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Thread: New vendor to AVF? Please read and let sink in :)

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    New vendor to AVF? Please read and let sink in :)

    G'day [insert name here Mr or Miss/Ms/Mrs Vendor ] ,

    Welcome to AVF .
    You might notice AVF is a little bit different to many forums worldwide , as it is a community rather than a marketing resource
    We do allow long standing vendors who have demonstrated a willingness to abide by the community, a sub-forum , but they cannot at this stage be leased ,sold or bought , they are only granted AFTER long term demonstration of a vendors positive role in our community .

    AVF is a privately funded institution and nowhere on our site will you see advertising or similar except in the vendors area .
    It costs us to run it in time and financial commitment , but we donate both and do not seek revenue ( this may change one day but it hasn't in several years)
    No-one who moderates the forum , nor the owner gets a red cent for doing this , so please respect you are a guest on a private forum that just happens to be open to the public .

    Vendor General Forum Vendor General is provided as a meeting place between the community and those who wish to exploit it for financial gain
    We normally ask that a new Vendor post an introductory thread in there and that ALL their business conversation take place in that thread , in fact spruiking your products outside of the Vendor area is liable to see you permanently banned from the site .

    Its an old fashioned concept , but here at AVF its not all about the bucks , the site owner , and the moderation crew are NOT in the e-cig business we are just vapers with a love for the community paying back ... We are Australia's biggest vaping forum BECAUSE of that , not in spite of it
    So I will direct you to the site rules ( ignore the bit about payment etc , as that has been included in case one day payment might be required for vendor participation )
    [AVF] [AVF] Rules; Read or risk infractions/bans [Updated 05/05/13]
    Rest assured Vendors who are solely profit motivated or who sell cheap and nasty cigalikes and/or accessories for premium prices do not get a fond welcome around here , ours is a very switched on community and knows the value of vaping equipment intimately ... Fair prices and great service might get you somewhere tho !

    Please remember at all times , as a vendor you are a guest here , it is NOT up to the community to provide your wages or profits and if that is your sole aim for being here you might want to rethink it ?
    I shall include a copy paste of the important VENDOR rules below for your perusal , but please do check out the link above to all the rules

    Be brave and the best of luck to you

    *** VENDORS***

    In the short future I will be overhauling the vendor service. Vendors who require/want a subforum will need to pay a yearly fee. I will have other tiers of vendorship for those who do not require a subforum and all the work that goes into it. With that in mind the following rules apply to those with VENDOR status;

    1. Those with Vendor status as per regular users are held to the provisions in the TOS and the general forum users as per any other user. If you disagree with this you must terminate your service without delay.

    2. Vendors will abide by all rules laid out below, failure to agree or failure to do so will result in your status being terminated. No refunds and no recourse will be provided if the infractions are clear attempts to subvert our rules.

    3. Vendors may participate in all areas of the forum save for the following:

    * Reviews
    * New Vapers forum ... Any advertising or touting for business here is liable for immediate and permanent bans .

    4. Vendors may participate in another vendor thread/subforum while ever said vendor allows you to do so. If you are asked to leave or cease posting by the vendor whose thread or subforum you are interacting in you will do so or risk moderation.

    5. Vendors may not not post negative material about any supplier, their product or their services.

    6. Vendors may discuss the benefits of their products/services ONLY within their subforum and must do so without putting the products and services of other vendors down.

    6a. Vendors who are not allotted a dedicated sub-forum may post a thread in the Vendor General forum. Multiple threads are NOT encouraged without direct moderator approval ( Which shall be granted if you want to run an AVF giveaway or similar which warrants an extra thread )

    7. Vendors MAY NOT discuss their products/services/branding/etc OUTSIDE OF THEIR SUBFORUM AT ANY TIME. If you post in Vendor General that means your subforum IS Vendor General !

    8. Vendors MAY NOT use the tagging system for any reason at any time.

    9. Vendors are not to use the PM system to contact a user who has not asked them to do so at any time for any reason.

    10. You may not encourage users to spam AVF on your behalf. This is at the discretion of myself in any incidents where this may occur.

    11. As with any other user vendors may NOT have multiple identities. If you are found to be in breach of this your status will be terminated
    and no recourse offered.

    12. I can add to this list at any time as I feel fit.


    The Moderation Team .
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    AVF Rules , Read and understand them



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