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  1. Vapergeddon tutorials
  2. Magnets and lithium ion batteries?
  3. Still a long way away but
  4. Kangertech Spider Battery Swap
  5. Tough paints for mods DIY
  6. 2018 Mod Comp- Brainstorming + Entries + Chat Thread - Closes 20th March
  7. EOI- 2018 AVF Build a Mod Comp?
  8. 18650 Powerwalls
  9. What new circuit boards are on the horizon for 2018?
  10. escribe for mac
  11. Rare wood open day, croydon Vic
  12. L&D Mods proudly present: The Pallet Pine Woodie!
  13. Panels By Us
  14. Silicone bottle for Hcigar VT Inbox
  15. Buzzing/Static like noise when Firing on Cricket v2
  16. Stabilising the Ijoy Maxo Quad
  17. A wiring question
  18. Wanted to share some Mods I have made
  19. Modding an Ikonn Total
  20. Breathing new life into a dead Tesla stealth mini for a Spheroid
  21. Stainless Steel & Variable Voltage
  22. Pwm p++ kit
  23. Dogman's PIFed Squonker update, Anyone got a Dicodes 60BF screen? :(
  24. Soldering issue
  25. 2017 Mod Comp Voting Thread.
  26. Which battery lasts longer...Sony VTC6, Samsung 30Q or LG HG2?
  27. First successful coil build
  28. 3D printed DNA 250 squonk mod
  29. Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition now available from Fasttech
  30. Limitless 200 - Interchangeable Plates
  31. How to fit a 510 Drip Tip into the Alpine (mini tutorial)
  32. Possible faulty LCD screen on Efest Blu4
  33. New DIY calculator for Android - Vape Assistant
  34. HCigar VT Inbox - Panels
  35. Evolv DNA75 Colour!
  36. Vape stores with wire for rebuilding.
  37. 2017 AVF "Build a Mod" Comp
  38. Working out resistance/ohms
  39. Tobeco Mini Super Tank Refurbishment
  40. Disassembly of the smok alien 220w mod
  41. 26 gauge SS316 build
  42. Wicking methods - Scottish roll, sushi roll...what works for you?
  43. Show us your kit!
  44. Hoople in a shed
  45. Batteries
  46. Rebuilding non rebuildables?
  47. Anyone know the size of the Limitless Plus grub screws and where I might find them?
  48. Second build on Limitless Plus spitting?
  49. Limitless Plus 24g kanthal .3ohm build
  50. Rebuilding TFV8 short/hot spot
  51. Rebuilding Limitless RDTA Plus First Attempt
  52. If you build it, they will Vape - Or - Sullys journey of discovery rebuilding coils
  53. 3D Printing and Vaping!
  54. Stabilised wood Pico Project
  55. Project: Shaneo's Recycled Jarrah Vape Juice stands
  56. First coil build - not getting Ω reading as per steam engine
  57. Custom Classic squonker.....A Bit of Bling
  58. Mokume Control Buttons?
  59. Ingrid's P67 Mosfet conversion
  60. Stab wood blocks - recommendations sought.
  61. non genuine coils
  62. buying quality o rings in Australia
  63. So, say I want to make my own mod...
  64. Diamonds Are Forever
  65. Spam time
  66. DIY Joyetech Evic AIO tank fix
  67. Converting a Melo 3 mini to MTL
  68. Broken vape and need help on how to fix it!
  69. Rebuildable Cubis Coil for the eGo Box AIO
  70. Where to start? Avocado 24
  71. Resistance, coils and heat - please help me understand!
  72. DNA60 and DNA250
  73. The CrissCross Mods 2016
  74. Clapton wire?
  75. Stove top coils?
  76. Mod wraps
  77. Wismec Reuleaux 510 Mod
  78. Find My Vapes - DIY hydro dipping
  79. Competition-Modify a Mod
  80. Mod Competition-Voting Thread
  81. Forced Patina and Alcohol Inks
  82. Top Hole MTL IGO-W
  83. Quick and painless Origen BF mod.
  84. Battery Eliminator- Thoughts?
  85. what coil do I build for my mechanical mod?
  86. (noob) convert variable to mechanical
  87. (noob) looking to make an RDA on a lathe
  88. High wattage mesh for cream vapes?
  89. What are your top tips for flavor build?
  90. Painting pretty pictures on mods
  91. D.i.y d r o
  92. Competition-Build a Mod
  93. Studiovape's Bottom fed Tricro coil competition with a prize :)
  94. Low profile short thread 510, can anyone help?
  95. List Of Wires And Gauges Needed For Advanced Builds
  96. Dripping Coil Position
  97. Replacing glass for KangerTech Topbox Mini
  98. Replacement istick 50w screen
  99. Wismec RX200 Bumblebee
  100. How long is wire good for? RDA
  101. Help! Question about fitting narrow coil legs on wide RDA posts.
  102. Jumpy rda coil resistance
  103. WISMEC Reuleaux Squonker Conversion by laurie9300
  104. Wismec RX200 Strip & Polish
  105. Want Big Vapor?
  106. RDA help for a noob - please
  107. The case FOR dry burning
  108. Billet Box Restoration
  109. Dunnit. Dual core Kanger sub-ohm RBA
  110. [MELB] PiggyBack Fat Daddy Order - Share postage
  111. Playtime - Joytech CLR Coils In Billet Box
  112. First coil build
  113. Coil build
  114. Modding a dripper to bottom fed
  115. Making my reo grand naked
  116. Billet Box panel modification
  117. Sx mini face lift
  118. Ebony Veneer "Sleeve" for SX Mini M Class
  119. belongs here -New battery shuts down at high temps, restarts when it cools
  120. Help - Broken Vapor Flask
  121. Frank'n tank (or, a match made in heaven ;) )
  122. IPV D2 Screen light not working??? HELP??
  123. couple more DIY tutorials
  124. Belongs here? DIY homemade vape atomizer
  125. Studiovape's stabilised wood squonkers, here's a quick look
  126. Free or reverse PIF for slightly busted Kangxin Vapor Flask V3
  127. Magnetic Stirrer for DIY
  128. The CrissCross Driptip
  129. Timber finish need help
  130. Properly wick Subtank RBA (v2)
  131. New Ultra mini 18650 Mosfet Squonker last of breed...
  132. Dabbling in Bottom Feed Atomiser Conversion
  133. A Squonk Modding Journey, Mosfet with no wires.
  134. From Scratch - The "Mystery" Mod
  135. Abaddon Clone Squonker conversion
  136. DNA200 by laurie9300
  137. Variable wattage or volt ohm reader
  138. Need help with vaporshark Atlantis tsc temp settings
  139. Cloudmaker's up and coming Aries Chip
  140. Which glue is best for gluing magnets?
  141. Forgetful scientists accidentally quadruple lithium-ion battery lifespan
  142. Ways to repair damaged thread on RDA?
  143. 510 Drip Tip
  144. Vision Spinner II now called Vapros Spinner II?
  145. seeking info
  146. my first take on a Box Mod - Series PWM Box
  147. WTB: Micro-USB Breakout Boards
  148. Lowest resistance for use with parallel 25Rs in a full mech mod?
  149. Are Tampons made from 100% organic cotton ?
  150. Need Help with NES Mode Box
  151. Box mod with SX350j chip
  152. The Crisscross Mod
  153. SMOK XPro M80 Plus.... Humming?
  154. From Little Things, Big Things Grow (3)
  155. Things we do when the forum's down ...
  156. Copper fasteners
  157. How to modify your atty for bottom feeding Reos and other Squonkers
  158. Titanium TC coils ?
  159. Rebuilding kanger subtank mini occ coils with nickel
  160. Nickel wire series coil build problem!
  161. the first one home made drip tip
  162. battery wont charge - rdna40
  163. New 1 Amp charger coming soon from evolve!
  164. Newest creation
  165. Custom Bottom Fed attys
  166. Fat Daddy 510
  167. Studiovape Aluminum and Brass Vamo 40Watt Squonker (Thanks for the Brass Laurie)
  168. GDeal peko and GDNA builds
  169. Tesla invader 2 series conversion
  170. RDA building- one coil fires faster?
  171. Where do you buy your housing/switches/510 connector etc?
  172. So many batteries - Need advice
  173. Steampunk Mod Pics - Love The Retro
  174. Easter Mod Project
  175. tell me why this is impossible - sx350j chip in vapourflak clone body
  176. DIY passthrough battery-less usb only work in pc not wall socket?
  177. UD Goliath
  178. Studiovape Mini 18650 Wood Mosfet squonker
  179. 3D CAD/3D Modelling
  180. Home made squonk !
  181. VF Clone Teardown for DNA 40 Transplant . . .
  182. Studiovape Ultra Mini 18500 Copper and Brass Squonker
  183. Electroplating anyone?
  184. The Great Modders Board Drought :concern::concern:
  185. The punisher mod
  186. Wanted !!!.Rocking horse poo/chickens teeth OR a 14650 tube for a GP Piccolo?
  187. Super small copper bottom feeder
  188. iPow 2 micro USB passthrough
  189. Here I go again WTB a Mill and or min Lathe, Advice needed please.
  190. So....anyone from ACT that has access to a drill press?
  191. Dna40 swap into Blackie 30d mod
  192. Kayfun Airhole
  193. Protecting those valuable mods
  194. So my IPv2 and Reo got naughty one night..
  195. Dry hits on long toke...
  196. Basics of Soldering video series by Pace
  197. Ivp colour
  198. 3d printed series squonk mosfet box
  199. Coil calculator
  200. Common coil sizes "diameter"?
  201. DIY Billet Bridge - update
  202. Help with Rebuilding Atlantis Coil
  203. Wut do with dying iTatse?
  204. ni200 (nickel) coil builds
  205. Best setup for Hellfire micro mega Hybrid?
  206. Dual Coil tool .(bottom coil ) Kanger style
  207. Hana Modz - Remove 510 Connector HELP!
  208. Hana clone needs repairs
  209. Can someone fix my hades?
  210. installing a fat daddy 510 in my Hana clone
  211. DNA40 box project
  212. DIY Billet Bridge for Carto Tanks
  213. mosfet box mod questions?
  214. Kayfun lite or Kayfun 3.1 ????
  215. "DNA40 tripped, fell and landed in my ISTICK... video in comments."
  216. battery wraps in aus
  217. eLeaf iStick mod
  218. Anybody modded a hookah setup?
  219. project flatop e-mech
  220. Eleaf I stick
  221. pure nickel non resistant wire
  222. 2S Box Mod
  223. Akef38's Unique Kustom Vape Stands !
  224. Help - Any Tek-Heads Want To Mod My Mod?
  225. Dual 18650 Mosfet in a small 1590g box unregulated
  226. dna 40
  227. New Li-Ion Batteries Charge 70% In 2 Minutes, Last For 20 Years
  228. My New Custom 3x18650 Mechanical Box Mod
  229. 510 Insulator
  230. DNA40 - It's Official
  231. looking for Someone to fix a mod for me?
  232. Orchid/Kayfun hybrid
  233. Micro Coil Pro App now on Android
  234. My First Woody Box Mod
  235. SX350 100W Version is here
  236. Magnet rings
  237. Fox's Box
  238. My first box build re SX350
  239. My coils taste burnt and nasty!
  240. Modding Reo Grand into an LP
  241. Wanted - a part list and full instruction for building a 100w box mod.
  242. Batt Magnets, good enough?
  243. 14500 Mech Hybrid using Nautilus BVC Coils
  244. First box mod build
  245. DNA30D on SALE $USD39
  246. my little black box v1
  247. Modded my mod!
  248. MOD parts in AU
  249. Box mod electronics
  250. Atty coil building stand.