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Thread: Battery Safety - General Info

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    Battery Safety - General Info

    Hi All,

    The information below, provided to me by ProVape may be of interest to some people who have questions surrounding the safety of cells that we use in our eCigarettes.

    Hi MJ,

    Also wanted to mention that with the recent battery exploding in FL while a
    guy was using some other device, we want to stress the importance of using
    the proper batteries with the ProVari. While it was not one of our devices,
    engineering at ProVape posted this information:

    The amount of power required to run an eCig requires a battery that can
    store a large amount of energy and deliver that energy on demand rapidly.
    Because of this requirement lithium ion batteries are the best choice. We
    all need to respect the amount of energy in these batteries.

    But are they safe?

    We all hear about the occasional incident where a battery fails in a violent
    way. This is caused by a short circuit within the cell or if stacked cells
    are used, one cell can discharge into the other with high discharge rates
    when one cell depletes its energy before the other.

    A mild short will only cause an elevated self-discharge. Little heat is
    generated because the discharging energy is very low.
    If, however, for whatever reason any of the following conditions happens;

    1. Internal short circuit
    2. Excess external charge current
    3. Excess external discharge current
    4. Environment conditions

    The temperature can rise to the point where thermal runaway can happen that
    results in 'venting with flame.'
    There are two basic types of lithium-ion chemistries: cobalt and manganese
    (spinel). Typical battery chemistry mixes are cobalt, nickel, manganese and
    iron phosphate.

    Lithium-ion cells with cobalt cathodes should never rise above 130C
    (265F). At 150C (302F) the cell becomes thermally unstable, a condition
    that can lead to a thermal runaway in which flaming gases are vented. To
    achieve maximum runtime, cell phones, digital cameras and laptops use
    cobalt-based lithium-ion. Because of the lower temperature whereby the cell
    becomes thermally unstable, electronic protection circuits are added.

    Manganese is the newer of the two chemistries and offers superior thermal
    stability. It can sustain temperatures of up to 250C (482F) before
    becoming unstable. In addition, manganese has a very low internal resistance
    and can deliver high current on demand. It is these two features that make
    this battery the best choice for use in the ProVari. The drawback of spinel
    is lower energy density. Typically, a cell made of a pure manganese cathode
    provides only about half the capacity of cobalt. The higher inherent safety
    of the spinel system permits the exclusion of the electric circuit in the
    battery. In the ProVape eCigs we incorporate the protection circuit into the
    eCig thus providing an added layer of safety. We know of NO safer
    combination then to use the manganese lithium ion battery with the ProVape

    The AW IMR type cells that use the manganese chemistry are the safest of the
    lithium chemistry types.

    The higher capacity cells use the cobalt chemistry with the electronic
    protection circuit.

    The ultimate in safety is to have multiple redundant safety layers whereby
    if one layer of safety fails the other layer prevents an unsafe condition.
    This is what we strive for at ProVape, even if it means more internal
    components with its associated higher cost.

    Asia produces many non-brand replacement batteries that are popular with
    users because of low price. Many of these batteries don't provide the same
    high safety standard as the main brand equivalent. A wise shopper spends a
    little more and buys a higher quality battery with its higher level of

    It is NOT recommended you use an unidentified lithium-ion battery from an
    Asian source.

    As a consumer, you are in a position to select the highest quality and
    safest equipment. With each purchase, ask yourself,Are a few pennies or
    dollars saved worth the safety risk? Ultimately, your personal safety is in
    your hands with the equipment you buy.

    Today, lithium-ion is one of the most successful and safe battery
    chemistries available. Two billion cells are produced every year. But be
    aware that there are several lithium ion battery chemistries being sold in
    the market. Some are safer than others.

    Considering the number of lithium-ion batteries used on the market, this
    energy storage system has caused little harm in terms of damage and personal
    injury. In spite of the good record, its safety is a hot topic that gets
    high media attention whenever an incident occurs.

    Be battery aware, be battery safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hack View Post
    It is NOT recommended you use an unidentified lithium-ion battery from an Asian source.
    i'm concerned since i received 2x unmarked 18650 batteries from GH1's LT. not entirely unmarked but it does have some dot-matrix printing on it perhaps for id by the manufacturer. google turned up nothing, so i would consider them unmarked. i don't use that LT much anymore but i will get a couple 18650's for when i use it, because it's cheaper than getting a new face.

    so thanks for the info Hack!



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