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  1. Loose Ejuice & Refillables selling twice as fast as Overall Market
  2. This is not going to help our case if true??
  3. Le Whaf..... inhale food and drinks. Does that sound familiar to anyone.....
  4. Pharmacy chat
  5. dekang to attend world tobacco trade fair in dubai
  6. Ireland should lead the e-cigarette way
  7. Department of Health Phone Survey
  8. acquiring documents on Nicotine sales in Australia
  9. kids vaping
  10. American Lung Association EXPOSED
  11. Where is the party
  12. Oh Oh! Cat among the pigeons?
  13. European Public Health Alliance were aksed to lobby against e-cigs
  14. Taxing Ecigs is Ethically Repugnant
  15. Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes
  16. Exclusive ECF Interview: Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos
  17. Simeon Chaparone on e-cigarettes: the best and the worst case scenarios of e-cigs
  18. ECF interview with Dr Farsalinos - Well worth a read
  19. "Have you reduced the nic in your liquid yet?"
  20. British E-cigarette Brand Launches Vapourless E-liquid to Address Vaping Bans
  21. unknown science of e-cigarettes
  22. Univeristy Of QLD - Vaper Survey
  23. The Anti-E-Cigarette Conspiracy
  24. Stop Smoking Service in UK now e-cig friendly
  25. "E-cigarette a likely gateway to smoking, report finds" SMH 07-03-2014
  26. VP Live radio show about the new EU regulations
  27. Scientists Find the Same Ecig “Toxins” In Regular Human Breath
  28. Call for ban on e-cigarettes in public places
  29. Cigalike Patent Wars: Imperial Tobacco Group Sues NJOY, Blu & Others
  30. Banning mid-range nicotine liquid volumes
  31. Slimming e-cigs - what next?
  32. Walmart Rolling Out Vapor Products
  33. IMPROOF Karen Lee
  34. Hawaii Anti Vaping
  35. Detrimental effects of e-cigarettes on surgical outcomes
  36. New Scientist - Why is the moral panic over e-cigarettes intensifying?
  37. Vaping the new smoking of the 21st Century
  38. Think of the children?
  39. Important Message from UK Vapers
  40. EU meeting with ECITA and TVECA Minutes
  41. Liberal Party has 'no stance' on ENDS
  42. A facebook rant calling US pollies stupid for trying to ban ecigs.
  43. Precautionary Principle applies to Policies as well
  44. Plain packaging making "no impact"
  45. Facebook 'Ecig' groups advertising
  46. Channel 10 right now!
  47. Want to locate that graphic of Nicorette Inhaler vs E-liquid contents
  48. Tweeted by Chapman lol
  49. FDA stance on the long term use of nicotine relaxing
  50. Supporting patients to be smokefree ( Victoria)
  51. Rebuilding your Atty in Europe to be banned
  52. Vapin' on Fox News
  53. Brilliant nicotine user letters to officials
  54. Why volume Limits are Stupid
  55. NewScientist Article: Europe's law on e-cigarettes sets global benchmark
  56. Testamonials Needed for Article in Fraser Coast Chronicle
  57. Lobbyists Amp Up Efforts To Sell Washington On E-Cigarettes
  58. Morning upsetting news - EU Tough Rules on E Cig
  59. Nicotine absorption : comparison between first and new-generation devices
  60. FB Users, Join the Thunderclap - 1,000,000 Likes Required
  61. Vape life: welcome to the weird world of e-cig evangelists
  62. Press release: 105,000 Smokers Will Be Killed Every Year By TPD Ban On E-Cigarettes
  63. Vic Election 29th Nov 2014-Promote Vaping Awareness to Candidates?
  64. Nicotine banned!
  65. Cologne Court allows e-cigarette in restaurants
  66. Fox news some e-cig stuff positive
  67. Brilliant letter by Clive Bates
  68. Adult Vaginas Attract Children?
  69. Use of Nicotine in an e-cig is illegal in Victoria apparently...
  70. Hervey Bay authorities cracking down on illegal e-cigarettes
  71. Ecigs: the current issue in the EU is the new TPD.
  72. omfg is so stupid
  73. How intelligent is Nicotine?
  74. Smokefree.com refused to publish but FOIA application reveals the truth.
  75. Have a read of this if you want a laugh and spam the hell out of it if you want to
  76. E-cig vapour vs human breath
  77. blah
  78. Vaping holes - diabolical gay cigarettes
  79. NJOY doing the right thing despite Government's war on Ecigarettes?
  80. Gotta love Dr Gilbert Ross - The Daily Caller
  81. Vaping = Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR)....Or Not?
  82. Washington Post article supporting vaping.
  83. TVECA Does it Again!
  84. woman smoking??
  85. The Marlboro Man is going electronic - The Wall Street Journal
  86. Interview/information session with Robert Cavallucci (MP for Brisbane Central)
  87. Smoking increases chances of child being gay in adulthood
  88. Put Cancer in E-Cigs
  89. puppy dies
  90. WEB MD Advice on E Cigarettes - Separating Fiction from Fact
  91. Big Tobacco (BAT) Vype e cigarette advertising launch
  92. Tobacco Truth - Putting ecig poisonings into perspective
  93. Give Your Face to Vaping
  94. are party donations more important than the health of the population?
  95. How An EU Ecig Ban Could Send One Million People Back To Smoking
  96. Electronic Cigarette advance tobacco back
  97. BAT Tweaks a Term to Promote E-Cigarettes on TV
  98. And the TPD dissolves into an incoherent fiasco
  99. Meet The 5 Academics That Will Save Half a Million American Lives a Year
  100. Big Pharma and little e-cigarettes
  101. Public Submission by Australian Tobacco Alternatives Consumer Association
  102. two small silly questions...
  103. Big Tobacco's power is working in Ohio - For the benefit of Vapers?
  104. Meet 5 Academics - Etter, Farsalinos, Goniewicz, Nutt & Polosa - Saving Lives
  105. Democrats: Stop the war on vaping!
  106. Interesting article from the Washington Post
  107. Nicotine Yield Study - Innokin, Kanger, Joytech/Ego/Eroll devices
  108. Media poitivity about e cig
  109. What about India's children - Big Pharma Nicotine Gum the new high
  110. my go to website when non vapers get lippy
  111. "How e-cigarettes could save lives" Psychiatrist specialising in Addiction writes
  112. Should we agree on a "standard" concentration?
  113. Mainstream UK Pharmacies start selling e-cigs
  114. US Democratic leaders urge for ecigs to be included in MSA
  115. Redheadfullofsteam on indefatigable ANTZ.
  116. Vaping at the White House
  117. Intellicig and Australian Universities?
  118. ASH UK silence Tobacco Tacticss on Twitter
  119. Ecigs in Tasmania ( recent news)
  120. Most Recent Data from UK Points to Substantial Public Health Benefits of Electronic C
  121. Clive Bates – Great guest post from a Health Professional!
  122. Authorities warn on dangers of e-cigarettes
  123. Will a Nicotine Patch Make You Smarter? (Scientific American)
  124. 40,625 smokers switching to vaping per month in UK
  125. Letter from the manager of a quit smoking service in the UK
  126. Sin Taxes Should at Least Reflect Risk
  127. Another exploder
  128. First global forum on nicotine
  129. Is a Glaxo acquisition of NJOY in the works?
  130. CALL FOR HELP: New Australian study needs vape friendly doctor in Brisbane
  131. Nicotine Poison Re-Scheduling Goals?
  132. Did anyone else receive this?
  133. Demonizing E-Cigarettes Is Not Evidence-based
  134. New research on e-cigs and cessation
  135. Why It's Called An 'E-Cigarette' And 'E-Smoking'
  136. E-Cigarettes: A $1.5 Billion Industry Braces for FDA Regulation
  137. How to deal with smokers ... A flow chart for the self rightious.
  138. The Conversation, What do we know about e-cigarettes.
  139. Gutfeld: The stupidity of banning e-cigarettes (video)
  140. Australian political donations: Who gave how much?
  141. Coral Gartner's comments concerning Raised Public Health Concerns
  142. BBC Radio interveiw with Professor David Nutt. Quite positive.
  143. Your morning ecig news ;)
  144. 2014 UK National Smoking Cessation Conference
  145. Europe Is All Confused About What E-Cigs Actually Are
  146. Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are prohibited in Victoria
  147. Why are ecigs included in the TPD
  148. Half of donor lungs come from smokers:
  149. Blowing smoke over ecig ad
  150. E-cigarettes under fire by critics, Team 10 tests the vapor
  151. Aussie ANTZ want to vaccinate our children against nicotine
  152. Ombudsman says rogue process beyond her brief – I say ‘look again’
  153. UK Health Minister is "anxious" about or devices
  154. We do know what's in them.
  155. Your thoughts on Australian legislation?
  156. Don't give up your day job, Chappy !
  157. Nicotine and Depression
  158. Brilliant article nicotine and health achs dr laugesen
  159. tennessee heading in the right direction ... more to follow?
  160. Researchers (not the Gartner group) Queensland comment on e-cigarettes
  161. The Ultimate List of E-Cig Studies: Are E-Cigs Actually Safe?
  162. Third-hand Smoke Shown to Cause Health Problems
  163. Marlboro maker Altria 4Q profit falls
  164. Letter from the publisher of Silicon Chip
  165. Just found this
  166. ASH UK lies to censor criticism: bogus legal claim against critic
  167. Chapman's hate list.....we got a mention
  168. New Study of Passive Vaping Shows No Evidence of a Significant Public Health Hazard
  169. Electronic cigarette blamed for South Perth apartment block fire - ABC News - Perth
  170. The Longest Positive Blog about Vaping
  171. Glasgow 2014: E-cigarettes banned from all venues
  172. E-cigarettes: helping smokers quit or glamorising a dangerous habit?
  173. The MHRA Is Back-pedalling
  174. UK government to ban e-cigarettes for under 18s
  175. Hopefully not a repost
  176. Nanny McKee wants to ban ecigs
  177. Jane Brody turns up the NYT’s lies about THR, e-cigarettes, etc.
  178. Smokers, vapers, you're all dogs now
  179. The Effects of Nicotine on Human Health - 2nd Jan 2014
  180. Big U.S. Cities Foment Baseless, Superstitious Fear Of Electronic Cigarettes
  181. The Slippery Slope
  182. Qatar is not happy.
  183. Doctor posing as health expert exposed as Pharma shill
  184. Why aren’t there more e-Cigarette Studies? The Surprising Truth
  185. Vapers protest in Milan
  186. Nicorette ad celebrates the glamour of smoking
  187. At a recent tobacco industry meeting...
  188. Anti-smoking group files complaint against doctor who says nicotine isn't addictive
  189. In an ideal world...
  190. An uncomfortable subject
  191. Why the scared people are scared
  192. The “We just don’t know” Bullsh!t
  193. wow - ecigs in amercian jails
  194. Smoking out the Facts on Electronic Cigarettes
  195. Channel 7 News - World Health Org Ecigarette Warning
  196. I see Scared People : Clive Bates reponse to Dual Use
  197. ITV Tonight E-Cigarettes
  198. E-Cigarette Flavours 'Are Very Important for Quitting Smoking' - Dr. Farsalino
  199. The vaping wino
  200. Some Canadian ANTZ changing their tune.
  201. 101 Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes | Research objectives and methodology
  202. meth found in an e-cigarette
  203. Smoking & E cigarette statistics from the UK
  204. Ban on Nic loaded ecigs - National Post Canada
  205. Hollywood fad, or tobacco habits vapourised? The rise of e-cigarettes: Crikey
  206. crikey article
  207. Quit Victoria - Success Stories from real life....
  208. The Numbers Game Of Blowing Smoke!
  209. E-Cig Trade Association TVECA Supports New EU rules
  210. Caffeine Strips. What The...
  211. nictine levels up in US smokes
  212. Queensland University has started its research into the Vapes
  213. University of Queensland - Ecig research survey
  214. E-Cigarette Flavors are “Very Important” for Quitting Smoking
  215. Snuff this one out........
  216. Latest on EU Ecig Politics
  217. Open Letter to the Director of Public Health Tasmania
  218. United Kingdom to Regulate E-Cigarettes from 2016
  219. Chicago on the Verge of Banning E-Cigarettes in Public Places
  220. New Zealand to cease shipping Nic E Juice to Australia?
  221. Interview with the original invetor of e-cigarettes
  222. Tasmanian Regulations What do you think ?
  223. Did plain packaging make you want to give up the stinkies?
  224. Daily Mail (UK) article
  225. Interview with Prof. Jean-Francois Etter
  226. The Australian
  227. Stanton Glantz what a load of bull manure
  228. Ancient history with present ramifications ... Nicotine in Aus
  229. Another reason to like Michelle Rodriguez
  230. Vapers responsibilities?
  231. Worrisome : Liberal Democrats in EU supporting Current Proposals
  232. Still rolling around :)
  233. Vapers rights.. what are they?
  234. Are Vapers Killing Ecigs?
  235. New study on e-cig and dual-use
  236. What's next for EU and E-cigs - Guest Post by Martin Callanan MEP
  237. all vapors should watch.
  238. TIME Magazine Jan 2014 - Local lawmakers treat e-cigarettes like the real thing
  239. This one is for Spud!
  240. Plain english update on AVA please?
  241. theguardian - How e-cigarettes changed my life
  242. Editors Choice - BMJ - Helping Doctors make better choices
  243. End smoking new zealand’s position on e-cigarettes
  244. crackdown in usa - visa payments for ecigs stopped
  245. A Vaper's story in the British press.
  246. E-cigarette vapor contains nicotine, NOT other toxins.
  247. Italy's 80% tax on ecigarettes
  248. What does the law say - Canadian law similar to Australia?
  249. The effects of nicotine on human health
  250. Interesting LGTBI vaping from the US