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    Agressive much?

    Oh well.. good luck with your new store, Vapeme. Don't be put off by the negativity.. there have been more than a few "shonky" vendors setting up shop both locally and overseas ever since ecigs starting getting in the news, so of course people can get a bit edgy when they see yet another vendor setting up shop in their own backyard.

    Welcome to you and good luck with your business. Can't wait to see what your site will be offering.

    I guess you are excited about your new store and the prospect of selling something you are obviously passionate about.
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    Yes agree with light487. Re my posts, I was simply trying to point out a potential issue with Giantomisers, as you mentioned them specifically. I know a lot of overseas suppliers i use regularly and that i will use again, are also offering them. I would hope though that good suppliers, would be one step ahead of the consumer and not one step behind, in identifying product issues and not promoting that gear when bad reviews and issues are plentiful. I would certainly be happy to deal more exclusivelywith suppliers that acted like that, and dont try to just cash in on early adopter frenzy.

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    So, its been a month now. When will your website be online? Seems a bit premature IMO.


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