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    Vendor Review - Wick and Wire Co

    This post is not to name and shame this company it's just an honest report about my experience with this company. It's important to review both good or bad buying/selling experiences and not just the good ones because not all experiences will be good and hiding the bad experiences or discouraging mentioning them is unethical on many levels. As far as I am aware this forum was not created to assist companies to market themselves or their products but to provide accurate and honest information about vaping transactions and experiences which inform and assist current and future vapers in their vaping endeavors.

    Now before I begin my review I want to point out that I've had many people tell me they have had wonderful experiences with Wick and Wire Co and I'm sure their business conduct is usually great so it's unfortunate that mine was not.

    Onto the actual review:
    This is just a basic outline of what happened. To begin with Wick and Wire Co made a huge deal about a couple faulty coils that came with the Baby Beast attachment. I provided proof they were faulty but they outright refused to send the replacements which would have only cost them about $5 in total($2.50 each). By the time they were willing to send replacement coils it had been just over a month and I no longer had any use for the coils or the Baby Beast attachment since I only purchased the Starter Kit instead of the mod itself to use the attachment until my RDA arrived from overseas(which the company fasttech predicted the shipping would take about a month). I had explained this on many occasions prior to Wick and Wire Co offering to send the replacement coils and then used the same explanation to justify requesting a refund for the Baby Beast attachment itself, and even offered to have it returned to them upon refund if they paid for the shipping.

    Wick and Wire Co were incredibly rude about this matter. They committed libel by accusing me of putting illicit substances in my coils when I hadn't (all good though, all humans make incorrect assumptions at times) and it was obvious in my pictures that only nicotine eliquid had been used. They then accused me of committing libel by simply pointing this out in my google review. I don't know why they did this and it really distressed me but in the end paypal gave me a full refund for the order so I was happy to accept that resolution and move on.

    Additionally I will add a short review on the product itself:
    The Smok Alien 220w mod is amazing and has suited my vaping needs perfectly. If you are getting into vaping I highly recommend starting off with a regulated mod just like this one. The Baby Beast attachment is quite poor quality as I expected before I bought the starter kit. If you are beginning to get into vaping properly I would avoid buying a starter kit unless it comes with a really nice RDA and just getting a regulated mod like this one and purchasing a decent RDA + replaceable kanthal coils + cotton wicks. I am now but was not ready for an unregulated mod at the time and if this mod was unregulated there is a decent chance I would have been injured due to the defective coils, and a high chance the mod would have been damaged by them. It's also good to consider getting a regulated mod with temperature control for when you are ready to use coils made of SS, Nichrome and other materials. Keep in mind that coils made from these materials require a good understanding of TCR values and the temperatures you should be setting on your mod.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you found this review informative and I hope this doesn't discourage you from purchasing from Wick and Wire Co.
    Just keep in mind that even reputable vaping businesses are prone to making mistakes and there are no guarantees the product/s you receive will work as intended.
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