit Victoria article?
  16. Dr Karl examines the dangers of roll your own compared to tailor made cigarettes
  17. Traveling to Japan in September, will Sony VTC5 (unprotected batteries) be a problem?
  18. Survey Shows Adults Who Use E-Cigs To Quit Smoking Prefer Juvenile Flavors
  19. Australia Vacation and e-Juice containing nicotine
  20. Global Forum on Nicotine, Warsaw 2014 Open Forum for Consumers
  21. aticle on abc news now about smoking and ecig
  22. Chapman hails self hero for finding "cancer vaccine"
  23. Lateline: ecigs - Meeting at VicHealth
  24. MUST SEE video - Peter Hajek on Electronic cigarettes
  25. Quit dot org 5 things
  26. Is it currently safe to buy overseas e-liquid for Queensland?
  27. My Uni has banned Vaping
  28. Dont Vape. Quit for Good.
  29. Expert report recommends reclassification of nicotine solutions under CLP (Regulation
  30. Man selling e-cigs busted in Queensland university
  31. The Conversation - Is big tobacco abandoning smokes for e-cigarettes?
  32. E-Cigarette Information Sheet (AASCP March 2014)
  33. Predicting the black market in*e-cigarettes
  34. Will E-Cigs be banned in the distant future?
  35. A sane BBC radio program on e-cigs
  36. Pro-ecig scientists write 2nd Letter to WHO
  37. Can i order vaporizer parts into Western Australia?
  38. Petition to help welsh vapers
  39. 7.30 Report on the safety of vaping tonight 26/7/14.
  40. "How safe are electronic cigaretes?" ABC 7:30 Report - tonight, 26/6/2014
  41. QLD and interstate flights
  42. E-Cigarette Marketing Under fire
  43. we the people (of AVF) need a voice
  44. Harvard Study: E-Cigarettes Not 'Gateway' to Smoking
  45. E-cigs under fire - Health chief warns of toxin risk (mx newspaper article)
  46. RIP Mark Jones of VTTV
  47. World's First E-Joint...
  48. The WHO is attempting to censor websites publishing leaked documents
  49. Medical Journal Australia - Battlelines on role of e-cigs
  50. Just on 4BC Brisbane....e-cigs illegal in QLD?
  51. E-cig seller to appeal landmark decision
  52. Polycarbonate plastic and vaping.
  53. New Lung Foundation brochure
  54. New European report: "E-cig users are young, heavy smokers trying to quit"
  55. Outrage!
  56. WHO urged to act on booming e-cigarette sales as study finds market growing at 10 bra
  57. New York complete ban on e-liquids (but not prefilled cartos) passed in the senate
  58. WA Vapeing
  59. Tonight on the Feed SBS2 - Should e-ciggs be treated exactly like real cigarettes
  60. Doctors urge WHO to rein in e-cigarettes market
  61. Big Tobacco funded Health Services Union nominee
  62. An interesting read/post that someone put up on a facebook group im in
  63. Article in The Atlantic
  64. Daily Mail article
  65. Ultrafine particles and CVD - Farsalinos vs Glantz
  66. Can we not burn bridges with Coral Gartner please?
  67. West Australian Newspaper : Vapers "funny cult group"
  68. Smokers '60% more likely to quit using e-cigarettes' in the International Express
  69. E-lites get bought out by Japan Tobacco
  70. Vape Wave - Tawak Pictures production
  71. Glantz gets ripped to pieces
  72. Zealots put heat on e-smokers
  73. New media update from the TGA
  74. ABC Radio National Law Report 10/6/14: "E-Cigarettes: Should we inhale?"
  75. could there be some idears for us
  76. Vaping in Thailand
  77. slowly slowly.... another health service backs E-cigs
  78. How ecig are killing nrt in Europe...
  79. My hero
  80. Arguing about e-cigarettes – a Q&A
  81. World embraces e-cigarettes except Australia
  82. Brace yourself my Brother's & Sister's in Vaping
  83. More Perth 720 ABC propaganda
  84. Opinion piece on the activities of the WHO
  85. Dr Farsalinos - anti vaping activists are being successful in demonising ecigs
  86. Worth a look.. and a comment!
  87. Bmag 03-06-14 'World embraces e-cigarettes except Australia – why?'
  88. E-cig discussion on Perth ABC 720 this morning.
  89. Nicabate Pledge to Quit on FB
  90. Think the TGA is government funded and makes impartial decisions??
  91. do you vape smoke or both?
  92. Poll if possible please
  93. World No Tobacco Day 2014: Different ways to quit smoking
  94. OMG,I was just on SBS News
  95. The 20mg/mL nicotine threshold makes e-cigs a nonviable alternative for heavy smokers
  96. The Economist Article - some positive media
  97. NJOY and BluCig join B.A.T - move towards 2nd Gen market
  98. World Health Organization's war on E-cigarettes may lead to fewer smokers
  99. Traditional e-cigarettes lose steam to vaporisers
  100. Top scientists warn WHO not to stub out e-cigarettes
  101. Simon Chapman says vapers continue to smoke
  102. Vision
  103. Article: Poisonings from E-Cigarettes and Synthetic Pot Are Surging
  104. More good stuff
  105. Public Health England goes positive on e-cigarettes
  106. Interesting article
  107. I will never smoke again. (Unless my government makes me.)
  108. just under 200,000 views
  109. PV's on perscription in the UK? Good or bad??
  110. The Impact of Vaping On Individuals And Society
  111. Kindness of Strangers
  112. How Sad? Journal Article Needs to Remind Tobacco Control Researchers to Be Honest
  113. Nice article in Engadget
  114. How stupid is this? And it was published 22-05-2014
  115. When Science Takes a Back Seat
  116. Detroit News - A straight to the point editorial
  117. Regulation in Australia - are we doomed?
  118. Holy Crap! A positive Australian TV News Story! Prime 7 news last night
  119. At what point do health authorities become culpable for supressing e-cigarettes?
  120. E-cigarettes boost drug-resistant bacteria!!! OMG! Flee!
  121. NHS to prescribe e-cigarettes for smoking cessation in UK?
  122. 3AW this morning
  123. Business Insider: Two articles opposing each other
  124. Zippo sues Blu Cig
  125. Bit of good news here?? E-cigarette use for quitting smoking is associated with impr
  126. Illvapes is being sued by Hana Modz
  127. What Public Transport Victoria says about e-cigarettes...
  128. Article from BBC health
  129. Public Health England- E Cigarettes Report May 2014
  130. The latest from FOX News
  131. The-fda-says-e-cigarettes-are-less-harmful-than-smoking
  132. Harm Reduction was once a Goal
  133. National Assemby for Wales ecig debate
  134. You think vapers have it bad.
  135. "no justification" for ban of Ecigs in Public
  136. 33% of ecigarette users have quit smoking completely
  137. TGA notice re importing of nic dated 7/5/14
  138. National Heart Foundation joins forces with Cancer Council
  139. Here we Go Again..
  140. is this the beginning of the end
  141. The truth on e-cigarettes and the law in Australia
  142. Scientific paper on lethality of nicotine
  143. Person from an Australian State Government conducts an AMA on Reddit
  144. Interesting info on Customs website
  145. Australian Vapers Association (AVA) Update, Web Guru and Social media adviser wanted
  146. What body regulates mobile phones and other small battery operated devices?
  147. Two Guardian e-cig articles in one day!
  148. huge ecig article in the guardian today...
  149. Anyone up early this am listening to Red Simons on ABC?
  150. WA's sales ban on ABC news
  151. Fascinating read - ecigarette-politics.com - What Are E-Cigarettes ?
  152. Lung cancer: still the leading cancer killer
  153. Western Australian population health forum
  154. Blog post: A Non-Smoker’s Perspective on Electronic Cigarettes
  155. Peer Reviewed Study Finally Published Confirming Relative Chemical Safety of Vaping
  156. Greg Gutfeld about e-cigs
  157. Vaper Scene joined via Skype by Vince van Heerden - Video
  158. Report from BBC news - are e-cigs safe?
  159. Read and Weep - Your Laws - State by State
  160. Meanwhile, in less hysterical places
  161. Vapemeet - Sydney - From 6pm Saturday 3rd May, central location.
  162. So is WA going to ban electronic shisha, hookah, hookah bars or similar too?
  163. Legislation in qld?
  164. It's here - SMH - Electronic cigarettes: the truth behind the smoke and mirrors
  165. Vapers Need to Stand Strong Against the Nay-Sayers
  167. FDA proposes to extend its tobacco authority to e-cigarettes
  168. Considering other States
  169. If importing Nic & equipment becomes illegal,....
  170. Sydney Morning Herald - 27 April 2014
  171. USA FDA announces deeming regulation today
  172. Can I bring my e cigs to Brisbane, Australia?
  173. Are these illegal now ?
  174. Dr Farsalino's 19,000 Vaper Paper Published
  175. business insider article on industry standards
  176. Can Western Australians still buy PVs?
  177. National Sporting Body being proactive
  178. Vince and inertiacreeping on Triple J Hack tonight
  179. Radio Interview
  180. Jeff Stier and the FDA. Vapers need to stand up.
  181. A sad indictment on our community.
  182. Vaping: The battle for acceptance is rising
  183. They want to make Vaping illegal but the FDA approves this!
  184. Seems C.C. Qld has similar attitude to C.C.W.A.
  185. Flying out of Australia
  186. French find 1% of population using e-cigs
  187. Air Canada let man 'vape' e-cigarette on board, says passenger
  188. The E-Cig Market Is Still Smokin'
  189. NSW SMH 'E-cigarettes' case goes up in smoke ... ' FYI
  190. Cancer Council NSW - thumbs up research
  192. New Yorker video
  193. ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS (March 20th 2014)
  194. just found this
  195. Vaping's survival as it stands. It is a long read but please take a little time
  196. WHO plans e-cigarette offensive
  197. Tobacco Harm Reduction Approaches to Smoking
  198. Positive article / blog on PG
  199. Public health leadership and electronic cigarette users
  200. Do we have a representative group for vapers /vendors or not?
  201. Heavenly Vapours SUPPORT thread, post your messages of support for the appeal here
  202. I will never smoke again. (Unless my government makes me) - Good read
  203. Update Thread for HeavenlyVapours Appeal
  204. 6PR interview from 2014-04-15
  205. Anyone want to help setup a global survey ?
  206. NSW shop setup by WA Cancer Council to sell ecigarette after WA Supreme Court Ruling
  207. Petition to WA Health Minister to change the PV law
  208. more negative press - la times
  209. Possible 882 6PR discussion on PVs today from 3pm AWST
  210. Studio 10 - Ecig news about WA bans
  211. Nightlife with Tony Delroy ABC talking about ecigs tonight 14/4/14
  212. e cig advertisement on mainstream FM radio
  213. Electronic Cigarettes are Helping to Accelerate Smoking Cessation, Not Hinder It
  214. ASH UK ( action on smoking and health) e-cigarettes
  215. bad news for e cig smokers
  216. Smokers die after taking Zyban cure
  217. HeavenlyVapours Court Loss Results In Total Ban of All E-Cig Model Sales In WA
  218. Bad News: E-Cigs Alter Cells A Lot Like Tobacco Does
  219. Just popped up on the old twit feed
  220. First global forum on nicotine warsaw poland 27-28 june
  221. e-cigarette explodes and sets fire to barmaid
  222. Oh, the irony of it!
  223. CDC Graph Is Scaring People About E-Cigs
  224. email from Doug Fraser RE: PV Survey results
  225. American Council on Science and Health Site (Pro Ecig articles)
  226. NewYork Senator Introduces a prohibition on ALL e-liquid sales
  227. Status from the smokers rights party
  228. Two years down the track and still the same BS
  229. More People Poisoned By Toothpaste than E-Liquid
  230. FDA chief says proposed ruling coming "very soon"
  231. E-cigs shown to be 20x less worse than Tobacco cigarettes
  232. Apollo E-Cigs Launches 1 Million Free E-Liquid Bottle Giveaway
  233. PM to close Vic cig plant... Chappy comment
  234. Vaping and the loss of tobacco taxes in the EU
  235. Thats Australian justice for you.....
  236. I was slapped on the wrist for daring to mention this group on facebook....
  237. BREAKING NEWS:vendor puts foot in mouth attempting april fools !
  238. The dirty dozen opponents of freedom
  239. Womans Day think e-cigarette story not juicy enough!
  240. Nationals open to tobacco donations
  241. Message to the Tasmanian Cancer Council
  242. "Nicotine and Health" The peer-reviewed paper that everyone should read.
  243. Huffingtonponst liquid......
  244. Redheadfullofsteam Post: Simeon Chapmen - Big Fat Liar of the week
  245. smokers-rights-group-sues-nyc-over-e-cig-ban
  246. My email and response to state parliament.
  247. Selling a Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes
  248. News site
  249. Loose Ejuice & Refillables selling twice as fast as Overall Market
  250. This is not going to help our case if true??