So. Finally got all the requisite bits and started putting these to the test.

Straight off the bat, I'm impressed.

Two mini nauts side by side, both on a fresh batt in a mech and filled with nice thick bobas.

Then on istcks at various voltages.

You can see the ceramic coils absorb more liquid and therefore are more saturated. Good for a chain vape without getting dry hits.

Feels like the ceramic needs a little more power, but it scales up really well.

I definitely prefer the ceramic for flavour, cleaner and crisper, just a little less blurring together.

Might be a while before I get enough gunk to really test dry burns, but it's a hell of a feature to have.

All in all, well worth it, even barring the other improvements, being able to dry burn clean puts these coils a cut above the rest.

I'll probably pif the other 4 to a new vaper starting out that I got the nauts for, and I think they're going to be thrilled.

If you're a nauthead, give these a go, you won't regret it.

Cheers VM.