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  1. Doctor said I smoke...
  2. E-cigarete battery equipment-Fast-charging LCD Li-ion/ Ni-MH XTAR Battery Charger
  3. Legalize Marijuana but not vaping?
  4. An interesting survey & comments.
  5. Gottlieb: Do Teen Vapers Need Big Pharma Intervention?
  6. The Great Vape Debate webinar
  7. The FDA Anti-Vaping Commercial
  8. Bill to legalise vaping in WA
  9. Cavaliers vs Celtics
  10. UPDATE about the ATHRA medical group
  11. New NSW Laws banning Vaping
  12. Vapers needed in NSW electorates to tell stories to MPís please (Colin Mendelsohn)
  13. Electronic cigarettes in physician practice by Colin Mendelsohn published in RACP
  14. Legalise Vaping Australia movement now asking for donations
  15. Bernardi takes vape force one for a spin.
  16. random vape memes /pics/ picture politics
  17. Vapeforceone meet in Albury
  18. Confirmed Vaping IS LEGAL in Tasmania if you have a prescription for nicotine
  19. E-CIGARETTE USERS WANTED FOR RESEARCH(Is liquid strength and others important?)
  20. Another good article just got published. . .
  21. Sound Bites
  22. Good article in the Guardian r.e. Australian laws & harm reduction
  23. Regulating e-liquid flavours - Clive and Associates
  25. Bennelong by Election Report; I Vape I Vote campaign
  26. Legalise Vaping campaign This Saturday 16th December-Bennelong (Sydney) By Election
  27. They have my vote
  28. Brilliant Interview from Reg Watch!!
  29. Cancer Council recommends nic for pregnant woman
  30. Colin Mendelsohn's Videos
  31. Laws for online retail of vaping products?
  32. The Counterfactual - Clives' Letter to Smoke Free World Foundation.
  33. ...and some more good news
  34. ABC RN (radio)The Health Report: Segment on Vaping
  35. Interesting wording....
  36. Formaldehyde studies (Dr F)
  37. NNA Annoucements
  38. NSW set to ban vaping in smoke free areas
  39. NCSCT films
  40. Should AVF Remove the Political Sub-Forum
  41. New Nicotine Alliance Update
  42. Cancer risk from e-cigarettes > 50 000 (thousand) fold lower than smoking
  43. If vaping turns out to cause no harm, who will take responsibility?
  44. Phillip Morris sets Australian Vaping back a decade
  45. ABC radio: RN - Vaping Discussion
  46. Consequences of Ideological Prats
  47. Australia's biggest vape raffle
  48. Phill Busardo drops B. E-liquids
  49. Dr F on HNB
  50. Western Australian Laws on e-cigs & liquids
  51. Article discusses the recent "second hand vapour" issues that keep popping up.
  52. Thoughts on how Batteries should be Regulated
  53. Smokers are gonna need to vape for their hit..
  54. A petition started to send to Senator David Leyonhjelm .....
  55. The FDA has a new boss & with him a new direction for the Deeming regs on vaping
  56. Another science programme biased against vaping
  57. Psychiatrists want e-cigarettes ban lifted - from SMH
  58. Senate Inquiry into e-cigarettes: deadline 4 August
  59. English tobacco control plan embraces tobacco harm reduction Ė world first
  60. Let workers vape in office, Government plan suggests
  61. Survey Study of Vape Shop Customers
  62. None of our inquiry submissions count
  63. We're Not Alone! Global Issues and Consequences.
  64. Dont worry, big Tobacco has the solution to smoking !
  65. Interim report red tape on tobacco retail
  66. In the West today?
  67. Perspective....
  68. Vaporised Nicotine Bill currently before the Federal Senate
  69. SMH article - E-cigarettes needed to get more adults to quit smoking
  70. E-cigarettes and public health: Whatís next after the FDA rule?
  71. International lung screen trial
  72. US - Flavour Ban has passed
  73. Convince me why I should submit to the inquiry
  74. Another explosion
  75. Parliamentary enquiry.
  76. Why I haven't submitted to the inquiry yet
  77. New studies find carcinogens in vg and pg at high temps, even in tootle puffers
  78. Canada S5 - Some common sense from Canada's tobacco control
  79. What good regulation looks like
  80. Comparison of nicotine delivery: HnB, vapour, and combustable cigarettes
  81. 100 consecutive puffs of an Ecig, causes just as much DNA damage as cigarette smoke
  82. saddened, but not surprised
  83. E-liquid Vs Hand Sanitiser - useful to include in the federal inquiry submission?
  84. SMH interesting article
  85. Latest Regulator Watch
  86. A Guide to Help You Make a Submission the Right Way
  87. 4 Research Studies That are Shut-Up Calls for Vape Haters
  88. Dual-Use is the result of uneasy-access to Ecigs
  89. NZ: Should cigarette sales go back to pharmacies?
  90. (US) Bates and Satel respond to the Dems call to push deeming regs forward
  91. 9-year-old sent to hospital after drinking 'Unicorn Milk' e-cigarette fluid
  92. Opinion piece
  93. Federal Inquiry into the use of electronic cigarettes and personal vaperisers.
  94. AVATAR. SA vendors advocacy group.
  95. QHEALTH Nazis strike again
  96. UK Vaping Laws
  97. Vape Live Documentary
  98. Nice VICE video on Vaping and the chinese vape industry.
  99. Regulator watch interviews Duncan Hunter
  100. I cant find the thread sorry
  101. Air quality after vaping not a problem, according to this.
  102. Most e-cigarette companies are owned by Big Tobacco
  103. What the .....
  104. live talkback radio from melbourne about ecigs live until 12 today
  105. Imports are now being seized: Australian Vapegeddon Begin
  106. More than 50% of UK vapers have given up smoking
  107. three vaping companies and CEO's Fined
  108. New type eCigs from Phillip Morris
  109. Cashless Welfare Card and the affects on Vapers
  110. Government taxing smokers to the point of homelessness?
  111. Ex Howard policy advisor on vaping in Oz
  112. Concerning the US Congress on Rejecting the Cole-Bishop Amendment
  113. FDA regs "galactically stupid"
  114. Heads Up. Petition re SA Vaping Regulation
  115. Random News ... etc etc etc...
  116. This is HUGE - Hunter Legislation to replace the FDA deeming regs
  117. Watch "A Billion Lives" free online
  118. John Bellinger from Evolv
  119. World Vaping Day
  120. Paper Analyses Leglislation from AU, EU and US
  121. TGA Regulating Eliquid?
  122. A Billion Lives is now available to watch on line.
  123. E-Cig Discussion with Dr Brad McKay and Dr Colin Mendelson
  124. Funnies
  125. Good mythical morning lies and other bull @!%p
  126. NHMRC statement of e-cigarettes
  127. Holy Sh!t - Ecigs discussed in Parliament
  128. What pg/vg ratio for my nic
  129. NZ follows UK in allowing nicotine .
  130. China banning all ecigs
  131. Australian Goverment to Legalise Nicotine.
  132. Time to get the fingers tying
  133. eBay - off chops
  134. E-cigarettes will be legalised: NZ Government
  135. GST Woes
  136. 60 minutes interview wick and wire
  137. Final TGA decision on Nicotine
  138. N(ot really)SFW, vaping reference from someone who's kind of well known...
  139. final decision from the TGA
  140. aspen valley agenst diy
  141. Dr Karl in Triple J claims e-cigarettes are a gateway drug
  142. GST on purchases under $1000
  143. Mr. Hildebrand starts swinging the stick...
  144. Vaping is not Smoking - NY/USA
  145. UQLD Researchers Seeking participants for the International Tobacco and Vaping Policy
  146. New US Bill will wipe out FDA Deeming regulations
  147. Public Health Experts around the world comment on TGA's recent decision
  148. The Naked Scientist Radio Podcast: Vaping good or bad
  149. Regwatch Canada Health interview
  150. RJ Reynolds IN FAVOUR of Taxing Vapor Products
  151. Switch - Great short doco
  152. Australia's looming e-cigarette ban robs smokers of a chance to quit
  153. Unbelievably stupid !
  154. Its official: Provape have now shutdown
  155. We don't care about the Benefits, We only care about the Harms
  156. Teens use drippers-CNN
  157. Umm... Might want to read this one...
  158. Former Howard Govt advisor supports vaping
  159. Australians Banned from importing nic from Poland
  160. Vape Master Game
  161. "The age of entitlement is over" Joe Hockey.
  162. Followup survey - Pennsylvania State University
  163. State of Tennessee Department of Health Warning about Vaping
  164. Dr Farsalinos
  165. A far more accurate description of Ecig Generations
  166. A little story
  167. I think this sign is awesome
  168. Male sperm affected by certain flavours?
  169. Has any one got any news as to what is happening with the NNA ?
  170. Malleable Science
  171. Smokers turn to e-cigs for New Years Resolution despite the Dangers
  172. Hypocracy of publc health
  173. Hippie vaper strikes again
  174. New Qorax Stan video
  175. FastTech order failed security check
  176. FDA postpones deadlines for manufacturers
  177. Vaping nonsense
  178. Couple more articles - some good ones too!
  179. Nice to know pharmacists care about you.....
  180. NTN Korea -
  181. "7.30" report on illegal tobacco imports
  182. Aussie Petition
  183. Philip Morris is quitting smoking.
  184. US senator ask Obama to stop implementing FDA regs
  185. couple small articles ...
  186. Forum Paranoia
  187. Here's something to exploit?
  188. Exploding e-cigarettes!
  189. So BAT is proposing
  190. Interesting- Vaping to be regulated by Health Canada
  191. This is so Wrong
  192. Au: Philip Morris predicts e-cigarettes to kill off traditional smokes
  193. Tougher Legsilation on way for e-cigarettes
  194. Nicopure Labs Interviews Clive Bates
  195. You're all a bunch of stupid sheep
  196. Indoor Vaping : Terrible logic
  197. US Vendors Announcing Closures
  198. Times apologises for claiming tobacco firms funded e-cigarette research
  199. lol ..Ok its a product but
  200. Future of Vaping to be discussed behind closed doors
  201. Public Forum on Vaping
  202. Tobacco Control Summed up in one tweet
  203. WHO: Vaping does not help people stop smoking, says report.
  204. Talent.
  205. Pressure The Politicians!
  206. thrNow
  207. Around the web
  208. Perth now Could vaping be a new tool in fighting obesity?
  209. Do you Support Cigalikes?
  210. E-cig marketers manipulate antitobacco advertisements to promote vaping
  211. Apologies if already posted
  212. I just want to say thanks to Everyone
  213. off topic but
  214. Simon Chapman
  215. small update TGA AU
  216. Blacknote reduce stock due to FDA regulations
  217. Queensland University study on Vaping
  218. Story on Channel 10 news tonight
  219. Cancer Council - Bunch Of Grubs
  220. Malaysia is now charging GST ???
  221. Champix - QLD Coroner To Begin Enquiry
  222. SanFran Professor shoots down anti-vaping myths
  223. Any ideas how vaping can go "mainstream"
  224. french documentary beyond the clouds and bits
  225. Calling all Sydney Siders
  226. USA Businesses Closing... :)
  227. and now for some vaping news :)
  228. Surely you can trust pharmacists to do the right thing....
  229. Wonderful affiliation of NNA (au)
  230. Envoronment question/rant? and D*ck jumps on chimpy
  231. NJOY files for Bankrupcy
  232. bitsa news
  233. Media: stop with alarmist vaping headlines
  234. random
  235. International Vendors also cease exporting to the US?
  236. Want to know whats potentially more dangerous - tattoo ink
  237. AJP Article: Experts: Nicotine for vaping should be legalised
  238. At least they clipped chapman almost sounds like a supporter
  239. A Billion Lives in Australia
  240. Major Australian Study - International ITC Project
  241. Chimpies caution
  242. Tobacco Bill debated last night in parliament
  243. Survey results : Brisbane Addiction Counsellor Vape Survey for TGA Submission
  244. Sydney Trains - Vaping on the platform
  245. News drop
  246. Anyone Else Get Their Vape Survey Follow-Up from UQ Today?
  247. random news
  248. Economics of THR
  249. When Tobacco control Australia brag about declining smoking rates
  250. Brisbane Addiction Counsellor Vape Survey for TGA Submission