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  1. Atty coil building stand.
  2. Aspire Naut BVC Coils as a Billet Bridge
  3. Mech Mod voltage drop quick fix?
  4. Ideas Needed for Builiding a NEW Clearomizer tank
  5. rayon for a wick
  6. 1st coil build
  7. Couple of Weekend mods.
  8. Coil jig design, need help
  9. The Sludge V2 :)
  10. Best coil build for rda and 18350mech?
  11. Parts and building questions thread
  12. Coil design for high particulate juice
  13. Things we do when bored with work :)
  14. Vamo boards ?
  15. My latest effort - Dual 18650.
  16. Okr Box Mod 3.4volts to 6 volts Fatdaddy 510
  17. Repair needed in Melbourne - Provari -
  18. Begining prototyping a new billet alloy/brass side by side mech mod.
  19. Adelaide wanted Itaste Mini 134 help/advice to repair
  20. polishing question
  21. Modding problem.
  22. Really interesting article on Amps to Vape
  23. what kind of copper wire do i buy to make copper springs?
  24. Evoke Indiegogo Induction Vaporiser
  25. Help with Stardust Clearos
  26. Has everyone seen Coil Toy?
  27. compact 2 day fog machine
  28. electrical conductivity of ejuice?
  29. Aldi Mini Grinder/ Polisher with dremel attachment
  30. Any aussie spare parts vendors (510 connectors)
  31. Copper Springs
  32. bought an OKR and need all the other bits, here's a shopping list
  33. The Multicultural Mod
  34. My new Billet Box mod
  35. RDA wires | Where to physically go and buy?
  36. Hana clone fix.
  37. Billet Box and Diver v2 help
  38. The RUINOVO DNA30
  39. SXana Built
  40. DNA killer: my " Little mule"
  41. Need a moders help in fixing a mod
  42. dont know if anyone here seen this but
  43. Diy box mod question
  44. Mechanical box Mod Dual 18650
  45. Soul's DNA30 Wooden box mod
  46. Air Flow Controler Under Carto Tank
  47. Rebuilding T3'D coils
  48. My First Boxmod!
  49. new DNA30 mod
  50. Brass and Hardwood mech mod box
  51. Mega block station
  52. Double sized Provari extension
  53. Box mod parts?
  54. The Kayfunigin
  55. Dome switches same as the Hana modz.
  56. Coil building questions from a noob
  57. Box Mod Dual 18650 3.4 to 6 volts .4Ohm coil 90watts
  58. Noobie needing some help.. please
  59. Endless search for perfect enclosure
  60. kayfun 3.1 dual holes dual coil idea is this crazy enough to work or just plain crazy
  61. Vapor Containment Box
  62. NAOS Raptor 40 Amp and 60 Amp Boards
  63. Okay promised a bottom feeder
  64. Might be useful to some of the hooligans out there??
  65. Question about mod settinbgs
  66. Mech mod tube thread size?
  67. Rebuild Pictorial (Kanger Coil)
  68. Trying dual coils
  69. Box mod questions.
  70. Will 50W out put VW system be too high for vaping?
  71. Looking for a profile that works for 32650 mod
  72. Omgomgomg omfg jfhc!
  73. Lost the bottom insulator in RSST
  74. Building a box mod?
  75. The Carbon Fibre Twins
  76. My new Billet Alloy stand.
  77. Telescopic sleeve mod
  78. Fixed my spinner, wait wtf?
  79. House of Cabbage Presents Variable Wattage Provari
  80. protank wicks, coils and problems with VAMO v2
  81. for those that have a 3d printer may find this interesting
  82. VTR Rotating Ring Removal (without, hammers, angle grinders or 1.5mm holes)
  83. MVP Dissassembly
  84. Our team plan to design a copper mod, any advice?
  85. Coils coils coils
  86. Quick and easy clearo mods
  87. Bobs Mod Patina
  88. Questions on the Vision Eternity
  89. RSST Mesh Wick
  90. Darwin to kayfun mini need help/suggestions
  91. The Bog Box
  92. Decided to mod my mod
  93. A couple of Resistance and Battery performance charts
  94. Building NR-R-NR 2.4 ohm coil for Sophia RBA
  95. Kayfun coiling tool by Svoemesto
  96. Provari switch fix
  97. Anybody know how to take one of these apart?
  98. ZMAX V2 24+Watt Steampunk Bottom Feeder
  99. Dna vtr
  100. Kayfun coil problem.
  101. LiPo cells
  102. I have twins!!
  103. Buttons
  104. RSST Microcoil
  105. Kanthal Wire. Where do you get yours?
  106. Another USB charge board bites the dust
  107. clear tube mod
  108. Bugger Box mods
  109. .50 Cal Riva rebuild
  110. New Modder - 1st Build
  111. Steampunk DNA20 Bottom Feeder by Studiovape
  112. New Mechanical Mod in Production....Love the Switch
  113. Bobs "Oracle" DNA30 Wood box mod.
  114. Opened up my Helios Clear top cap...
  115. New coil to try thanks to Youtube...
  116. New to coil rebuilding
  117. Boredom leads to buildering....
  118. 18350 pairing - how much do I have to be concerned and battery usage life ??
  119. Tricro coil worth it?
  120. Rebuild day - Nano Dragon coil...
  121. Little Woody "A new puck is born!"
  122. Atomic RDA with a Twisted 28 Gauge Micro Coil <-- great video
  123. Let me introduce the Zombified Vamo
  124. Anyone have or does Electroplating?
  125. Blow Torch Mod for Annealing Wire
  126. looking for a mod to go with zen universal/ and curious about ccustom tanks ?
  127. Nemeis Clone - FT
  128. Got bored so I torched some stuff
  129. Question: Has anyone successfully converted a TF dripper to a BF?
  130. EGO Specs
  131. best way to strip provari colour off?
  132. MVP with Flush Mounted 510 connector
  133. Thinking about box mods
  134. Tattoo Gun custom vape mod
  135. Quick and dirty VTR fix
  136. Ismoka magoo dual coil
  137. Would like help please Kraken atomizer
  138. Wallet size 18650 charger.
  139. My favourite Mod, I modded it to the max !!
  140. magoo issues .....noobie
  141. ZAP - worth it?
  142. Cheap step drill for drilling box mods etc
  143. Bottom firing button for sigelei #19
  144. VTR 22mm modding
  145. DNA 30 by Breaktru
  146. OKR-T/10 - anyone have experience or a supplier?
  147. Could this be used for modding at some point? Battery
  148. 18490 wired battery clip
  149. Kanger pt2 build
  150. 18490 mech box for kayfun
  151. Dual coil watt calc
  152. Pulling Apart The ZMAX Mini
  153. GT's Clearo Bottom Coil Drippers - Initial Thoughts
  154. Coils for Mods
  155. Reviving old unused attys.
  156. Battery advise needed
  157. Ihybrid troubles
  158. 1St Rba Rig
  159. what wick and mesh size ?
  160. IGO-W &amp; RSST on my SVD
  161. Smok magneto
  162. Good quality 510 battery connector
  163. VTR easy fix
  164. Igo-w
  165. has anyone tryed to change a mod like the svd or vamo 5
  166. Kanthal wire on my Innokin SVD
  167. Gennie build - hot shoulder and other coil questions.
  168. Resistance testing an evod with Provari?
  169. Genesis advice on wick options.
  170. Multimeter probes.
  171. cotton wick in dual coil ithaka
  172. what tap / die set ??
  173. Zapper mistake.
  174. The Diamond Coil
  175. ChiYou Adapter tube on Vamo to fit an 18490/18500
  176. Self Charging Battery
  177. Integrated charging for a VTR (long one!)
  178. Machine Screw for coil wrap
  179. Coil Noob
  180. Fasttech Mech Mod Clones
  181. Modded Reo Grand Beryllium Copper, Voltage drop majorly solved
  182. Good quality cheap 18650 cells
  183. Braided ceramic wicks
  184. Modding a protected battery
  185. Kayfun Russian Light Taifun 91 ...?
  186. VTR strip down
  187. Time for the bin?
  188. Pre-made Welded Wires - NR-R-NR Australian Vendors?
  189. RSST air hole too big: JB Weld?
  190. Want to make a mod out of an old flute.
  191. GP-Piccolo
  192. Issues with Silica
  193. aga t2 centrepin mod
  194. DNA20 Sick Mod bottom Feeder
  195. Super Mini 18350 Sick mod BF
  196. Stainless rope wick setups?
  197. Rba stickies thread please
  198. Battery protection
  199. Coil winder for contact and micro coils
  200. Rechargeable Tools
  201. Enclosures for box mods
  202. Vaping and 3D Printing
  203. To all Aussie mod makes...PLEASE!!!! make a bottom fed VW mod!
  204. I bought a hippo v2 for provari
  205. Machinist/hobbyist machiner wanted for small job , big hugs !!!
  206. feeder tank mod reccomendation?
  207. Vape only bbc mega clearo rebuild
  208. DNA20D Woody - The Prototype
  209. Magnetic Switch Upgrade for Hcigar King Clone, and possibly other Mods
  210. Itaste V3 max wattage?
  211. Diy Holders anyone?
  212. Electronic Mod Design - what do we want?
  213. 510 connector to Fluke adaptor
  214. So my wife put my ego battery through the wash
  215. Volts vs wattage ( hope I'm not rethreading)
  216. Oscilloscope with USB data output
  217. For anybody interested. Uploaded stuff to Photobucket
  218. Protank 2 Coil rebuild problems
  219. has anyone modded a kanger protank2
  220. Wire types?
  221. bit of help with rebuildables
  222. Trying to get Photobucket to work. Nothing to see here!!!
  223. puritank fail?
  224. Fogger v2 short fix
  225. NES Controller Mod
  226. SS wire rope
  227. repair VapeSafe polyfuse
  228. Modding a Kanger T3S Clone Killer :)
  229. ISO MVP/Vamo/Evic for Spares
  230. Moding your mods - Hybridisation
  231. My Completed wood Mods
  232. AGA-T converted into Auto-dripper with micro-coil
  233. carto pipe
  234. Help, over discharged a battery. What do?
  235. Vamo V3 issues and protanks
  236. EGO Thread Covering Air Holes?
  237. Who said carto's ain't good for anything?
  238. "Conditioning" new coils?
  239. Wiring the LM2596S
  240. Genesis style atomiser RECOMMENDATIONS?
  241. Kicking a Bolt mod
  242. Battery Low Voltage
  243. Anyone fix mods?
  244. Why are my protanks leaking
  245. New Sick mod BF Mini & Micro coils
  246. Q> udt v8 underload and voltage drop
  247. Rebuilding protank coils.
  248. Wood Mod with Brass & Stone Inlays
  249. Neo's Wire Joiner
  250. So my NCR18650Bs arrived today...