Here we have a new adventure for all those who want to explore new flavors of new brands.

We are offering samples of Southern Steam, genuine USA e-liquids.
Southern Steam, USA

Samples are with NIC12 and PG/VG ratio 50/50

Below you'll find a breakdown of each e-liquid they offer.

Mississippi Mint
- Their house menthol blend. This steam subtly combines the tones of two different mints with a rich and sweet French vanilla.

Remember the Alamo
- Their house tobacco blend, it's robust yet smooth and finishes with a taste of mango and a slight bite of brandy.

Louisiana Diplomat
- A light and very unique Tobacco steam with hints of watermelon and rich pecan sure to smooth over any political disagreements.

Southern Belle
- A Georgia trio for a laid back Sunday evening on Grandma's patio. A pecan base that's approachably sweet, with an elegant peaches and cream finish.

Cactus Flower
- This steam has a sweet and inviting mix of pomegranate and berries with a touch of smoke at the end that adds a subtle yet flavorful contrast.

The Ol' Colorado
- A blackberry steam with a splash of coffee and pecan, as delicious as the river is long.

Midnight Coal
- Their boldest steam to date, it's smooth and deeply soothing with a dominant dark chocolate base and black coffee rounding out the taste.

Southern Drawl
- A dominantly vanilla steam blended with boysenberry, coffee, and a shot of cognac to bring you this house favorite.

Bananas Foster
- A favorite dessert recreated, consisting of bananas, vanilla, pecan, and a touch of cinnamon to add a luxurious taste to this steam.

Pie in the Windowsill
- There's just no beating homemade pie, and this steam in no exception. Apple meets a touch of cinnamon and the rest of the gang for a truly special treat.

They ship internationally for a reasonable shipping cost.

Our stock arrived from Austin, USA in 10 days.

I wish you all joy with tasting new flavours.