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    Re: Shotgun now in stock at

    Hello all

    Just thought id share my view on the shotgun...

    I received mine yesterday after ordering only the day before that.

    TBH i bought this PV for a bit of fun, curiosity and to support our fellow aussie vendor.

    After my first vape on this device... i can now say i understand what all the rave is about.


    i think i said that about 10 times in that first hour of playing with the shotgun.

    I really cant write that much more as i dont think its gonna make a difference.

    Its something you REALLY gotta try for yourself. It looks a bit Ghetto but once you vape out of this thing and taste the flavour it outputs you start to realise why this thing has received the reception is has... Then the vape comes out of your mouth and nearly fills half the damn room in a cloud... :shock: :shock: :shock:

    oops i said i wasnt going to say anymore lol its hard to hold back but i know if i start to rave on about it i prolly wont stop lol

    So i end this with...

    If you dont have one. GET ONE!! lol <----- only place that sells em.

    A must have peice of vaping history here. Grab one before they sell out forever.

    Use Discount code "aussievapers" for 5% off.

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    Re: Shotgun now in stock at

    Great review of the Shotty Nelson. This is a great piece of vapeing gear and you have gotta be proud that it is Aussie made as well.
    Keep up the great work



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