Hi everyone. I've recently take over management of Vaporfresh and just wanted to say hi. Was doing the usual google your brand to find out what public opinion is.

Firstly it might pay to introduce myself, my names Aaron, I moved to Melbourne from New Zealand over a year ago, and i've been vaping for about 2 years.
You know the drill, started on an ego/CE4, moved to vw mods, to mechs, to drippers, subtanks etc etc.. The usual story, started out just trying to kick smoking and quickly moved onto being a hobbyist.

I took over this role about 2/3 months ago, and since then i've been trying to slowly increase the quality and range of stock available through our website. We are a registered company in New Zealand, and operate from a warehouse very near Auckland Airport, to ensure quick delivery. HQ is based in Melbourne, and we're Australian owned. My plan is to keep growing the range of E-Juices containing Nicotine via the website, giving people options and choice for pre-made nicotine steeped e-juices, as well as vape gear. And moving away from cheaper made e-juices, towards more of a connoisseurs range.

There's an opportunity for us to stock, through our relationship with Club-X, a range of products via physical stores, what ever the community needs or would like to see stocked in physical stores. But honestly, the demand needs to be there. It's all well and good to laugh at the idea of Adult Stores stocking vape gear, but when regulation comes, it's in every-bodies best interest to show that the industry can self regulate. And making sure that these products are only available to R18 is part of that. All future regulation is likely to include Point of Sale, with limits on advertising and display etc... Something that adult stores already deal with regularly.

I personally believe there's enough room for everybody in the vape game. I'm not interested in taking away from anybody else, b&m's etc..
I'd prefer to bring something slightly different to the table, and give something that adds to the culture.

Feel free to ask questions, preferably polite and constructive ones.
But I know it's the internet I'll take anything with a grain of salt.

I just though i'd introduce myself and give you guys an idea of who we are and what we're up to.

The TV Ad was before my time, but ran before regulation and restrictions we're placed on advertising.

Thanks for your time,
(Management, Vaporfresh)