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  1. When cancer charities cause cancer, who is responsible?
  2. WANTED: input for story in The Age on e-cigarettes
  3. The battle over e-cigarettes - The Scotsman
  4. TRDP E-cig lectures
  5. Gum Vs Vape - Something for Simeon Chapman to Answer
  6. Nicotine Laser Therapy Yo!! Pew Pew Pew
  7. Big Pharma Comes Under Fire: Misleading NRT Claims Revealed
  8. Scientific Review of Existing Evidence Advocates E-Cigs for Tobacco Harm Reduction
  9. Italy's crumbling Ecig industry
  10. Professor of Clinical Epidemiology says; STOP CALLING THEM E-CIGS
  11. Vapor Trail .... ecigs gain popularity and avoid regulation.
  12. A nice response to the BMJ from pineapplepineapplepineapplepineapple
  13. Tobacco products directive: after the insurrection – what next?
  14. E-Cigarettes: A Win for Retail Sales and Public Health
  15. British Medical Journal Will no longer accept papers from Tobacco Industry
  16. What's Next For UK and EU Vapers: 12 Top Vapers, Campaigners and Politicians Comment
  17. A Balanced Article from CNN
  18. E-cigarettes gain popularity despite health fears
  19. Should ecigs be regulated as medicines? Voting Poll
  20. The Telegraph : As sensible as it was unexpected
  21. Forbes: Why Is The FDA Shielding Smokers From The Good News About E-Cigarettes?
  22. Big Pharma vs E-cigarettes
  23. Simeon Chimpan to be interviewed on Electronic cigarettes at 3pm
  24. MEPs complain about Big Tobacco Lobbying, whilst taking money from Big Pharma
  25. Interesting forbes article - After EU ruling, will fda follow suit
  26. MHRA link European Parliament vote on nicotine containing products
  27. Vapers win the battle, but not yet the war
  28. How the EU voted
  29. The change in attitude that could come with a change in title.
  30. What is the best way to quit smoking?
  31. Our fave academic resorting to personal attacks again
  32. Martin McKee reflects on the efforts by Vapers
  33. EU Tobacco Products Directive Live Now
  34. NZ Herald - Cloud hangs over e-cig revolution
  35. Eamonn Duff's SMH article just got torn to pieces on Media Watch
  36. Two Blogs
  37. Polosa - A fresh look at tobacco harm reduction: the case for the electronic cigarett
  38. Tobacco Products Directive Live Chat ??
  39. Whats the Lethal dose of Nicotine?
  40. Harm Reduction Big Hitters Battle on BMJ turf
  41. Ego Batteries and Clearomizers to be clinically tested!! Woooo!
  42. Sneering Baffoonery
  43. Some good reading here
  44. EU Nicotine Amendments finalised
  45. Ecigs used to deliver narcotics
  46. China's e-cigarette inventor fights for financial rewards
  47. FDA and Lawmakers: Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of ele
  48. Something all vapers should hear.
  49. Attack of the sheeple!
  50. E-cigarettes: 'harmless fun' or dangerous to public health The wire-sbs radio-chapman
  51. How To Detect Electronic Cigarette Lies in the Media
  52. "'Vaping' seeps into schools" - the hard spin begins
  53. New study shows no risk from e-cigarette contaminants
  54. The Wire radio segment on e-cig
  55. Toddler dies from Nicotine overdose
  56. 2013 Electronic Cigarette Convention
  57. Dr Coral gardner On e-cigarettes
  58. Entering through the side door (ingredients on smoke packets and booze)
  59. Former American Lung Association Chief joins the fight for vaping.
  60. Health Canada has mostly sat on its hands after vowing to stop the sale of e-cigarett
  61. What will the Upcoming FDA regulations mean for australia
  62. estonian court rules anything over 4mg nic is "medicine"
  63. Vendor accounts posting
  64. 2 great articles by the Economist on regulation in US/Euro
  65. should we approach change.org?
  66. New ecig Advocacy Group wants to ban all internet sales
  67. Debate and Argument Etiquette
  68. the science. is it there yet?
  69. US Lawmakers look to slap heavy regulations on eCigs
  70. 2UE Radio Teens get addicted to E-cigs
  71. Top 20 Rebuttals to Win an E-Cigarette Debate
  72. Quit SA Article dept health exploring options
  73. RMIT Journal.... Are smokers on their last puff?
  74. Simeon Chapmen wants to hear from you
  75. Chris Brown - Love More
  76. The Project trailer for tomorrow (Tuesday) night
  77. ecigs vs. patches - nz study
  78. Some potential goods news from the new government
  79. News update re dodgy journo smh
  80. The people ? The community ?
  81. Do you want regulation ?
  82. It's like trying to buy your first ever pair of shoes over the internet
  83. Cigarette phase-out considered as trial tests if vapour safer
  84. Found This on FB - A Bit More Like It
  85. Time magazine article on vaping
  86. aussie doublers lose in US competition
  87. SMH Article - "Deadly nicotine blows its way into e-cigarettes"
  88. The BMA’s bizarre jihad against e-cigarette
  89. Research - which forum?
  90. Vaping in public? opinions!
  91. Wasn't there a radio interview today?
  92. Failure is success, real success must be banned.
  93. E-Cigarette Summit 2013
  94. Electronic cigarettes stub out no-smoking signs.
  95. DOJ says e-cigarettes ads can air on radio.
  96. The FDA : sigh :
  97. ECCA UK and the MHRA on med regs
  98. 3 page special feature on vaping in New York Post
  99. THe American Lung Association is concerned with fruity flavours.
  100. Smoking v Quitting v Vaping.
  101. What should physicians say about electronic cigarettes?
  102. The ANTZ are everywhere
  103. E-Cigarette Sales to Exceed Traditional Cigarettes by 2021
  104. Are e-cigarettes safe?
  105. MrsGruffy's media links ...
  106. Public Health 'warrior' shows he true prejudiced colours
  107. Media Discussion
  108. Oregon Lawmakers Ponder A Tax On E-Cigarettes
  109. German court rulings: ecigs not medical devices - ejuice not medicine
  110. Potential print media interview. Q & A.
  111. "Don't oppose e-cigarettes because they're safer"
  112. "What would we know about cigarettes and health if they were as new as e-cigarettes?"
  113. "Anti-Smoking Advocates Continue to Make Ridiculous Statements"
  114. House Dems call for cigar, e-cigarette regulations over 'kid-friendly' products
  115. E-Cigarettes Are Safe, Why Doesn’t This Matter?
  116. Network Ten The Project and similar media: What can we do?
  117. Coral Gartner : UQ e-cigarettes research misrepresented in media
  118. The horror… the horror…
  119. Do carrots need regulating due to their addictive potential?
  120. e-cigs, lies & videotape
  121. Electronic cigarettes are addicting our youth
  122. Is there such thing as an auto-mod?
  123. Australia to ban smoking and allow ecigs? SMH
  124. Nicotine: Can it save your brain?
  125. E-cigarettes: Healthy tool or gateway device?
  126. Nigel Farage (UKIP Leader) on Syria & e-cigarettes
  127. nicotine is a drug - oh yes it is
  128. E-cigarettes - tobacco products or a separate class of product?
  129. Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking As Well As Nicotine Patches - link
  130. You're in charge.. what would you do?
  131. Nicotine addiction expert urges regulation, not prohibition
  132. E-Cigarettes A Hot Commodity In Texas
  133. The Resident: E-cigarettes making E-diots out of us
  134. Misbehave responsibly with e-cigarettes
  135. E-cigarettes -- let's make them available by prescription only
  136. nicotinepolicy.net, excellent new info site for all vapers!!
  137. French taxman 'to target e-cigs and energy drinks'
  138. Stealth Vaping – To Stealth or Not to Stealth?
  139. Anti-nicotine hiring policy extends beyond smokers
  140. The Rise Of E-Cigarettes
  141. The European Union and Big Pharma: A tale of corporate lobbying
  142. The future for vaping under medical regulation
  143. For those who are to be interviewed by Media
  144. Network Ten's The Project looking for e-cigarette users
  145. Vape Stores Worldwide
  146. Another Quitline worried about their grants
  147. Nanny government identifies a new target
  148. CDC lies about kids using e-cigarettes
  149. E-cigs and Vapor News
  150. Nicotine is not a drug
  151. Aren't you glad you don't live in Duluth
  152. BigPharma and the mafia
  153. Simon Chapman .............. The utimate hypocrite
  154. BBC Radio show on vaping
  155. Liberal Democratic Party
  156. New trial of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation
  157. BBC Worl Service - Discovery ....... report on ecigs (audio)
  158. Science By Press Release
  159. New study from Farsalinos
  160. Carl V Phillips commentary on Lancet Study
  161. The Lancet, top medical journal, cautiously recommends e-cigarette liberalisation
  162. Sexy and safe? How new fake cigarettes help smokers quit (news article)
  163. Dissecting an ANTZ News Article
  164. Helpful advice from QUIT Victoria ..... NOT !
  165. E-cigarettes: 'cancer risk close to zero'
  166. Call for common sense in battle over ‘smoking’ substitute
  167. E-Cigarettes - Freedom of Choice
  168. The 9 Laws Of E-Cigarettiquette: A Handy Guide For E-Cigarette Smokers
  169. E-cigarettes: do they really work?
  170. 774 ABC Melbourne Facebook asking about ecigs
  171. Wow a positve report
  172. Electronic cigarette maker partners with Celtic
  173. Results are In - Elusion Ecigs as good as nicotine Patches
  174. Lady using E-Cig during Election interview
  175. Martin McKee talks Tosh on E-cigarettes - He gets slammed in the commentary
  176. Possible Documentary
  177. Channel 9 news right now
  178. EU Parliament delays key vote on tobacco controls
  179. Tobacco bonds hit as ecigs take off
  180. UK Vapefest 2013 video
  181. E-cigarettes are ‘quite harmful,’ UK Markey Cancer Center director tells legislative
  182. Doctors caution use of e-cigarettes, saying vaping is worse than smoking.
  183. Education Wins the Day
  184. E-cigarettes are more than a boutique industry
  185. e-cigarettes could be a gateway to nicotine - Fox News video
  186. Britain to classify electronic cigarettes as medicines.
  187. Irresponsible E-Cigarette Theatrics from Federal Officials
  188. Kids are trying ecigs. Everybody panic !
  189. Top 10 Studies on Nicotine You Need to Know About
  190. Imperial Tobacco to make all your vape are belong to them
  191. CASAA gives presentation in FDA 'Listening Session'
  192. MEP fights electronic cigarette restrictions
  193. Pathological anti-smoking
  194. Random musings
  195. Rebecca Taylor continues the fight to protect e-cigs
  196. Hospital smoking ban for Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan approved.
  197. 9 Terribly Disturbing Things About Electronic Cigarettes
  198. MHRA confirms e-cigarettes are not medicinal products – but they still face a ban!
  199. Game on: MEPs slug it out on regulation of e-cigarettes
  200. SWOF: The story so far .......
  201. Vapers are losing friends in our effort to save ourselves.
  202. European Genocide
  203. E-cigarette nearly sparks fire at Phoenix apartment
  204. Altria Could Add $5 Billion In Value By Selling E-Cigarettes
  205. Kansas Health Institute
  206. Tobacco Cessation & Control
  207. The Florida Department of Health are liars (and innumerate)
  208. Major ecig study .... University of Edinburgh
  209. N.Y.Times attacks e-cigarette marketing for…marketing e-cigarettes, successfully
  210. Is 'Vaping' Better Than Smoking?
  211. On the contrary
  212. E-cigarettes health: France, FDA ‘Warns of Health Risks Posed by E-Cigarettes
  213. The Voice of Stanton Glantz
  214. Mut zur wut ........... Guts for fury
  215. Michael Siegel on Radio Times
  216. E-cigarettes likely to pose little harm in comparison to cigarettes
  217. Some employers penalizing workers for e-cigarette use
  218. Some Tri-State jails selling E-cigs to inmates
  219. The irrational rush to ban e-cigarettes
  220. Dr Farsalinos joins TeamTalk, excellent VTTV show the Dr is in the House!
  221. e-cigs likely surpassing that of traditional cigarettes in the next decade
  222. The Clueless Crusade to Ban E-Cigarettes
  223. Then they came for the vapers…
  224. Seal Beach CA Approves Moratorium on E-Cigarette Vendors
  225. Dr. Keith Ablow's E-Cig Study Has Dramatic Results
  226. ASH are no more than ideological lobbyists.
  227. BMA calls for e-cigarette restrictions
  228. Anyone see this article?
  229. The Bluff of Evidence-Based Policy
  230. Lies and conflict of interest
  231. Success with nicotine products
  232. Doing it in Public - When and Where is it OK to Vape?
  233. Help save the endangered species known as "Quitlines"
  234. Ecigs moe damaging than cigarettes? Yeah right.
  235. Correspondence regarding the EU Tobacco Products Directive
  236. E-cigarettes are not marketed at children as MHRA claim
  237. Electronic Cigarette Safety Up For Debate
  238. Big Pharma and the nicotine wars
  239. Daily Mail publishes article claiming ecigs are "just as harmful" as tobacco
  240. TNT requiring info
  241. A house divided ?
  242. The electronic cigarette(e-cigarette) asaharm reduction aid for tobaccosmoking
  243. Ban E-Cigarettes? The Anti-Smoking Lobby's Clueless Crusade
  244. Quitmist.
  245. Why Snus Is Important
  246. Legal Vape 4000
  247. GOLDMAN: The 8 Extraordinary Technologies Forcing Businesses To Adapt Or Die #1 ecigs
  248. A vaping victory for the cops
  249. FDA Weighs Banning Online Sales of E-Cigarettes
  250. E-cigarettes become the most popular UK 'quitting aid' with 1.3 million users