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  1. The effects of nicotine on human health
  2. Interesting LGTBI vaping from the US
  3. Adverse Effects of e-Cigarette Exposures.
  4. In defence of E-cigarettes - Jeff Stier- National Center for Public Policy Research
  5. 8 Biggest Electronic Cigarette Myths
  6. Harm reduction devices banned... Pot legal ?
  7. Too close to the wind?
  8. Scotland Call for restrictions on sale of electronic cigarettes to children
  9. Researchers find that Nicotine changes cell chemistry.
  10. Allan Carr will set us free from our vaping addiction?
  11. Today Tonight 01/01/2014
  12. Vote now - BMJ - Helping doctors make better decisions.
  13. Where is the humility? Clive Bates the Counterfactual
  14. Tobacco truth - Brad Rodu - Do Ecigs cause passive vaping
  15. Anyone going to Brazil?
  16. E-cigarette advertising takes a page from old-school cigarette ads
  17. Dr Riccardo Polosa - Let's face the truth - decisions are about money not health.
  18. Anti Tobacco Harm Reduction Lies of the year award by CV Phillips
  19. NJOY airs anti smoking Ad for New Year quitters.
  20. our greedy government and there bs about being concerned about our health
  21. The Low Down on Vapor in the Lungs
  22. Lets Attempt Suicide by drinking Nicotine E-liquids
  23. No ban in Wisconsin
  24. Dept. of OMG: EU now developing "healthy lifestyle" policy
  25. Oklahoma Govenor Bans Electronic Cigarettes on State Property
  26. Top bloggers predict the future of Vaping in 2014
  27. Clive Bates Quiz - What do you really think about e-cigarettes
  28. French stage smokeless revolution
  29. Time to create a quiet space
  30. Vapor shark under fire for advertising with santa
  31. Rumblings on the street
  32. World begins to Realise It's not about health - pineapplepineapplepineapplepineapple Puddlecote
  33. Trying to Fit a Square Peg Into a Round Hole? Ecig Regulation
  34. Cnn: Are e-cigarettes safe?
  35. Letter to the FDA: Regulate E-Cigs Lightly for the Sake of Public Health
  36. Passive smoking – another of the Nanny State's big lies
  37. Nicotine Expert Dr Jacques Le Houezec - interview
  38. The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary
  39. Spare a thought for -
  40. Grim Green writing for the Guardian
  41. EU agrees first rules on e cigs- The Guardian
  42. Dallas area cities struggle with ecig regulation.
  43. Just sharing some clips
  44. World Vaping Organisation
  45. Nigel Farage smokes an ecig!!!!!!!
  46. Nicotine drives cell invastion that contributes to plaque formation in coronary arter
  47. More Sydney Daily Telegraph garbage *journalism*
  48. Brussels will Conclude on 4th Trialogue
  49. What’s the evidence for banning electronic cigarettes? Questions sent to the BMA
  50. World vaping organisation information
  51. 'Nicotine is GOOD for you' says BT scientist
  52. World Vaping Organisation
  53. The German perspective on E Cigs and the EU
  54. Interesting decision by Health Canada regarding anti tobacco groups
  55. Bill Godshall Update 2013-12-12 ecigarette-politics
  56. Vapers Inhaling MORE Nicotine and toxins than Smokers - Study shows
  57. Smoking Kills, and So Might E-Cigarette Regulation
  58. Interesting article
  59. Secondhand Vapour Study
  60. Australia 'fails' anti-tobacco bid - in papers today
  61. E Cig Regulation - Thoughts from Vapers & Experts -
  62. Vaping in Wales
  63. American Vapers Association ( new site)
  64. Great vaping quotes from ashtrayblog
  65. No smoke without ire: the e-cigarette revolution
  66. Renee Bittoun - Sydney University
  67. More evidence that SHS lung cancer risk was bollox
  68. States target ecigs as potential revenue source
  69. Money from Tobacco Settlement used to ban ecigs
  70. French court rules e-cigs are tobacco products
  71. Australia's doomed effort to kill tobacco sales
  72. How would we combat Dual-Use
  73. Research papers published about ecigs.
  74. A plea to and a reply from Professor Robert West
  75. Tobacco Harm Reduction is a Human Right
  76. E cigarettes can save lives, former smokers say - Salt Lake City
  77. Top 20 things scientists need to know about policy-making
  78. addicted to pleasure
  79. Gasland 2
  80. twitter links from EUECigBan feed
  81. Canada and ecigs
  82. EU is planning breach of constitution
  83. Im hooked on nigel farage!
  84. Paypal banning ecig shops?
  85. AIDUCE (French Vapers Association) calls to remove ecigs from EU Tobacco Directive
  86. Prof Chapman vs Prof Polosa Debate - Do ecigs help smokers give fags the flick
  87. The Doctors of Europe got together and.....
  88. NYC proposes ban of ecigs in public places
  89. Pretty sure these would be illegal in WA
  90. E Cig shop gets cease and desist letter from Canadian Health Department.
  91. EU negotiations : Things don't look too good
  92. E-cigarettes are helping smokers - Prof Gerry Stimson & others
  93. The Rest of the story - Dr Michael Siegel
  94. Underage use?
  95. Should I poke the health department bear?
  96. Your local MP
  97. An update on the ground war being raged in the EU over banning ecigs.
  98. One winning battle in the War (perhaps) :)
  99. cop shop vape
  100. Big Pharma wage war on ecigs in US - Washington Examiner
  101. Sign petition, make noise, do what ever but do it ASAP
  102. Alcohol & Drugs Council of Australia on its knees
  103. A Crikey Clarifier on ECigs.
  104. ABC Radio: Can e-cigarettes end addiction?
  105. Wall Street Journal : the-incredible-and-unprecedented-chance-to-make-nicotine-safer
  106. Ignorance , a response to an e-cigarette article
  107. [VIDEO] Disposable cartomisers Pop Car tires
  108. Please help the e.u vapor community
  109. Children being encouraged to smoke e-cigarettes by 'celebrity culture and excessive o
  110. $1000 GST free limit
  111. new media articles found (business type stuff)
  112. And they want to medicalise vaping ??
  113. ABC Breakfast Report on Ecigs Today
  114. EU to ban loose juice, and only permit prefilled, non-refillable cartomizers
  115. HOW VERY DARE THEY?? Restriction of Trade Leading up to Tax Rise
  116. Big Pharma, not tobacco companies, wages war on electronic cigarettes
  117. Australian Vapers Association - all you need to know, and lots more
  118. Big Pharmacy push
  119. ACCC's position on e cigarettes safety in Australia
  120. This guy is obviously an expert! Pineapples BS
  121. Another reporters take on big tobacco and ecigs
  122. Philip Morris to Tap E Cig Market - New risk reducing technology developments
  123. The Guardian - proper debate is needed over the safety of e-cigarettes
  124. VapersAustralia Association Membership forms available here
  125. Here comes big tobacco :) Wall Street Journal article
  126. London's Heathrow Airport to open "Vaping Zone"
  127. Wall St Journal - Big tobacco begins take over of ecig market
  128. "Vaping" is popping up everywhere
  129. finance and investment bank analysts' reports on ecigs
  130. So I spoke to the Victorian Police today...
  131. sheesha water pipes
  132. Another Set of Equally Literal Arguments LOL
  133. Reply to W.A Cancer Council re e-cigs, ironic version.
  134. If regulation is inevitable, who should do it?
  135. Chicago Tribune - FDA says ecigs tobacco product?????
  136. 100 french physicians in favour of electronic cigarettes
  137. sydney morning herald today
  138. bbc news Public 'seem to like' e-cigarettes
  139. ‘Vape’ activists seek ‘less insane’ e-cigarette law fox news
  140. usa today news
  141. Are e-cigarettes the perfect disguise for smoking pot in public?
  143. Is this propaganda recent?
  144. Man Smoking E-Cigarette Must Be Futuristic Bounty Hunter
  145. 13/11/2013 Daily Telegraph article
  146. Is it all about taxes?
  147. BBC - E-cigarettes: Should they be included in the smoking ban?
  148. E-cigarette summit happening now
  149. 0 nicotine vaporisers
  150. WTFinF????
  151. Australian Tobacco Alternatives Consumer Association???
  152. I'll huff and puff and blow your law down WA TODAY Nov 5
  153. Army of Vapers
  154. Conversations from an ivory tower
  155. meanwhilst in london and the us...
  156. 10 things e-cig opponents lie about
  157. Simon Chapman Endorses British American Tobacco Products
  158. Report on International Travel and Vaping
  159. Food for Thought
  160. The FDA in the US has started cracking down on vendors
  161. Flavored E-Cigarettes Forging New Pathways To Destruction
  162. MAOI, Nic = Strong addicton [study] 2003
  163. Has anyone read this?
  164. Delete this please
  165. Ask David Leyonhjelm - Liberal Democrats Senator NSW, Anything
  166. A longitudinal study of electronic cigarette users
  167. angry us blog.. food for thought?
  168. Grape Flavour reacting with Boge Carto Material
  169. Fattylocks and the Sleeping Bears :)
  170. QuitLine Vic complaint
  171. Rise of the Fake Brands
  172. Prepare for (heaps) more vapers
  173. FDA: cigarette of the future could be non-addictive
  174. VIP Ecig ads
  175. Smoking banned in Major Malls in Perth
  176. Conflicted about some Ecig Marketing
  177. The Effects of Smoking Prohibition
  178. Gold Coast home to tobacco black market
  179. The Great Hoax
  180. Fined for "smoking" an e-cig in a public place
  181. Smoking to be banned in QLD jails
  182. News article from last year: Shops sell 'vaping' as alternative to smoking
  183. Ancient Vaping Documents
  184. Would you support disclosure of ejuice ingredients?
  185. The British Medical Association and its attacks on e-cigarettes
  186. E-cigarettes: “Gateway to nowhere”— slope is not so slippery, after all.
  187. Nicotine and Tobacco addiction are different.
  188. Electronic cigarettes are now appearing on shopping sites
  189. Why Is The FDA Shielding Smokers From The Good News About E-Cigarettes?
  190. FDA Misses Deadline for E-Cig Regulations
  191. Need for a trade association
  192. I think Alegria should be let back onto AVF
  193. Group of French doctors say ecigs infinitely less dangerous
  194. ZOMBIES vs. VAPERS - "VaporActive"
  195. NSW Environmental Health Bulletin
  196. ecigs containing nicotine are prohibited in Victoria!!!!!!!
  197. Australian Vapers Association???
  198. The Truth About E-Cigarettes
  199. Quit Tales Collective !
  200. E-Cigarettes May Not Be Gateway to Smoking: Study
  201. E-Cigarettes May Not Be Gateway to Smoking: Study
  202. Cancer Council wants WA's tobacco laws changed to specifically ban ecigs
  203. E-cigarettes: A consumer led revolution
  204. The Stupid, Lopsided War Against Electronic Vapor Devices
  205. Mayo Clinic Questions the Sanity of All Electronic Cigarette Users
  206. Ecig gateway theory debunked
  207. Cigarette Sales in Freefall
  208. New York's First Vaporium
  209. Canadian Press Reporter Claims Government is Above The Law
  210. FDA: No Surprises Planned for E-Cigarette Regs
  211. Oi! Simon, here's your chance to show us all how wrong we are about vaping!
  212. Big Pharma as Organied Crime
  213. The Disease of Public Health
  214. HELP! They Just Banned E-Cigs at Work
  215. French tobacconist sues e-cigarette vendor for unfair competition
  216. FDA: No Surprises Planned for E-Cigarette Regs
  217. The Report on the viability of an Australian Vaper's Association.
  218. Discussion Potential Australian Regulations and Ecig Safety
  219. The Ch4pman Twitter Response Thread
  220. Australian Vaper's Association.
  221. EU Parliament Acts: E-Cigs Not Medicine!
  222. Irish ANTZ don't like to be questioned.
  223. Mark Pawsey MP Question to UK Government on E-Cigs
  224. Dr. Siegel Explains Why E-Cigarettes Are Here to Stay
  225. Don’t believe the fear campaign — e-cigarettes can save millions of lives
  226. London restaurants ban ecigs
  227. ECigaretteSummit – The Big Players Finally Get Together
  228. Nigeria:NTCA Rejects Tobacco Investment
  229. If not smoking, then what?
  230. Charming Tweeters
  231. Memo to supporters of the Ecig Revolution
  232. Council bureaucrats to ban “E-Cigarettes” in order to have a “clear policy”
  233. The lunatic war on e-cigarettes
  234. Looking for the next breakthrough in tobacco control and health
  235. Are E-Cigarettes Safer Than Regular Cigarettes?
  236. No Smoke, Yet Ire
  237. Soft drinks more harmful than vaping
  238. WTF NSW Health Alert - Warning on e-liquids (October 2013)
  239. McArvan busted
  240. The shock of the new – how government copes with innovation
  241. Harm reduction Works, Prohibition Doesn't.
  242. Humans, I disappoint.
  243. What is their narrative?
  244. Restaurants' dilemma as diners annoy non-smokers by firing up e-cigarettes
  245. iPloom - New Electronic Cigarette with Antioxidants
  246. Town hall ban on staff using e-cigarettes in public view
  247. Where there is smoke ...
  248. I Shouldn't Be, but I'm Shocked. US Military Ecig Propaganda.
  249. The retailing of ecigs
  250. E-cigs and regulation – what do investment analysts think?