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    6 tips to keep your battery in tip-top condition

    Batteries are an important part of our lives in the modern world. There is no doubt that everyone uses it every day. Such as vaping and outdoor working, as well as everything else. Normaly, the regular 3.7V 18650 lithium battery can be recharged 500-1000 times, but most people in life don't know how to properly store and protect it, which is far from reaching this cycle. Therefore, I have listed some tips and hope they're helpful.

    1.Non-freezing battery
    It’s a common "myth" to put the batteries in the refrigerator to cool them down will prolong their life. We always found that cool down the batteries in the refrigerator can keeps it going for a few minutes. However, this is only a myth. Changes in temperature can cause damage to many batteries, causing internal fluid to expand or contract, damaging the battery's seal and causing hazardous material to leak.

    2.Store the battery properly
    The storage of the batteries is very important, if you want the battery have a longer life. Don’t remove the battery packaging is a good way to keep it clean and away from other metal objects, metal objects may cause the battery to release part of the stored energy, because the temperature fluctuations will reduce the performance of some batteries, and make it produce harmful leakage, so it is best to store the battery at room temperature and away from the heat source.

    3.Cleaning the battery
    Corrosion and dirt on both ends of the battery may greatly reduce its ability to transfer energy, which greatly reduces its efficiency. The above situation can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs, but wait until the battery is completely dry before use. Keeping the battery clean can greatly extend the battery life and obtain the maximum power return.

    4.Regularly test the battery
    To avoid the frustrating and time-consuming process of installing a battery only to find it dead, batteries should be tested before installation. Previously a tester was required to test the battery, but now there are chargers for both charging and testing, and both are cheap and available in stores or online. Making sure your battery is in working order before you use it can save you time and money.

    5.Choose original or brand charger

    The battery should be used the special charger, and follows the instructions, otherwise may damage the battery, even produces the danger. In addition, excessive charging, lithium battery is likely to produce qualified charger will not produce excessive (have over charging protection function), but low quality charger is likely to produce this, and make the battery internal temperature rise to high, harmful to the lithium ion battery and charger, lead to shorten the operation time, battery premature failure, and even lead to fire or explosion hazard.

    XTAR's new VP4C battery charger which can charge 4 li-ion batteries independently. It can accurately calculate the battery voltage, real-time update, and display on the LCD screen. At the same time, LCD display can display battery voltage, charging current gear, battery power, real-time control of charging status. And VP4C meets the test certification of FCC/ROHS/CE and other global authorities. The shell material adopts fire retardant material, which has the characteristics of flame retardant and anti-falling.

    6.Battery self-discharge and activation treatment
    All batteries discharge themselves. When not in use, Ni-MH batteries discharge at about 1% of the remaining capacity every day, and li-ion batteries discharge at 0.2-0.3% per day. If the battery is left unused for a long time((for example, three months), there is also the option of charging the battery after it has been used up. For batteries that have been used up for a long time, the charger with activation function should be used for activation. The VP4C charger has the function of activating the over-discharge battery, which can repair the battery with different degrees of over-discharge, and automatically enters the charging state after the repair is completed.

    Do you have other battery usage or protection tips? Please share with us in the comments section.

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