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Thread: Email Problems

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    Email Problems

    Hi all

    For the past few weeks we have been having email problems due to ISP's Mail server
    If you should get any bounce backs from any of my emails please use
    That email has been set up as a temp email untill my ISP sorts himself out.

    Melbourne Victoria

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    Re: Email Problems

    If the ISP for your normal email address is TPG then that is the problem. I had HEEEEAPS of problems with their over zealous filtering.. not only would items I had been receiving for a long time suddenly get caught in the spam folder "on the server" (ie. without coming through to me).. a lot of time it wouldn't even make it that far with TPG rejecting the mail before it even went in to my server-side inbox........

    I gave up after 6 months and resorted to gmail..
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