Hi All,

Just wanted to post my experience and a 'thank you' shoutout to www.vapingsydney.com.au

I came across them via their instagram page and thought I'd give it a shot given that they have some interesting & relatively affordable vape juices for sale.

Messaged them and the reply came instantaneously! Said he could do a cash on delivery near where I was so I thought why not?!

Went on to pick up 2 bottles of nasty juices and a fantasi bottle in the Rhodes area this arvo from this wonderful bloke who told me he's new and just started setting up an online store by the name of vaping sydney; and politely asked if I could promote his site to interested vapers out there. Thought he deserved it given the hassle free transaction (and delicious juices!!), so here I am!

Check out his site, not a great deal of variety at present, juices are sourced from Malaysia, but the prices are competitive and the juices I purchased so far are to my liking. Was skeptical at the start but now I'll defs be purchasing more after I run out.

P/S: I was given a 5% discount after some bargaining (who doesn't right?), so might be worth while contacting the guy before hand.

Apparently they do postage too, but imma stick with pickup since he's so close to me anyways.

-happy vaping and thank you again, Vaping Sydney