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    Will you be expanding your flavour range?

    Hi, just want to say thanks for all the bottles and extras after complaining here about leaving the drip tips off my bottles (innocent mistake I know!). Sometimes I feel that I should just leave my thoughts inside my head, but I have learned from past experience that it's best to clear it all out and get on with life! :-)

    After receiving all of these nice little bottles, I'm very tempted to use them for my juice experiments instead of just putting the drip tips on my previously purchased flavours, but then I'm left with the problem of having to throw out perfectly good bottles (with caps, but no drip tips).

    So, I've decide to leave my flavours just as they are, and take advantage of your generosity to mix more fabulous concoctions with all the little bottles you've sent me!

    I've found that after coming back to some flavours that I previously didn't like too much, that I can now successfully use them in mixtures without the previous chemical taste that I experienced. For example, banana, after mixing it up again and adding a bit of this and that, it will not go to waste.

    Regardless of what "others" have said about flavour concentrations, I have found that the flavours that I purchased from you are highly concentrated and are exactly what i expected. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can complain about the opportunity of being able to purchase these highly sought after flavours at such a great price here in Australia.

    Those "other" people are talking about a $3.50 bottle of a PARTICULAR flavour (forgive me if I am wrong), but my overall experience of the 20 flavours that I have purchased from you is - you go guys! :-)

    Back on topic - this is my problem, as much as I would like to purchase from you again, you don't carry a great range of flavours, and there are many more FA flavours that I would like to purchase including some of the newer versions of older flavours. Oh, and BTW, my favourite so far is Dark Vapure, but that could change!

    Here are just a few others on my list but I'm sure there will be more because I'm a cheapskate! This is why I feel you are coming under attack - it's not hard to work out that "others" are making huge profits from the very same flavour concentrates that you selling. :-(

    MTS vape wizard
    Perique Black
    Cuban Supreme

    I hope you have a great Xmas and come back in the new year with a great range of flavours for the vaping community!

    Ho ho ho, Merry Xmas! :-)

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    Hi Vshe, im sorry for the late reply and id like to happily inform you that a new order has been sent to flavour art in the last couple of days. MTS Vape Wizard was among the flavours ordered, as was Hypnotic Mist. We will also be replenishing our stocks of Vapure, Maxboro and Virginia.

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    Any idea when you will be getting your new shipment



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