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  1. Virgin Vaper...HELP!
  2. Melo 3 dry hits
  3. Coils or wick. No flavour.
  4. Do you use eLiquids containing Diacetyl?
  5. Hello
  6. Whats new?
  7. Newbie - Overwhelmed with e-Liquid vendor choice!
  8. How to get Tapatalk to work?!?
  9. New to QLD and im a vaper from Philippines
  10. Cleaning and maintainence
  11. Hey guys!
  12. How do you MTL?
  13. My vaping issues
  14. Noob ohms question
  15. Price Reduced! All of the electronic cigarettes
  16. PG or VG
  17. starter kit for a smoker friend
  18. Advice on whether this is safe or not?
  19. New here
  20. Aussie Youtubers?
  21. Difference between coils and Temp/Watt mode
  22. Hello everyone!:)
  23. Hello Everyone
  24. Bad Tasting Vapes
  25. Online shopping for Kanger K Box 200 and Supertank 25 mm etc
  26. I can't believe it!!
  27. MOD Settings Joyetech Cuboid
  28. New Vaper needing help on correct MOD
  29. Another rookie, another advice thread
  30. Is this normal?
  31. Hi I'm new here in SA, this is my setup
  32. Advices for newbie
  33. The story so far (some of these juices taste really bad!)
  34. Beginner...No Vapour,..iStick PICO
  35. Need Help,..iStick PICO
  36. RTA Question
  37. Why does AVF hate me and not let me post! ( new members joining)
  38. What to buy
  39. Back again... help please!
  40. Some advice please - Is it Just Me ?
  41. Newbie Perth. Aspire Plato
  42. Direct to lung for newbie
  43. Mod question
  44. Shiny and new. Please take pity!
  45. Question re: changing juice with one tank
  46. Getting the best out of a burned coil
  47. New to vaping want to know if my setup is safe!
  48. Found this 316 SS wire today - need some tips
  49. Upgrading to second mod questions
  50. How long to keep my 100m/g strength nic juice for?
  51. Newbie alert-help please
  52. Kanger topbox question
  53. Thats it enough is enough with this Triton 2 Tanks...What to buy next?
  54. New to the vape scene and full of questions.
  55. Much help needed with flavours please!
  56. Please help before i go back to smoking.
  57. Genuine question - Why do people have multiple of the same mods?
  58. A few Newbie questions
  59. Can someone who has been vaping for a few months build a squonker?
  60. Triton 2 Tanks Leaking at bottom vent holes.
  61. new to vaping and succsesfull
  62. A purposeful vaper..
  63. Mixing nicotine ejuice with flavoured ejuice
  64. Smok H Priv 220w
  65. Few days of vaping..Feels Nice..
  66. Anyone from Central West NSW?
  67. Subtank mini
  68. A step in the right direction
  69. Bit worried..Need to know about vaping..
  70. Battery Charger Advice
  71. Hubby dual using - help/advice needed
  72. In the mix 2
  73. Recently introduced to vaping world..Feels great
  74. Looking for the altimate sub tank
  75. Help
  76. Hello guys
  77. Please help me out with my first vaping device?
  78. What is the most popular tank?
  79. First time Mix
  80. Trying to quit smoking...
  81. Tanks for Smoketech Winder VV - Ego Twist style battery
  82. Recommend a battery charger?
  83. Testing new flavours?
  84. new join
  85. What is causing these loud pressurised 'pops'?
  86. What to get after egi AIO?
  87. Battery amps
  88. Vantage clearomiser replacement
  89. Replacing coils on triton mini clapton coils, toptank/subtank rba premade coils
  90. SS coils
  91. Hi All
  92. In need of a proper, SOLID kit
  93. Competition
  94. New vapor having problems
  95. First time vaper, need battery advice.
  96. Which tank?
  97. Perth WA...anyone from here?
  98. Need some MTL vaping advice
  99. New Guy Ramblings.
  100. New vaper, some advice please
  101. Complete new needs help with smoke r80
  102. Hello Browsers of AVF
  103. Hello all sorry for another Newbie question?
  104. From the nanny state
  105. Facebook vape meets
  106. G'day from Brisbane
  107. Hi all
  108. How do I upload photos, says I'm not privileged enough?
  109. Hi everyone
  110. Suggestions on upgrade from subbox mini..
  111. Can I reuse juice bottles?
  112. Hiya, sort of new to vaping
  113. New to vaping full time
  114. DING DING Round 2
  115. Unflavoured nicotine levels
  116. Resistance wire
  117. Resistance wire
  118. Best MTL Tank Other Than Nautilus Mini (if possible)
  119. New boy, still smoking..... :-(
  120. Travelling w/ vape pens
  121. 72 Hours cigarette free!!!!!!!
  122. FNQ newb
  123. Newbie quick introduction
  124. Kanger tech topbox or dripbox...?
  125. Is Vaping harmful to animals??
  126. To anyone trying to get started and don't know what to get.....
  127. Newbie
  128. Laws for importing e-juice?
  129. Hard clear wrap around batteries...?
  130. KangerTech Topbox Mini vs Joyetech eVIC VT
  131. How do I get e-cigs in Perth?
  132. Upgrading from a subtank mini need advice
  133. Ego Aio vs Innokin Endura T18
  134. Carto tanks - what's that all about?
  135. CIGABUY.COM anyone brought from here??
  136. Please help
  137. Juice pre made
  138. Kangertech Topbox Mini
  139. Coughing my guts out!
  140. NOOB: Upgrading from first starter kit advice
  141. Given e-cig as gift - what else to buy
  142. coils
  143. Constant dry hits no flavor please help!!
  144. Do local retailers sell vapes/accessories/liquids?
  145. Bellus RTA
  146. Question about PG/VG grades
  147. Stupid questions and advice needed for Noob
  148. Newbie advice on sense cyclone tank pls
  149. Vepoo, a Warning to New Vapers
  150. Vaping Socially Acceptable in Melbourne?
  151. Coils going bad/not working?
  152. New member - g'day!
  153. New here, looking to buy e-liquids with nicotine from overseas, help welcome :)
  154. Recommendations wanted
  155. Difference between drippers and tanks?
  156. Ultrasonics Cleaners
  157. Need help with my upgrade
  158. Batteries, batteries, batteries! Please help me!
  159. First flight tomorrow since started vaping reassurance needed please
  160. Need an upgrade from eleaf tc 40 and subtank mini
  161. Just switched, where I'm currently at and advice for moving forward...
  162. Help with evil-vtc settings and modes
  163. Question about Smok
  164. Tasting your DIY juices
  165. My thread of annoying noob questions!
  166. My first starter kit!!
  167. E cig and NSW law? And workplace law?
  168. I got too enthusiastic, juice too strong!
  169. New vapor
  170. New to this and questions on coils?
  171. Why are my Naut Minis leaking and gurgling?
  172. Many questions from a 2 week vape user.??
  173. Can I use 1.6 or 1.8ohm coils with Endura T18 safely?
  174. Stepping down Nic Levels
  175. Where can i get a good nicotine liquid from?
  176. Juice Makers and beginners blog
  177. New to vaping
  178. Please help a smoker wanting to make the switch!
  179. Advice on new tank?
  180. Newbie stuff up
  181. new member, not newbie Vaper
  182. Box mod noob
  183. Sorta newbie saying hello.
  184. new to vape new to aus new to aussievapers.com... complete newbie
  185. Fastway Couriers
  186. My Vape Story
  187. Started a couple weeks ago, really enjoying it - but ...
  188. Sticky throat
  189. 4 month Vaper
  190. How to switch from morning smoke to vape?
  191. Problems
  192. Noe's List (newbie shopping guide) Revised 2016 edition
  193. Please advise newbie as to where to next
  194. Cloud Control (iOS & Android)
  195. Query: how to treat unfinished wood drip tip - or suggest a material other than metal
  196. Noob question - temp control pen? Does it exist?
  197. New mix help needed, please.
  198. new(ish) to this...
  199. vape stores in Darwin
  200. Help to convert a smoker
  201. Desperately need to find ecig shop or coil in Sunshine Coast
  202. Next step up from kangertech evod mega?
  203. Givinup- New to the vape community
  204. Newbie need advice
  205. Started vaping today and need advice
  206. Newbie Need help
  207. Wanting to get a decent RDA for Joytech 60w evic vw vt
  208. JoyeTech eGo ONE MEGA KIT
  209. Juices concentrates like the juicefactory fruit ones
  210. Popcorn lung
  211. Need your help guys
  212. I need your help
  213. Compatible coils for triton mini tank??
  214. Help/Suggestions on getting a complete noob started...
  215. New vaper with some questions!
  216. Lapsed Vaper returning :)
  217. Kind of Newbie, next step up.
  218. Howdy
  219. Saying hi
  220. Best liquid brands
  221. Five days without smokes, but not six
  222. Contests ! Win with AVF!
  223. Experience Vaper, but have one small doubt
  224. eVic VTC Mini - How to use....
  225. Beginners problems and solutions.
  226. Where is the best place to get juices
  227. Is vaping bad for you
  228. Joyetech or Kanger
  229. Newbie wanting advice
  230. Emow battery
  231. itaste mvp 3.0 pro SMOK TFV4
  232. Back after a while...
  233. GDay Fellow Vapers
  234. Words from a new vaper just today
  235. G-day vapers
  236. Starting out
  237. New drip tip for the kanger mini
  238. Guys need some help for my mum to get her onto vaping
  239. Brought Some Juice But I Don't Like It.
  240. Customs have my package? What did I do wrong?
  241. E juice mixing kits questions
  242. Buying Nicotine question
  243. Complete newbie - few questions to get started
  244. Cooling Agent?
  245. Can you sub ohm on temp Control coils
  246. Newb struggling with gear
  247. Rda question
  248. New to vaping/fell for the vaping empire thing :(/ questions about mixing e-juice
  249. Drip Tip Confusion - Best Options for Newbies?
  250. Gday New to Vaping