Disposable Color Coded pipettes

With our colour coded pipettes you'll never taste a tobacco flavour in out of your Wattermelon bottle of e-juice. Now you'll know that red one is just for 'Desert tobacco' flavours, green one for 'mints', blue one for 'apples' and so on.
Color Coded Plastic Pipettes
There are 6 available colors:
yellow, violet, pink, orange, blue, green

You can find them useful and perfect for measuring and transferring small quantities of liquid ingredients during the mixing of DIY e-liquids. Yet syringe is more accurate.

You may also find these handy for testing out your DIY creations, by using it to drip onto those hard to reach pen style atomizer bridges.

5mL total capacity in the bulb and stem. 1ml capacity in the “stem”
Graduated in 1/4ml increments up to 1ml
157mm long.
21 drops/mL (depends on liquid viscosity)
Materials: LDP, PP

Price: 0.96€/0.82£/$1.25/AUD$1.30 per package (6pcs)
Packaging: 6pcs
Shipping Regular: up to 7 packets 0.97€