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  1. Extra shots of Mount Baker as a makeshift doubler? Anyone tried?
  2. Need help understanding mixing.
  3. Help with first time DIY
  4. U-Mix concentrate and Eliquids Australia flavours - Mixing amounts
  5. Gifted 15 Flavour concentrates!
  6. So I Made My First Recipe Double Choc Spearmint
  7. Did I do something wrong?
  8. Flavour questions and HC concentrates
  9. Thabk You and One More Question
  10. Sydney Mixer in need (happy to pay or fine dine)
  11. A couple of DYI Juice questions
  12. Sydney mixer?
  13. Heads up, natural flavours at Aldi ,
  14. Help with bottle caps for storing unflavoured nicotine.
  15. Great flavors and nicotine
  16. FA dripper concentrates
  17. Hmmmmm - a Tobacco Custard juice ?
  18. DIY or DIE
  19. Food colouring
  20. Anyone have a recipie for a gaytime ejuice?
  21. Pg/vg
  22. Beginner Mixer Questions
  23. What ratio am I vaping?
  24. Ejuice giveaways/competition
  25. Where to buy Lorann 1oz/30ml in-store?
  26. What flavours are nice and is vaping bad for you?
  27. Cheap concentrates (not in bulk)
  28. Ethyl Maltol..EM
  29. Tasty Puff
  30. DIY Supplies Vendors
  31. Do you ever use your concentrates for things other than ejuice?
  32. Mixing for sub ohm ?
  33. Good strawberry n banana recipe
  34. Melbourne based vendors for DIY concentrates
  35. How much Nic to add question
  36. best nic juice?
  37. Anise first timer and can search the data base?!
  38. Dipping my toe in the DIY pool....
  39. want to try make a raspberry and white chocolate muffin
  40. Advice Needed: Mixing a doubler with 100mg nic
  41. Some questions
  42. New Recipes
  43. Super concentrates V Std flavorings
  44. JF Blackfire tasting REALLY weird
  45. Lime Cordial ?
  46. Vanilla Custard + Tobacco Super Concentrates are the bomb
  47. Old Coil + Waste Juice + WTH = serendipity ejuice
  48. 100% Organic Flavour Concentrates Supplier needed.
  49. Mellowing out flavours?
  50. Good thick cheesecake recipie?
  51. What's the point of steep time?
  52. HELP - Need a substitute for TPR Candied , Cavendish and Indigo Doublers?
  53. Un flavoured nic base(Queensland)
  54. DIY Kits?
  55. Looking for a compound 1,5-Dihydroxypentane
  56. dk tobacco recipe
  57. Any ideas on a strawberry milkshake recipe ?
  58. What Vanilla to add to Blackfire?
  59. Green tea concentrate?
  60. Peppermint.
  61. base recipes
  62. Can someone suggest me a close to real tobacco flavor?
  63. In need of VG today! Brisbane - anywhere I can buy? Any members in Brisbane?
  64. Highest quality VG / PG locally?
  65. Struggling to find a liquid to Vape at the moment
  66. Doubler/tripler question DYI
  67. Your Fav Ruyan 4 / RY4 concentrate
  68. Delays from US - MFS
  69. Mixing question for a new starter
  70. What's your favourite home recipe?
  71. What can i add to a doubler?
  72. Milkshakes.
  73. Flavour concentrate max.
  74. Let's make a Cereal/"Fruit Loops" vape. Tutorial/Ramblings
  75. Mixing Nicotine and Flavour with no VG or PG substitute?
  76. Vapingzone Vs Myfreedomsmokes Nicotine ?!?
  77. Made an account just to post THIS
  78. Anise/Brandy Juice Help...
  79. Raspberry recipes
  80. My first attempt at DIY tribecca
  81. Australian company selling ejuice with nicotine
  82. Mixing - Please help me with my math!
  83. Never knew how good Anise based vapes were
  84. Mixing Kits....
  85. Nicotine Discussion & Protecting the forum
  86. Newbie Doubler help
  87. Non ester based flavours
  88. port
  89. Nicotine purchasing recommendations
  90. TFA Menthol
  91. Does any vendor have a big range of Flavor art in Oz?
  92. I swear to effing G*d....newb vapers have it so good
  93. Pick 10 concentrates
  94. New to Mixing - Few Questions!
  95. Doubler question
  96. What happened to my key lime flavour e juice
  97. I am New at all this..
  98. Adam Bomb Juice
  99. reusing plastic dripper bottles?
  100. [request] Maccas Hot Apple Pie
  101. New Android app: Weight calculations, steeping notifications, premixed bases etc
  102. Bulk PG & VG cheap
  103. where to buy TFA (bavarian cream &dulche de leche) that shipped to Indonesia
  104. Reducing Nic In Pre-made Juice
  105. TFA Lemon percentage
  106. JF Tobacco Super Concentrates (Alcohol Based) Ratios "by experience"
  107. Sweetener
  108. HELP NEEDED PLEASE (my brain isn't working in this heat)
  109. Storing pg/vg
  110. how to figure out how much ejuice i can make with leftover concentrate?
  111. Testing gear for noob DIY
  112. Juice / mixing / lvl rookie question
  113. He Stuffed It Up
  114. Why add water to eJuice?
  115. Any way to add REAL bourbon to a juice?
  116. Plume Room, what ratio do you recommend?
  117. any ideas o how to save a juice ...thanx ahead :)
  118. green aniseed e-juice
  119. Juice factory concentrate recommendations
  120. Magnetic stirrer and hotplate.
  121. Increasing Nic in Nic juice...?
  122. TFA Megathread
  123. Im ready to DIY. What are the must have flavours to get ?
  124. Malt Eliquid / Flavouring
  125. Noob to mixing. Unsure of mg per ml
  126. Experience with tobacco absolute
  127. The sweet scent of.....
  128. Diy mixing question
  129. Best VZ Flavours?
  130. This is a list of what I need to buy but dont know where to get it.
  131. Best/worst juice pairings
  132. Interview with Dr Kurt Kistler - Science of DIY/Do's and Don't's
  133. Amyl Nitrate??
  134. Are doublers actually cheaper?
  135. Can someome please double check my maths for my doublers.
  136. e-Juice mixing calculator - needs testing
  137. Mixing Day!
  138. can i ask where u guys get unflavoured nicotine from?
  139. My DIY just got serious!
  140. Cheapest juice bottles in Australia
  141. so i bought this glycerol from gold cross, anyone else using these? (Questions)
  142. Increase the % flavor for high VG
  143. Quick question about doubles. Do i buy 24mg nic to make 12mg juice ?
  144. What PG/VG ratios are people using?
  145. Coffee recipes
  146. Cinnamon Roll & Blackfire.
  147. Recipe Request - The Standard Vape "Tater"
  148. Sweeteners, cant be good for teeth
  149. Concentrate vs super concentrate
  150. New DIYer, juices too nice...
  151. Realistic Bannana
  152. Blue glass juice bottles?
  153. Apple ejuice recommendation
  154. Unicorn Blood by Fuzion Vapor. Recip
  155. Something new but probably not - Advice Needed
  156. Smoked VG - A succesful science experiment
  157. Cinnamon flavours are good for thinning
  158. Anyone know of a good B&H concentrate?
  159. Super Concentrates Used In Drink Flavouring
  160. Cheap dehydrater
  161. Thought I'd share my idea
  162. What's everyone's favourite concentrate flavours??
  163. Calculating how much 100mg nic to add to 12mg nic to arrive at 24mg nic.
  164. Looking for an Aussie equal to Yaeliqs Saber Blood
  165. Just a little squirt.
  166. Do I need to keep uncapped juices away from each other?
  167. Magzzz' Chapple Cake Recipe from spuds recipe thread (link included)
  168. Chocolate Truffle
  169. Concentrates expiry?
  170. Syringe question
  171. Best vendors for concentrates?
  172. Yellow Cake Batter
  173. Delivery times for juice from the States...
  174. dragon fruit cream or custard
  175. Health Cabin Nic base taste?
  176. T juice bubble gun
  177. Peppermint Ice Cream
  178. Loranns in adelaide
  179. Were these opened by customs do you think?
  180. Ejuice Calculator Android App
  181. Love My Cinnamon
  182. First DIY, concentrate percentages?
  183. 100 mg nic - am I diluing correctly?
  184. steeping
  185. T-juice %
  186. Concentrate Vendors?
  187. Percentages
  188. US juice lack of flavor
  189. Banana cream
  190. DIY E-liquid ..Very Confused
  191. Juice factory recommendations opinions?
  192. Australian Wholesale Oils
  193. Sucralose
  194. DIY experience needed
  195. Chefs Choice Extract Flavors ?
  196. Ry4 consentrate
  197. Juice Factory RY4 concentrate
  198. Need some advice for my first DIY adventure/purchase
  199. No idea.... Please help
  200. Thinking about starting DIY
  201. E-juice winfield
  202. Nicotine content RTSVapes
  203. How to impart sweetness?
  204. safe to use queens strawberry essence as e juice?
  205. Advice noon mixer vapeking tobacco concentrates advice
  206. PG & VG - Characteristics Diagram
  207. easy ways for a newbi to start mixing??
  208. looking for a well priced vanilla custard witch has a good taste
  209. Concentrate question
  210. Questions on tripplers dabblers and so on
  211. First DIY trial
  212. Flavour sampling using premixed unflavoured nic?
  213. Decreasing throat hit
  214. What flavour equivalent for the "Veppo Cuban Cigar"?
  215. Making your own Organic eJuice's Q&A
  216. Enquires on vapeking juice
  217. Menthol
  218. Baulkham Riff E-Juice Recepie Sought
  219. New to DIY
  220. Is this right? Help! :)
  221. Vendor PG/VG = food grade??
  222. EM and Menthol Crystals - how to mix?
  223. Stupid questions, please answer anyway :)
  224. My DIY journey
  225. DIYers interested in spreading their creations
  226. Innokin iClear 30S Rebuild
  227. Where Do I Get Nicotine E-Liquid - NOT flavours
  228. TFA Spec Sheets and Components Update
  229. Venturing Into New Areas
  230. tripplers
  231. Mixing down
  232. Port royal
  233. Where to buy small bottles of DIY flavor?
  234. Wide tip pipettes?
  235. Not flavour, vapourless.
  236. 1.8 mg Nic Reduction
  237. RY4 and RY6
  238. New to DIY advise needed
  239. Totally noob question about VG.
  240. Mixing Method
  241. POTV No Longer
  242. Help to mix my fav ADV
  243. recommend me some local juices
  244. And so it begins
  245. Taste deconstruction
  246. Can I change the taste of a flavour
  247. Nicotine does it go bad???
  248. Is it me or my juice? O_o
  249. Whats the best chocolate e-liquid concentrate you ever tried?
  250. Concentrates