Most efficient way to try many different samples without wasting tons of clearos is LR306. We at Smoke Rainbow listened your suggestions and included this handy device in our offer.
At Smoke Rainbow each atomizer comes with plastic drip tip. You can select among 5 colours.

They are extremely simple to use once you get familiar with technique. Just screw atomizer head on appropriate battery (510 thread), add few drops of e-liquid directly on bridge. Wait few seconds until it soaks in. Add some more drops. You need to have coil and mesh really wet. Put drip tip on, and vape.

Vapor production is enormous. But after few puffs you need to add some more liquid. You might find pipettes very handy at this moment. Just keep bridge and coil wet and soaked with liquid. Do not try and dry run them. You can instantly make atomizer useless if you over burn coil.

When changing liquid flavors. Wash atomizer in some ethanol mixed with denaturated water. Dry it, and you are ready to go.

We stock Bauway LR 306. the price is very affordable, even lower with sample packs where is a check box as pipettes and a tin can.
Packs and Boxes

Happy tasting