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  1. Newbies question about tanks
  2. Confessions of a vaping newbie
  3. New Vaper Looking for some helps. Thanks
  4. E juice question
  5. Coil Life
  6. New vaper purchased a joyetech evic mini kit need help
  7. Have some 18mg nic and want to cut it up into 6mg lots
  8. Estimated delivery times for hiliq and vaporeyes
  9. Temp control question
  10. First subohm build on lemo
  11. New to vaping!
  12. Tastes horrible
  13. Nautilus mini
  14. Aspire Nautilus Mini Eqivalent?
  15. Hi, my name is Senga.
  16. Flavour companies that deliver to Australia
  17. Where to import liquid nicotine from?
  18. noob, gear advice
  19. Hey folks Brisbane member here
  20. New to Sydney
  21. nearly 3 years
  22. Advice on 1st RDA
  23. Is it possible to add too much flavouring to your juice
  24. Question about battery pairing
  25. Need help for my mum getting onto vaping
  26. Hello everybody
  27. Nic E-juice
  28. Harsh Scratchyness type Thing Happening
  29. Greetings from Sunny Darwin
  30. New Member/Cigalike advice
  31. How Long?
  32. can i mix nicotine straight with juice factory concentrates
  33. Juice Colour and Changing
  34. Some advice for new vapers from someone whos been vaping 3 months or more
  35. Couple of newbie enthusiast questions.
  36. Kanga Subox or Ileaf .... or somethng else altogether ?
  37. can i bring my vape to queesland?
  38. Another new vapor chasing advice
  39. Dental cotton for wicks?
  40. About to Quit Need Some Advice for My NEW Gear
  41. 5 weeks vaping - still silly questions...
  42. woohoo!
  43. Hello fellow vapours, please to meet you!
  44. New Vaper need some advice
  45. Just upgraded from a K1 to a kanger sub box mini kit
  46. Joules/temperature setting on IPV D2
  47. Australia nicotine laws
  48. How should I be mixing nic?
  49. Newbie from Brisbane
  50. 1st 48 hours & advice for 2nd order :)
  51. Newbie from Perth
  52. Another Newbie - Advice please :)
  53. its Zen related :)
  54. Is quitting really this easy?
  55. Items from Vapeking have arrived, questions!
  56. Brand New to vaping !
  57. Dissapointed in myself
  58. New Brissy Member (and new to vaping!)
  59. New guy
  60. Totally new to vape
  61. Hi everyone
  62. Good Evening!
  63. Hey Guys
  64. In the market for stealth sub-ohm VW tube mod
  65. 3 weeks tomorrow!
  66. Got my brother into vaping!
  67. Finally, great success.
  68. Batteries
  69. My first VV/VW....Help!!
  70. hey guys help me out here on choosing ADV device!
  71. Kanger SUBOX ohms, watts and volts
  72. An update plus a query
  73. A newbies thoughts...
  74. Mix to strong can I water it down
  75. Brand New to this. Give us a hand?
  76. No-name nicotine
  77. New Perth Member!
  78. Whats other cheap electronic smoke
  79. A little overwhelmed
  80. New Here
  81. What flavours are nice and is vaping bad for you?
  82. Ego one dry hits
  83. Pg/vg for subohm??
  84. EMOW Mega style tank seal issue?
  85. Can an admin remove my other account please and email thats attached to it
  86. New here , HI :) and advice please
  87. Newbie to Vaping
  88. I might find right place to post
  89. Hi from Wales New to the forum
  90. HI all i am new here
  91. Quick Question.
  92. Upgrading e-cig - Mod
  93. Intermediate Vaper - Need to reduce costs!
  94. Experience importing ejuice containing nicotine into Queensland.
  95. Advice on upgrade
  96. My first order
  97. New Vaper Buffy
  98. Questions from a Newbie.
  99. yet again!
  100. Starting Out - n00b questions
  101. Newbie- Some advice needed please
  102. A message to all lurkers
  103. Brand New Noob - Help!
  104. Wow! Got my Provari P3 today with Aspire Nautilus mini 😘
  105. Ok giveaway time !!!
  106. Intro & information about my research
  107. Trying to get mum to quit smoking by vaping NEED HELP
  108. How can i mix nic and juices for a good mix
  109. What's with the acidic burn?
  110. Tingling sensation all over body after vaping?
  111. need a hand with a new vaping device
  112. Another lurker turns member
  113. Nicotine comming down slowly
  114. How many puffs
  115. Trying to buy a system for my girlfriend (Help please)
  116. Hello everyone !
  117. Forum Functionality Seems to be back !!!
  118. Kanger Subtank - of the devil?
  119. I'm back with Ego ONE!
  120. Please help me choose an 'advanced beginners' setup for my 2nd quit attempt
  121. How to Break in your Sub Tank Coils (tanks from all manufacturers)
  122. upgrade time - Need a no-nonsense setup. Box mod / tank suggestions
  123. new members unable to post?
  124. NEWBIE E-liquid confusion!!!!! 3 different ???'s
  125. How to get higher ohms [26g kanthal]
  126. back to vaping
  127. Burnt taste?
  128. What happened to Delicious Monsta?
  129. Clarifying my first vape, in plain English.
  130. Newbie needing help in choosing between 2 products! Please help!
  131. Looking For: Best Clearomizers Cheap
  132. Kanger occ coil problem
  133. Customs Clearance Delay - Premixed with Nic
  134. Some stigmas and realities.
  135. What's next? Sub-tanks & Mechanical Mods
  136. What's next? Sub-tanks & Mechanical Mods
  137. where to get new rba/rda/mech mod?Hi
  138. Lifespan of a Nautilus Mini
  139. Are there any B&M's in Sydney?
  140. Smpl mod batteries
  141. Friend getting into vaping; what tank should I reccomend?
  142. Newb | Couple of Questions
  143. Sort of newbie here, confused and overwhelmed! Cloud Chaser!
  144. What's your setup?
  145. ahoi hoi - new to this forum/ sussing out the forums :)
  146. My office !
  147. Hola from confused newbie
  148. Dripping
  149. The noobiest noob. multiple (for a noob) head scratching questions.
  150. Moving up from spinner, where do I go?
  151. Ego One problems
  152. Kayfun v4 Clone - HELP
  153. Newbie wants to drip
  154. yep another newbie - help where to start?
  155. My First Week Of Vaping Wrap Up
  156. Sub oHm
  157. Moving Up from eGo stick
  158. Newbie am I doing something wrong?
  159. Juice mixing newbie
  160. Water in juice?
  161. Hi, anyone from the pine rivers area, QLD?
  162. Im ready, almost...A visit to Steam E Cigs
  163. Kangar sub tank mini
  164. First Mech Mod- Should I Get a Kick?
  165. Yayy! Ive begun my journey!
  166. fairly new, considering a rebuildable?
  167. Dripping.
  168. 1st Order Of MFS Nicotine - Delivery Times - What To Expect
  169. LEMO - pig pop!??
  170. just got started today.
  171. New here & need some advice..
  172. Newbie needs advice
  173. Origen V2 Genesis issue
  174. Hi all
  175. New here
  176. Been Using E Cigs.... Not Sure About Vaping
  177. Inhaling Technique/s
  178. disposal of e-liquid...
  179. hi guys new to vape looking to make clouds
  180. Just order my first
  181. Its started, my first order of Nicotine....
  182. please expand my knowlege...
  183. Too Easy?
  184. G'day AVF Memebers
  185. The best place to buy ... Noobie help please
  186. Diluting E-Juice
  187. Tried a disposable & it made me sick. Is this what to expect from vaping?
  188. Second Tank.
  189. Want to try eCigs, but I don't know where to start. Please help?
  190. Gurgling leaking mini naut
  191. Help Mixing Nicotine with Flavours?
  192. Quad, what am I doing wrong?
  193. kanga subtank mini RBA coils or wire
  194. e juice help.
  195. New to vaping, no idea how to start....
  196. Istick 30w no atomizer
  197. What pre made coils do i order for my subtank mini ?
  198. pg vg juice storage
  199. A hey to you guys
  200. Newbie Wanting Advice On Kit
  201. Should probably say hi
  202. Help needed to work out easiest RTA to try please?
  203. My strawberry milkshake
  204. Finally upgraded
  205. well what do you no i have the shits!!!!!!
  206. Quick inquiry...vaporflask dna 40
  207. kanga subtank poping is this mormal ?
  208. Variable Batteries
  209. best starting wattage for ileaf istick 30w and kanga mini subtank ?
  210. New Meber/Vaper
  211. Smoking 2.0
  212. A Big thankyou to Oldgamer
  213. New member here
  214. best tasting & quality doublers were from ????
  215. Loving it.
  216. Any discount codes for house of vape
  217. battery and cartimizer question...
  218. What do i choose as my upgrade ???????
  219. My evod BDC has stopped working on my ecig 650 mah :(
  220. anyone try a Nautilus Aspire Joyetech Evic
  221. Any one tried joyetech ego one?
  222. looks like juice in my drip tip
  223. Any vapors in Wollongong?
  224. Steam Engine calculator
  225. Second Try and Loving It!!!!
  226. best way to steep just mixed my doublers
  227. Looking at upgrading
  228. Electronic Cigarettes Save Smoker's Sanity and Lungs!
  229. Kick options for viggo clone?
  230. e juice storage
  231. Istick 20w problem with nautilus mini
  232. quality nic best place
  233. Building a Dream...
  234. Confused new vapor ?!
  235. table for doublers
  236. First build. Am I doing this right?
  237. Joyetech Fruit E-juice
  238. My first ever custom order - ELEAF ISTICK 30W + ASPIRE NAUTILUS MINI BVC CLEAROMIZER
  239. Hi guys few quick questions about purchase
  240. Hola!
  241. Ello!
  242. New to Vaping
  243. Newbie needs help: adding nic to juice whore tripler
  244. Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm questions?
  245. 20ml empty bottles perth south
  246. Happy days got my deluxe starter kit from VK today
  247. What to buy and were when starting out making own Juice
  248. Just starting - giving up the tar sticks
  249. This is impostant to new vapes peeps
  250. best cheapest nic