I have dealt with a few different vendors since I started my vapeing journey and I haven't had an issue they have all done great as far as service and delivery. No complaints very happy

I then placed my first order with Steam-e-cigs WOW customer service taken to the next level. I have read all of the rave reviews from so many people but I always try not to take in all of the hype but I have just found out that it isn't hype they are very good at what they do.

I placed a small order online nothing special just some bits and pieces. I turned out that some of the clearo's that I ordered the didn't have in the colours that I wanted.

I received a phone call not an email or a text message but a phone call. I actually was able to talk to...............(I cant remember who) and work out what could be done to complete my order. On top of that I was offered and given extras because the didn't have what I ordered and they still got it in the post that day.

I received my package today and what do I find in the package a sample juice!!!!!!!!! which if its what I think it is then it is perfect timing as I was about to go on a hunt for a replacement juice for my wife's ADV.

The hand written thank you note on the packing slip just finishes of a very positive experience.

Considering the low dollar value of my order I believe this service is just about offering good service which is hard to find these days.

Thank you Nat and Maxim
You deserve all of the praise that you get plus some.